Machine Learning with Adapt – The results of the first beta users
Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020 Project financed by the European Fund for Regional Development Project name “SOLUȚIE TIC INOVATIVĂ PENTRU CREȘTEREA COMPETITIVITĂȚII ECONOMICE A MARKETIZATOR FRIENDS SRL” Press Release by Omniconvert Adapt – what it stands for and its first results Humans crave connections. This is why brick-and-mortar stores still represent a significant part of commerce:… (0 comment)

Top 5 UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2019
It’s sometimes said that programming an app is easy – designing a UI is the hard part. There are always exceptions, but it can generally be said that programmers do not enjoy designing UIs. Theories abound – is it because programmers simply focus on making a product work, and designing a fancy GUI is seen… (0 comment)

Startup Airtame Launches the New Product, Airtame 2  {HDMI Device}
With technical advancements, new revolutionary products are being invented on a regular basis. Airtame is one of those products. Airtame was started as record-­breaking crowdfunding campaign in the year 2014, and in these 4 years, it has proved to be the frontrunner in the wireless HDMI. The big news is that now Airtame launches Airtame… (3 comments)