Super Cool Bikes HD Wallpapers
Motorcycles are not just for convenience; they are status symbol too. We have HD wallpapers of fastest and coolest superbikes in the world. Dodge Tomahawk, the muscular beast is powered by 8.3 liters V10 SRT10 engine in its stocky metallic chassis. It is the bike seems to be influenced from the well-known Dodge Viper. Though… (6 comments)

Valentine’s Day Photos and Wallpapers
Here comes the month, February. Everyone who is in Love waits for this awesome month because it is the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th. You can find many stories about how ♥Valentine’s Day♥ evolved as a day of love and affection. Actually, it is named after Saint Valentine because of he… (1 comment)

Horror Wallpapers (Part 2)
Do you love watching horror movies that can truly chill you to the bone? Here, we present you a list of excellent creepy movies wallpapers that can set you into horror mode, even though Halloween is over. When The Blair Witch Project was released in 1999, more and more audiences were flocking to the theaters… (7 comments)

Snakes Wallpapers
With over 3000 snake species worldwide, you have plenty to learn regarding them. Despite having several unique features related to them, they still have a few similarities. When it comes to dangerous snakes, rattlesnake comes to mind relatively quickly. It is usually found along the US. Its name comes from the rattle at the tip… (1 comment)

Disney Classic Wallpapers
Kids, especially girls, are obsessed with Disney princess movies. You may find plenty of positive messages in such films your kids should learn. As parents, you can consider them as helpful discussion points while talking to your children related to kindness and gender equality. Aladdin had only a few females along with Princess Jasmine. But… (4 comments)