Why coupons are a great way to get the most bang for your buck

When it comes to money, getting the most value out of your buck is what matters a lot. When it is about saving a little money, there are probably thousands of tips that can get you off with a little extra to spare by the end of the month. While it can be about getting low-interest credit deals or little extra coupons for your supermarket groceries, saving money is what humans have done since always.

Coupons are the new rage of the town. Your grandmother would probably use to cut out paper coupons from the newspaper daily and just fled off to the supermarket to gain the most out of them. They used to have a box full of coupons which were a hobby to collect coupons then. You can’t get a discount on a product after you get out of a store, after purchasing your items and later realising you had a coupon in your pocket for those items! Many of the people, including me, have many a times not considered the savings you could make while making the most of these titbits.


Okay, now these savings might not get you become rich, they aren’t made for that, however a buck saved here and there could be well spent someplace else. Since the good old days of ripping off paper coupons from the daily newspaper and heading off to the stores to claim them to the current days of the internet, getting the most value out of one’s money has always been man’s priority. Well that makes sense, who wants to spend more on a product that he could get for a little less cash?

And thanks to the miserable economy, coupons make more sense now than ever! But now that we have embraced technology, we can avail these financial discounts or rebates on our products online. Groupon, which is a publicly traded company dedicated solely for the purpose of getting more coupons in your hands, has made this collective activity a social norm once again. Now many retail stores offer discounts for their products to hit off their all-time low sales bottom!

Inmar, a coupon processing company has researched that over 7.9 Billion coupons were redeemed after the end of recession in 1992 in America and over 3 Billion coupons were being redeemed during the recession of 2008. During the times of economic crisis and the impact it has on the people after it could be witnessed by the amount of coupons that were being redeemed. Economy had the major impact on coupon utilisation and these were the people who weren’t using coupons before!

So, all that must make sense to everyone who understands the value of money. Coupons are here to stay and you must make the most of them the next time you head off to a store to splurge your cash on. Now that technology has taken upon us and we can’t live a minute without internet and mobile phones, this is a good time to start taking note of coupons and making the most of them, getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Now you can just take off your phone, hit a few websites and within no time you would have more than a dozen coupons in hand to make the most of! Apart from the mainstream coupon sites like Groupon, there are a few more websites that would just let you get coupon codes that are redeemable at their outlets.

Brand loyalty is also an expensive luxury, spending more on the brands you frequent would get you into loyalty reward programs, but these are not what customers are looking for nowadays. People are now more of bargain hunters, pouncing on every single deal that would make them save a few bucks here and there.

It initially took some time even for the A.T.M’s to take off, and that’s just the way it is with technology. Within no time we could witness a splurge of people making the most of these digital coupons every time they splash the cash! There has already been a reported unprecedented rise in the use of online coupons, according to the data by Nielsen. This is the way forward for bargain hunters and a blessing in disguise during the economy crisis!

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  • Great article indeed atish.. always stands as a no.1 partner for online marketers.

  • Though many times I don’t feel like searching for coupon just to save a penny while purchasing any product via online website. But I do bargaining at the market place if I go to buy something for me in the market. 😛

    Many time arguing for the penny is worthless but one should not forget that ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. 😉

  • It’s great that we can save a few buck with the help of Coupon Codes. Now a days we are getting Free recharges also with the help of Coupon codes. A serious shopper keeps the track of coupon codes to get max discount.

  • No doubt mate, I would completely back you up with this. It is simply a human nature to buy things that offer discount. Online goods and services are not an exception, too.

  • In a one can say that, “Without Coupons, we can’t live” 😛 I always try to search coupons before buying a small thing also. So, it’s needed for us. Thanks for the nice info man 😀

  • Indeed Atish, Coupons help to save a lot of money on the listed price and increasing trend of online shopping has increased number of websites which provide working coupons.

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