Undo Your Mail in Gmail!
I would recommend you not to hit the “Send” button in Gmail until you’re exactly sure that you need to send that email. What will do, if you accidentally sent a secret matter to a stranger? Do you always send emails in Gmail with embarrassing typos? Are you forgetting to include the essential attachment at… (6 comments)

The term “FIRE WALL” originally meant, and still means, a fireproof wall intended to prevent the spread of fire from one room or area of a building to another. The Internet is a volatile and unsafe environment when viewed from a computer-security perspective, therefore firewall is an excellent metaphor for network security. A firewall is… (7 comments)

Why is antivirus protection important for your computer ?
Internet is not a secure place! If you visit a phishing website or download uncertain files, you PC will acquire hazardous computer viruses. Some viruses are distributed through emails, free programs, pop-up messages etc. Besides, if you insert removable media like CDs, USBs and DVDs which get infected with virus, it may put out your… (10 comments)

The Dangerous ASSOC command
Tonight, accidentally I have executed the command assoc.exe=file and this command has changed the all .exe extension to none. So that any program like notepad, word, explorer(all the .exe) etc had been stopped working. I was scared and thought that I have to format my windows but at the same time I got an idea… (6 comments)