Biggest Risk of Data Theft – Your Employees or Hackers?
Kexue Huang worked for two different U.S. companies. Between 2007 and 2010, he sold proprietary data from both of his workplaces to competitors operating in Germany and China. By the end of the process, both companies lost between $7 and $20 million in revenue because of the breach. Huang was sentenced to 87 months in… (13 comments)

Steve Jobs Before Apple
Steve Jobs is a name well known to all as Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Anyhow he was neither born rich nor was gifted with a smooth family background. His success story is undoubtedly the most inspiring one in the history of entrepreneurship. Although he is no more (died 5th October 2011), his… (9 comments)

Choosing the Right Hosting Plan for a Small Business
When small businesses are considering online custom, there’s plenty to bear in mind. Ecommerce can provide a huge portion of custom to web-based and non-web based companies, so it’s essential that all business owners pick just the right hosting plan. When choosing a hosting company for a business website, the details can become confusing. This… (14 comments)