How SMBs can save money with cloud computing
Other than increased security and data availability, cost cutting is a widely advertised factor of cloud computing. Cloud computing specialist Akita is finding more businesses, regardless of their size, are opting for cloud solutions to ensure their data is stored safely and cost effectively. Analyst Ben Kepes has also recently written a whitepaper outlining how to make the most… (4 comments)

5 Famous Female Programmers Across the Globe
In the 21st century, we are likely to come across a large number of females who have chosen to take up programming as a full time career. A mind boggling combination of beauty with brains has been seen in these females who have ended up snatching away the title of being a sexy female programmer.… (19 comments)

Android vs iPhone: What’s the Difference?
When it comes to smartphone operating systems there are just two names worth knowing: Android and iPhone. A Comscore’s MobiLens study released in April 2013 shows 52.3 percent of Americans with smartphones use Android compared to 37.8 percent with iPhones. Both dominate the market, so which should you choose? Read on to discover the key… (20 comments)

Optimize Your Movie Streaming Experience in 5 Easy Steps
Chances are your computer is not running optimally to stream movies quickly and seamlessly. Chances are also that you aren’t doing everything in your power to create the most magical home viewing experience possible. There are a few simple steps to take that can turn your computer into a movie-playing genius. If the movie streaming… (7 comments)

WhatsApp or WeChat? Which is your favorite?
WhatsApp brought a change to the way people message each other via phone by introducing free messaging. It was quite interesting to use WhatsApp because of its new added features like video on photo sharing, etc. This app became a rage and was the primary messaging engine with every phone user. Read Whatsapp Tips and… (17 comments)