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5 Reasons why you need Clair air purifiers to don your homes

Clair air purifiers

With the advent of technology into the 21st century, mankind has been able to pull off some top notch feats which wouldn’t have been possible without the inquisitive mind to innovate at every turn. These innovations have made it possible for the humans today to land on Mars and even comets! The things which were obsolete and seemed impossible yesterday have been made into a reality in the present. No matter how gloriousthis might sound, it doesn’t come with a price to the humankind. The rapidity with which we have witnessed a surge in the levels of air pollution is synonymous with these advancements in technology. We have our technology developed leaps and bounds and there’s scope for more of it, but the fundamental things that are left unfixed must be started with.

With the rise in the amount of contaminants in the air we breathe in and out daily, the home environment is not even safe to these harmful beasts nurtured by the advanced technologies. There’s a need to clean up the air we breathe at homes, offices and wherever possible to make sure we are contributing to one sustainable living. The harmful contaminants that make up the air we breathe are able to cause serious health issues in the long run including asthma and other air borne diseases and disorders. It is necessary that the home environment is made to tackle these issues and overcome any possibilities of the existence of such pollutants in the air we breathe at homes.

While there have been many air purifiers developed for homes, the Clair home air purifiers are an altogether class of its own. What the Clair air purifiers have to offer is marvelous and demands your attention to make your home conducive to growth and not to harmful bacteria!


Here are the 5 strong reasons to go with Clair air purifiers for your home needs.

It has got efficient e2f filtering technology

While what we have seen in the form of most of the air purifiers aremultiple layers of filters that are designed to filter out different pollutants at different stages. Clair air purifier is made up of an altogether new filter – e2f filter, which is their in-house developed and patented filtering technology. The efficiency of the air purifier depends all upon the quality of the filter and Clair’s air purifier has left no stone unturned in making their filter the best one available. The filter is basically a high polymer synthetic resin film and it attracts polarizedparticles towards its filter. The e2f filter can filter out pollutants of the very few microns upto as low as 0.1µenabling it to get rid of all traces of contaminants in the air including germs, bacteria, exhaust gases and allergy-causingultrafine dust particles.

It consumes less than 5 watts of power

Where most of the air purifiers tend to be harder on the power consumption area, the Clair air purifier consumes power ofaround 5 Watts. This device consumes less power than what a TV or an LCD monitor would consume on a standby mode. This low power consumption means that the device could be turned on for 24 hours a day, for all of the week and let it filter out everything harmful from the air surrounding you.

It produces whisper-quiet sound

Another major drawback of chunky air purifiers is the amount of noises that they emit when under operation.  But the Clair air purifiers are developed to emit little to none noises making it for a case of sanctityat your home. Pleasant low noises are an add-on for all the air filtering that this device does. The low sound adds to the unobtrusiveness of the Clair purifiers and it makes a case for its usage.

The maintenance cost is pretty low

While all the air purifiers need their filters to be replaced at regular intervals, it is an entirely different case with Clair air purifiers. The Clair air purifiers are designed to cost you less not only on the power front, but also the maintenance aspects of the device. It is a low maintenance device that requires vacuuming of filters once in a month a replacement of the filter not less than 18 months of usage.

The design and build are alluring

The thing that is widely ignored by major device manufacturers for household appliances is their lack of understanding of design for the home. The Clair air purifiers are hard-wearing, long lasting and robust with a sense of aesthetics to them, making it blend perfectly into any given home environment.

With barely any drawbacks to it, the Clair air purifier should be the only air purification device that your house needs.

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  • Neat design. Very different from the other HEPA air purifiers in the market . I’m sure when this product makes it to the retail stores we can expect steep prices..

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