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Classic Super Nintendo Games That Worth Your Attention

Although we do not have a time machine to travel back, some things allow us to enjoy past activities in a few clicks. Today, we are talking about SNES games that all users can play via emulators.

Legendary Super Nintendo Games That Made History

Many classic Nintendo games received the continuation for PC versions, and some of them are still valuable. Let us review and describe the best games for all Nintendo fans.

Final Fantasy V

A classic RPG. The villain Exdeath, long ago sealed with four crystals, breaks free. Four warriors – a simple traveler, a princess, a knight from a parallel world and a leader of pirates – have a long and challenging battle with him and his supporters. Heroes have to learn magic and improve their skills, gaining experience in numerous and inevitable fighting.

Dozens of weapons and protective equipment are available, as well as super-artifacts and super-powerful spells. Passing the game is not so easy, you need to combine the magic and fighting skills of the heroes correctly — a game for one player.

Prince of Persia

A famous adventure game about the adventures of a guy who must save the princess in 120 minutes. In fact, this is a complete alteration of the original Prince of Persia, in which the familiar levels are expanded, and new ones are added. Every 2-3 levels the color scheme changes. Well done fencing: parry works instantly.

An important innovation has been added to the game – bosses! First of all, find the sword to fight the guards and other enemies. In total, two dozen stages have to be overcome, and in the end – to win the brutal battle of the insidious vizier. Many consider this version to be the pinnacle of the classic Prince of Persia series.

Super Bomberman 5

Those who are not tired of exploding virtual obstacles, of course, will try this version. It differs from the previous ones in much the same way as one grain of sand from another. Some changes in the graphics and design of the game, of course, are present, but the game action does not change. The game is clearly designed for fans of the Bomberman series.


Based on the comics about Spawn, the mysterious protector of all the disadvantaged. He has a mighty blow, a big jump and unique energy for special occasions. Khan came to the crowds of enemies and bosses. The graphics and music in the game are at an outstanding level; playing is exciting and exciting. A single-player game.

The Ninja Warriors

The continuation of the arcade hit of the 80s released exclusively for SNES. Everything in this game is about beauty and quality – starting with an intricate storyline (post-apocalyptic ninja robots fight against tyranny) and ending with a well-developed combat balance. We are given a choice of three characters: the oppressive and powerful Ninja, the graceful and feminine Kunoichi, the light and fast Kamaitachi. There are many similar games, and if you are interested in expanding your gaming experience, do not hesitate to download snes roms from RomsMania.

Each hero has his own set of tricks, including throws, lunges, and even blocks! For the block, you need to hold the attack button (in this form, you can also move around). Until the hero is knocked down, the scale grows (from below), after filling which you can use the super-kick. The American version avoids green blood.

Robocop vs. Terminator

The famous SEGA hit also migrated to SNES. The game retained its features, that is, remained a high-quality action movie. Powerful weapons, diverse bosses and missions, including those with a time limit, various “terminators” and their accomplices – in general, high-quality action is guaranteed. A single-player game.

Bahamut Lagoon

The RPG from Squaresoft. The game has a considerable number of characters (including fairy dragons), equipment, weapons, magic skills. Graphics and music, as is customary with Square, are at a very high level.

The battles go on a step-by-step basis and are designed very high quality, without a well-thought-out strategy and correct calculation, winning the actions will not be easy. All fans of long-term and high-quality RPGs must try this game.


An adventure game. Your hero as a result of the abduction and related events loses his memory and must now restore the course of his life, risking death. On PC, the game looked great, and on SNES it was no worse. Several long stages, in the last of which you have to destroy the planet of treacherous aliens and have time to escape. Cool single-player game with excellent graphics.

Super Double Dragon

One of the most popular action games not only on SNES. Dragon twins beat enemies with their mighty fists, steel heels, use throws and punches in a jump, use weapons – nunchucks, sticks, knives and more.

To activate super-tricks, you need to hold down the Shift button, and then combine its release with a hit with your hand or foot. The Japanese version is preferable (more weapons and levels). The graphics and music are decent, a game for 1-2 players. You can also enjoy more classic games, in case you are interested in this genre by playing snes games online.


A game in the style of action/quest/ RPG. The year is 2050th. Everywhere there is a showdown between megacorporations and various powerful gangs. Your hero comes to life in the morgue without a clue who he is and how he found himself here. Well, with your help, he proceeds to clarify these compelling circumstances.

First, you need to arm yourself and try to avoid meeting with death, which is here and there. In addition to weapons and armor, the hero knows how to use magic and special attacks. It will not be useless to talk with other characters. The game is made very well, it is recommended to everyone.

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