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Why Cloud-based Service Providers Need Tech Resellers Working Internationally?

If there’s any industry booming like no other across the globe, it’s computer technologies. Since the cloud first emerged, it has functioned as a hub for working professionals to store information and access files from anywhere. It has also allowed families to connect with members living in other countries using social media outlets in a matter of seconds and allowed whole populations to stream the news and entertainment they actually want to watch on demand. It’s not only revolutionised the way people around the world work but how they consume media and how they communicate with one another.

Not all cloud-based services, however, are available as readily in certain countries as they are in North America and Europe. When it’s time for providers to expand, they will often choose to put down roots in a new country whose population could benefit most from their packages, where there is less competition allowing them to be the bigger fish in smaller ponds and start fostering loyalty and long-term relationships with their customers. Unfortunately doing this isn’t as easy as it sounds; typically, they must have all the IT equipment they need to be shipped from elsewhere to start doing the work they want to do locally. Having a local infrastructure allows them to service their customers faster and more reliably.

Information stored on a cloud is easily accessible by people with the correct passwords or security information. When stored information is used for military purposes, for example, it becomes vital to take the necessary precautions to safeguard against any kind of threat or breach that might present itself. Dual use and control use goods (such as IT equipment) must, therefore, undergo heavy inspection whenever they arrive at a border. This IT equipment must be trusted to transmit secure signals, and so for companies whose job it is to resell this technology, it is a painstakingly involved process to ship this equipment overseas, especially when one considers the tariffs, taxes, and meticulous documents involved.

Shipping sensitive goods internationally require partnership with a company that can act as a local importer of record. This type of service helps alleviate many of the stresses and complexities inherently associated with customs operations of the border. Importers of record will be familiar with the rules of every receiving country and will be experienced in putting together all of the necessary documentation, thereby guaranteeing a smooth and efficient transaction.

Without reliable non-resident importer of record services, it can be difficult for a technologies reseller overseas to secure a compliant cross-border transfer of these materials, and to ensure they arrive at the cloud-based service provider’s doorstep on time. Even resellers well versed in logistics can have trouble at customs where such sensitive and dual-purpose goods are concerned according to SCMEDU.org. They are often heavily scrutinized, and if a single piece of supporting documentation is filled out incorrectly, the expensive assets can be held at the border causing both resellers and the service providers they’re working with costly delays.

In fact, the number of documents that must be prepared by any exporting entity is myriad. Freight delivery waybills, commercial invoices, and other customs support documentation such as import permits are par for the course. Another challenge is that the specific requirements differ depending on which country you are shipping to and from. Without highly specific knowledge of each country’s individual customs or the experience of regularly dealing with any foreign countries export laws, it is easy to make an oversight or miss a small detail that can end up costing you time and money at the border, crippling your lead times.

Another important advantage of dealing with an importer of record is the issue of taxation. Depending on the country, up to 90% of the cost of shipping IT equipment across borders can be taxes alone. Additionally, if you aren’t a resident of the receiving country that pays the taxes, there is an added import VAT (or value added tax) that can add further costs to the commercial value of the goods you are shipping. But when partnering with a reputable importer of record, the VAT can often be refunded.

With the company such as TecEx that serve as your importer of record and not only will you enjoy compliant and fast clearance of your goods at the border, but they can apply for all of the necessary permits on your behalf as well, and they are versed in the import and export laws of the 136 countries with which they have a point of presence. Finally, they can help you retrieve your VAT refund if it is within one of the 40 countries that offer such a refund.

TecEx is a global importer of record with the expertise these resellers to need to clear technologies quickly and compliantly. The company has the power to procure all necessary permits, licenses, freight delivery waybills and commercial invoices on behalf of their clients and ensure the accuracy of these documents, alleviating trouble at the border. They also guarantee clearance within just ten days of approving the reseller’s quote. They even employ an on-the-ground team whose hands-on service ensures all materials arrive at their intended destinations by liaising with forwarders and freight services.

When employing IoR services, not only is the cloud-based service provider satisfied with the impressive lead times, but resellers also enjoy a tax break. This means costs that originally had to be written off no longer have to be, and it allows for money to be funnelled back into the reseller’s business, which frees up resources for other initiatives.

Shipping cloud-based IT equipment across any border is not a simple or a straightforward process, and it the complexity involved requires a sophisticated approach. In fact, without the experience necessary, it can drain any company’s resources and can sully your reputation with potential or pre-existing clients. Partnering with an importer of record then allows for technologies to arrive faster, and without delay, so they can provide residents of a country with the services they’re waiting for.

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