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6 Common Smartphone Problems and How to Resolve Them

Smartphones while relatively new by comparison have become a staple of our society and it is unlikely you could go anywhere in the world and not find one. They are fundamental pieces of equipment that enable us to live our lives and manage our lives a hundred times easier, although as with any technology, there is always room for error, and there is always room for potential disaster. When our smartphones break or become damaged, it is easy to panic as most of us rely on them for our livelihoods and to manage our day-to-day.

Still, there is no reason to panic as they can often be fixed quite easily, and if not fixed, replaced. Smartphones seem to be going nowhere anytime soon, so it is about time you learned how to fix your phone in times of disaster, and when you need it most. Here are six common smartphone problems and how you can resolve them.

If in Doubt, Troubleshoot It Out!

It can be very easy to panic when our smartphones break or are damaged, and in these situations, it can be hard to fix it yourself without freaking out. If you are experiencing trouble with your phone, you should consult a professional troubleshooting guide; the professionals of iChimp specialize in answering your questions and guiding you on how to repair your phone, and you should find a specialist similar to this for your repairs. You must always remember to act quickly when you are dealing with a broken or damaged phone, as if you leave it for too long you may find that the damage is irrevocable and unfortunately you will have to start shopping for a new phone, which nobody wants.

Get a Screen Protector

It is pretty common to see people walking around with chipped phone screens, and this can be avoided easily by making use of a screen protector. Screen protectors are very inexpensive and can be a welcome addition to any smartphone user’s collection. Screen protectors come in all shapes and sizes and many with unique designs that can be really appealing and cool. Smartphones are far too expensive to be frivolous with how you care for them, so you should definitely invest in a smartphone screen protector so that if you do drop it, you won’t have to pay for repairs or buy a new phone.

Get a Waterproof Case

Much like the screen protector, a waterproof case is an absolute essential. Although smartphones are quickly being marketed as waterproof, many are still not, and allowing your phone to become water damaged can be a fatal error. If the water manages to get into the phone’s motherboard it will not be repairable, so you should make sure that in combination with a screen protector, that you have a good quality case. You can pick up waterproof cases from the phone manufacturer usually, and they are often quite inexpensive compared to the ones you find in phone repair stores, so give them a look.

What if I do Water Damage My Phone?

Assuming you did not get a waterproof case and you got water damage to your phone, then there is a solution if you act quickly. According to the experts, you should dry your phone with a tissue superficially to remove excess water and put it straight into a bag of rice. Rice attracts moisture and by putting your wet phone inside a bag of rice you will draw all of the moisture out and dry your phone out. As crazy as this sounds, it actually works!

Get Insurance

Insurance is your failsafe policy. There are a million things that could go wrong with your smartphone, but by getting your smartphone insured you insulate yourself against them all. Whether damage, theft, or anything else, you will be covered on all fronts and completely ready for any disaster!

Always Use the Cloud

You should always make sure you are backed up with the cloud, as if your phone does break down you will lose all of your memories and stuff. Being logged into the cloud is very easy and does not require an internet connection all of the time, just when you wish to back it up. There are many cloud service providers available and you should find the best one for you; ordinarily, your phone manufacturer will have its own service.

Always stay logged into the cloud and ensure that you are fully backed-up so you do not lose your precious memories and moments.

Now you know how to ensure your phone’s safety and protect yourself on all fronts and resolve any potential issues that might come your way. Your phone is often an extension of yourself, and as that is the case, you should endeavor to keep it in the best condition that you possibly can!

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