Over 8000 Gamers Take Out Pokémon Go Insurance
We insure our homes, our cars, and even ourselves. But now, over eight thousand Russian gamers have taken out a special insurance policy to protect themselves while they play Pokémon Go. If you are not familiar with how the game works, it’s essentially an augmented reality game that takes place in the real world. Players… (3 comments)

10 Phone Cases that Will Add Style to Your iPhone
iPhones are the best smartphones around and are just one of the devices that have helped to make Apple a household name. Their slick technology and sleek design have made them immensely popular. Of course, there’s also bit of a price tag on them, but if you browse the internet you’ll find mobile deals on… (4 comments)

VidOn Cloud Beta Testers Wanted [Announcement]
VidOn is looking for some Beta Testers for its all new Server and Cloud. VidOn has come up with a complete media management device and is currently looking for few Beta Testers who can use the service and can point out all the changes/tweaks they feel should be done in the device. To offer a… (0 comment)

The Best TV Deserves the Best TV
We are experiencing a golden age of entertainment. And it’s not from music, even though great albums are made every year. It’s not in the movie business, even as box office records are set by superhero flicks and big budget sequels month after month. Nope, the creative renaissance is happening on your television screen (or whatever… (2 comments)

Factors That Property Owners Should Consider When Purchasing Home Security Systems
Security is extremely important to any property owner. Unfortunately, it is impractical to stay around your property 24/7 in order to guard it. Fortunately, there are plenty of home security providers who have high-tech systems that can help you to remain vigilant. These technological home security systems will alert the homeowner or a security provider… (0 comment)