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Choose An Importer Of Record That Offers Best Lead Times

Those who’ve struggled with cross-border transactions understand how difficult it can be to provide their clients overseas with accurate arrival times, especially when they’re shipping dual-use goods like technologies. Value-added resellers, manufacturers of IT equipment, and those who work in the cloud and data centre spaces know these pains well. Because their electronic or ‘radiation-emitting devices’ are treated with great caution and must be shipped to special data centres for clearance, it’s difficult for the exporting entities to know just how quickly the goods will clear, if they clear. Some countries even have reputations of stopping goods at the border for economic reasons, like the equipment in question is an important export of that nation, so they don’t want large shipments of the same product coming in. There are several parts of the process that are out of the seller’s hands. Once they’re finally awarded entry into the foreign country, there may be issues with local delivery, especially if that country suffers from high levels of crime or disorganization. Thankfully, partnering with a trusted importer with the right expertise will finally take resellers and their clients out of the dark.

An Importer of Record (IOR) is an entity who assumes legal and practical risk while importing goods while making sure all laws and regulations of the foreign country are properly followed. They value, classify, and assess duties on shipments and ensure quick customs clearance to increase dependable lead times. A good IOR will have contacts all the way along the supply chain, as well. Often this entity is required by law as part of the agreement between buyer and seller. In certain countries, it can take technologies upwards of three weeks or longer to clear through customs which can put heavy holds on business and result in frustrated clients. Each country has different rules, so trying to keep up-to-date can be a difficult task; these extra nagging anxieties from continually worrying if something has changed or has been missed is a total hassle. Clients will be upset with the customs and border protections bureaucracy, but it’s ultimately the selling business that will suffer the consequences. There’s nothing the client can do about customs, but they can always buy from someone else.

TecEx is an IOR known for their excellent experience, reach, and hands-on service. They have a point of presence in over 120 countries and are familiar with each of their laws and the logistics behind obtaining entry for materials.They offer some of the best lead times in the industry. Another benefit that can speed things along and offer extra savings is their companion tax service. If a business is incurring indirect taxes in foreign nations, they can provide a tax refund on charges such as import VAT, customs taxes, co-location taxes, and taxes associated with local purchasing of equipment. Visit their comprehensive website to learn more information about importing IT equipment and some of the benefits involved in working with a reputable Importer of Record service when shipping globally.

To give some insight into their process, a quote for services is obtained online in just 30 seconds; once accepted the preapproval process begins which takes 1-3 days to complete. During this period the importer prepares all necessary customs support documentation on behalf of their client from freight delivery waybills to a commercial invoice, to any specific permits or licenses the receiving country requires. They then usher the shipment along through customs towards clearance which is guaranteed within 3-7 days; it takes them so little time because they know exactly which routes to take. Clients can track the entire process through an online portal which also gives them access to their own client services executive, so they can remain in the loop once handing over their expensive assets.

What’s more is the importer employs an on the ground team in each country they work with whose job it is to liaise with freight services and forwarders post-clearance, ensuring the goods arrive safely at their intended destination. Clients can even choose to use the company’s own couriers for peace of mind, or in case their preferred service is unavailable in the country they’re shipping to. A competent IOR will also have relationships with most reputable shipping companies, in case the buyer wants to use their standby courier, and will still allow for a seamless process. A courier alone cannot provide all of the services an Importer of Record can because they primarily look after the physical transport of goods and can only broker alongside an IOR.

It’s a common business mistake to assume that clients should know the nature of exporting and importing electronics and IT equipment and therefore will be accustomed to the delays and anxieties that can latch onto their shipment, dragging things along. Top companies need to differentiate themselves from the average competition. Offering the best lead times by working with a skilled IOR pushes technology sellers past the standard category into the stellar one. Maintaining good relationships should always be a top priority, for respect and open communication during a process that comes with several risks and fears is always appreciated.

Allowing an expert to do the legwork enables those exporting to give their international clients ETAs they can stick to, and timely delivery which helps them build a good rapport and strong business relationships. It is incredibly challenging to work globally when there are so many facets along the distribution path that are out of both parties’ immediate control. It’s therefore critical to employ a third member, an Importer of Record that knows exactly where the roadblocks might be, how to get through them or around them, and attain compliant clearance without procuring unforeseen costs or causing the shipment delays.

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