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10 Clever iPhone Camera Tricks

iPhones are probably one of the most popular brands of smartphones today. Since Apple became a big name and increased its reach all over the globe, iPhones sales have toppled other competitor brands. Today, Apple enjoys the number 1 spot for the most popular smartphone brands of the decade.  

More than just a smartphone for messaging and browsing the internet, what iPhones are really known for are their excellent cameras. In fact, many people agree that iPhones have the best cameras out of all smartphones. 

The quality of iPhone’s cameras have become so good many people are actually buying more iPhones than digital cameras. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most clever tricks you can do with your iPhone’s camera. Find out some of the best iPhone camera tricks below:

iPhone Camera Shortcut

The best moments are rarely caught on camera BUT thanks to quick shortcuts like iPhones camera icon—which can be accessed even if your iPhone is on lock screen—all the amazing moments are yours to keep forever! If under unique circumstances you can’t swipe your phone, you can also ask Siri to open the camera app by simply saying “Hey Siri open Camera app”.

Take photos while video recording

iPhones 11 and 11 Pro have this feature where you can record video and take pictures at the same time using a shutter button in the corner. The feature is called “QuickTake” and you’re probably already familiar with this if you’ve been doing Instagram or Snapchat Stories. Like these social media apps, QuickTake also comes with fun options so you can edit your picture before you share it on your multiple social networking platforms. 

Camera Grid

Want to take better shots and incorporate the popular photography concept “the rule of thirds” in your photos? Just turn on the iPhone’s camera grid. The iPhone camera helps you create a balanced composition by displaying a grid over your capture frame. The grid can be turned on in Settings > Camera > Grid. Gone are the days of digital cameras, today smartphones are dominating the photography world. 

Tap to Focus

Apple is known for its intuitive and user-friendly features, which is perfectly demonstrated by their “tap to focus” camera trick. This feature is built-in on every iPhone camera app and helps you bring detail to the subject or focus point in your image. Most cameras often focus on the center of the photo but with this feature, you can manually direct your camera to the point where you want it to shift its focus. You can also adjust the exposure by simply sliding your fingers upward and downward. 

Volume Buttons as Shutter

Did you know that you can use your iPhone’s volume button as shutter button? Many people don’t know this but this actually helps in helping you get the best angles for your photos. Just like a camera where the shutter button is often on the upper right … your iPhone volume buttons make it easy to hold your phone and snap a picture. This feature is not enabled by default so you need to go to the camera setting to enable it. 

Smart HDR

This killer feature helps your phone detect light levels when you take a picture.  It allows you to take amazing shots even in high-contrast situations. HDR which actually translates to “high dynamic range” helps your phone take vivid and well-detailed images even in challenging conditions. It’s a very advanced feature—mostly used by photography geeks and camera nerds. It’s also a feature that you won’t usually see in other smartphones.


Turn your phone’s camera into a magnifying glass with its own built-in magnifier. This tool can be very helpful in many situations such as finding your friend at the opposite side of a huge stadium or reading far signs while you’re walking. To use this feature, simply go to settings open accessibility, then tap Magnifier to turn on. The magnifier also allows you to zoom in and out, turn your flashlight on, and keep your camera focused using the lock icon.

Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting

Take studio-quality photos with the help of portrait lighting features on the iPhone. With this feature, you can create dramatic and gorgeous shots without even having to use a high-end cell phone tripod or DSLR camera. This feature allows you to blur the background and bring detail to the subject of your photo. 

Night Mode

Take crisp and clear photos even at night using iPhone’s night mode. This feature is available in most iPhone model cameras. The icon for night mode resembles a moon and turns yellow when activated. Night mode can brighten photos but still preserve the nighttime ambiance by balancing the dark and light elements of the image.

Love the tips above? What are your favorite iPhone camera tricks? Share them in the comments below!

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