Choosing between Android and iOS: A Developer’s Guide
Web development professionals now have other options than setting up a website for clients when it comes to variety of projects. This is owing to the fact that in last few years web app development has emerged as a viable career option for them. Moreover, the growing popularity of tablets and smart phones that are… (25 comments)

Increase Your Work Speed On Computer
2nd video form TechTricksWorld! 🙂 This video is only for Windows OS users. In this video, we have shown, how to increase the work speed on computer using the shortcuts. Normally, there are several folders on our hard disk which we access regularly. And most of these folders are in our drives & not on… (7 comments)

3 Signs that Your Computer is infected with Virus
Computing can become a very frustrating experience when problems begin to arise with your device. Some problems could be easily apprehended and cured but when a computer is having a virus on it, you’ll have to take cautions because deleting viruses from a computer may lead to losing your important documents. Keeping your computer intact… (23 comments)

Send Confidential Mails By Encrypting The Text
Many a times we want to send some email to our friends or colleagues, and the text in that email is confidential. If anyone else then that particular person would read that, then we would be in danger. You must be wondering how someone else could read the emails, since emails are meant to be… (32 comments)