How to Encrypt PDF Files for Total Security?
PDF files are one of the most used file type used for office purpose because it looks more professional and more secure than other file types. But, a computer geek still can make edits in the PDF file by finding various ways. However, it is still possible to make the PDF files protected by encrypting… (3 comments)

IDrive’s online backup software – Ticks most boxes
Today, I am going to talk about backup software from one of the leaders in cloud backup, IDrive. With IDrive, all you need is one account to backup data from your computers and mobile devices. There are no limits to the number of devices you back up, which makes this one of the best offerings… (4 comments)

10 Best Cartoon Making Software
The advent of technology has paved way for the creation of better cartoons and animations. It was a small hobby in the yester years but is no more. Today, it has evolved into a professional business. The field of cartoon making today is a wide one. There are professional courses available for making cartoons, and… (16 comments)

8 Best Free Ad Blocker Software To Block Ads In Your Browsers
Ads are for good because many times while browsing a website, you get something interesting on the ads, and even sometimes you find something exactly through the ads which you were looking for. There are sites which display only a few ads naturally. For example, you can see our blog, and you won’t find… (27 comments)