Create Amazing Facebook Covers with FotoJet?
Social networking site Facebook take up a lot of our time today. Well, why not? These sites give us a medium to stay updated with what’s going on in the world and our social circle. Not only these but being able to share our photos on Facebook something that we all love today. When it… (17 comments)

oFeatures – Customer Support Service [Review]
Once upon a time, in the world we live, if you happen to run a company and for some reason required feedback from your customers on how to make your products better – you had to ask for it, and then patiently wait while the letters came in. Life was a lot slower in those… (2 comments)

Tools to import contacts from Excel to Android
Android is one of the best mobile operating systems and it has a large user base globally and continues to overtake iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and many other mobile operating systems. Many people get an Android as their first smartphone and, on the other hand, many people switch from outdated systems like Symbian to… (3 comments)

6 Free Tools to Create Infographics
Visual content is gaining more popularity because they look attractive, and it takes lesser time to understand them than what it takes to read textual content. Due to which infographics came into use, and it has become one of the best content strategies now. Earlier there was only one way to get an infographic designed… (28 comments)