Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools

Got a product to sell?

Want to beat off your competitor?

If your answer is YES, my next question is,

does your product tell a story?

If the answer is NO, well you are at the back foot. Every business has a story of its own, a set of principles it believes in. And you should have your own story too that your readers can connect to. To have a story, you need content and now comes the scene for content marketing tools. Here is an ultimate list of content marketing tools that you can use to get ideas to develop your content, write them, to analyze your content marketing strategy and also to share your content across the channels.

content marketing tools

Tools for generating content ideas:

1. Hubspot’s blog topic generator: Hubspot always believes in giving value to its readers. This free tool is one of their gifts. Hubspot’s blog topic generator will generate great content ideas for blog posts by just feeding it with a word or two.

2. Quora: Quora is basically a Q&A type platform, and with this tool we can get to observe what our potential readers are asking online. Learn various questions asked by people from your niche or you can yourself raise a voice asking for the most suitable topic ideas your readers would like to see.

3. Alltop: If you like categorized topic on the basis of subject then alltop does a pretty good job to curate the best content ideas from fields like health, sports, telecommunications, commerce etc.

4. Google trends: One of the Google products that tells you what topics based on your keywords are being talked about. It gives a detailed analysis of a topic trend over a time span of one year. Use hot trends option to find the most searched stories and then craft them into a story of your own.

5. Reddit: Reddit is awesome tool for content ideas. You literally have hundreds of content topics trending worldwide. Just study the article on your niche and make a topic that goes viral.

6. Buzzsumo: It is one of the best content marketing tools when it comes to finding the best content ideas. It tells you what topics are doing well on your business field. It is used by many pros top agencies like moz, razorsocial, and CNET etc.

Content marketing tools for writing great content:

7. Ubersuggest: It gives you a plethora of keywords on the basis of the term you enter.

8. Google keyword planner:  It is the daddy of all keyword research tools out there. This free resource from Google suggests you the best keywords, their search volumes and an estimation of level of competition.

9. Embedded tweets: This feature has been an interactive way to increase your interaction on a boring piece of post by embedding live tweets. Use this feature for citations, social proofs, and also increase your twitter visibility.

10. Visual.ly: Visual.ly is a powerhouse for making amazing infographics and needless to say infographics are sold like hot cakes. Visual.ly provides you with best templates to create unique and professional infographics.

11. Google hangouts: Google’s hangouts is one of the best tool to create online webinars, video resources and much more for FREE. The paid alternative for Google hangouts is GoToMeeting which supports almost all platforms on desktop and mobile.

12. Powtoon: It is essentially a video tool enabling to make great animated videos for teaser events or product demonstrations. The free version enables you to make videos of five minute duration only.

13. Uberfilp: This content marketing tool has the ability to make your PDFs come to life by adding audios, videos, and also social widgets on them.

If you are not a great story teller here are resources that will enable you to hire great content creators:

14. Contently: This one has a heck of quality freelancers from around the world that will help you maintain your content creation tasks easily in return for a few bucks.

15. oDesk: This enables you to check a freelancer’s portfolio, work history, ratings before hiring them to your services.

16. Textbroker: It has a group of authors that provide content like, SEO articles, press releases etc.

17. Scripted: allows you to request pitches from writers for copyediting and writing projects.

Best tools for getting your content visually optimized:

In order to make a website appreciated you need various visually appealing components that will hold on readers on your site and also help them sharing content across their favorite social platforms:

18. Hubspot’s free business themed stock photos: I just downloaded this huge resource of stock photos from hubspot the previous week. It has awesome 160 images that require no links and no attributes.

19. Creative commons search: You can get free photos available on sites like flikr to use them on your blog.

20. Wikimedia: Wikimedia creative commons is a huge source of stock photos that can be used on your blog posts and other places with some attribution.

21. Morguefile: Weird it may sound but has some of the best images ranging from amateur to professional style that can be commercially used for free.

[color-box color=”green”]Read an article on my personal blog which shows you the way to find the best free images without hassle: http://goo.gl/ZTcZsw [/color-box]

22. YouTube: YouTube has the world of videos in it. Embed powerful and relevant videos to support your point in a post or to make the process interesting anyway.

23. Memegenerators: Meme are always in trends along with lolcats images. To use memes to make your posts lively and rejuvenating use meme generators. There are a ton of android and IOS apps for generating quality memes.

24. Thinglink: Thing link enables you to create images for social media as well as upload them to your own thinglink account. You can link images and tag them with links to music, video and text too. These are shareable to your social platforms like Facebook and twitter. You can also    mail them too any account. If you are wise enough you can automate the process through IFTTT and this one email can trigger numerous other functions like emailing to other members of your team and also to your Dropbox account that can be further used for other content marketing purposes.

Content marketing tools that help you for social sharing and automation:

Writing a blog post that is epic in itself does not entitle you on a holiday to the Caribbean islands. In fact writing a blog post is just half done and the other half is the process of promoting it. Promote your posts like it is the last post you will ever promote and make it visible and acceptable. Share it across all possible channels that every one out of five people online should see it (just kidding!).

Here are certain tools that will help you automate the process of social sharing of your content:

25. Buffer: Buffer is an awesome app that lets you schedule your content from a variety of social channels and across Facebook group or page or profile, LinkedIn, Google plus page and also twitter etc. It is very effective and simple to use. The awesome plan helps you to post to multiple profiles across same platform.

26. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is also a very popular social sharing come scheduling tool. Use it as a content marketing tool to schedule your postings, analyze your reach and engagement. Hootsuite, unlike buffer has a scheduling feature that automatically schedules your content to be shared to your audience at times when they are most active.

27. Slideshare: This tool is often overlooked but having a deck on Slideshare can drive enormous traffic to your service page. See how this deck on Youtube virality drove more than 20K views to the content.

28. Sprout social: This social tool helps you share your content across different platforms and then allows you to track the performance. A pretty handy tool that gives value for every penny you invest in it.

29. Email Marketing: sending email is never out of fashion and if you still are not making your list long you probably are living in the woods or you don’t have any goals to achieve online. Having your email list is that necessary! Start from a free alternative like mailchimp or a paid one like Aweber or getresponse and start sharing your latest story or blog post to your subscribers and thus leverage them to gain your conversion goals.

30.  Promoted posts on Facebook: Use this feature of Facebook to create highly converting ads of your content that can be specified to people with a specific age group, demography, or of a particular gender or interest. You can use a similar feature of Twitter and relatively cheap and less effective Reddit advertising.

So, these were the definitive list of content marketing tools that will help you to find the best content ideas and also to write one on your own.  This list also contains the best content marketing tools for social sharing and analysis so that your content doesn’t go unnoticed.

Did I miss anything? Quite possible so just comment your favorite one in the comments section so that I include it the next time I update the post.

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