Make Your Website More Visible Using SEO
Maximizing your company’s visibility online is the key to gaining a foothold in the global marketplace. Whether you are targeting a worldwide audience or just seeking to attract new local business, optimizing your site for the Web is the key. By keeping up with SEO trends, your site will rank higher in search engine results… (18 comments)

8 Rules to Gain Confidence of the Web Crawler
The main success factor of any project including online businesses should be trust generated from visitors or customers. This article is meant for website owners who are interested in long-term prospects. Below you will find a list of factors grouped by categories affecting trust of the crawler to the website. Rule #1: Content It should… (27 comments)

Google Search Operators – How to Find What You Need
As you may be aware, Google is a program, also known as an algorithm. It is optimized for use by regular users who type in certain words in order to find the things they want. After trying a few search words and phrases you may come to a junction where you cannot find the information… (23 comments)

A History of Google Algorithm Changes
Google changes its algorithm a lot more than many digital marketers realize  The algorithm is constantly being changed, amended and updated to fit in with Google’s new standards, so marketers must always be ready for anything. According to Optima Worldwide the Google algorithm is reworked multiple times a day, which can count for some huge changes… (29 comments)

What is Alt Text and Why It is important?
Before writing anything about “alt text” I want to place a semantic note that it is “alt text” not “alt tag”. Alt is not a tag rather it is an attribute and alt text is the content of alt attribute. This attribute we use to add to an image to describe it. This helps users… (68 comments)