A History of Google Algorithm Changes
Google changes its algorithm a lot more than many digital marketers realize  The algorithm is constantly being changed, amended and updated to fit in with Google’s new standards, so marketers must always be ready for anything. According to Optima Worldwide the Google algorithm is reworked multiple times a day, which can count for some huge changes… (29 comments)

What is Alt Text and Why It is important?
Before writing anything about “alt text” I want to place a semantic note that it is “alt text” not “alt tag”. Alt is not a tag rather it is an attribute and alt text is the content of alt attribute. This attribute we use to add to an image to describe it. This helps users… (68 comments)

Basic Guide For E-Commerce SEO
Search Engine Optimisation is a must do activity for every website because It ensures your site’s ranking in SERPs . It is the way through which you can get top positions in Search Engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. I am just a bud in SEO field and I have worked with so many kinds… (65 comments)

No Traffic To Your Blog? Here’s Why…
After spending that much time in writing that piece of article which then you published it on your blog, only to find out later that no one is actually reading it, you might be wondering what went wrong. Well, there’s plenty of reasons why no one is reading your blog content. Apart from SEO related… (44 comments)

Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic
Every blog owner or site owner wants to get a great amount of organic traffic and to achieve this start your strategy from the day you launch your blog or site. You Just need to do proper SEO and Here are the tips which you must opt to get huge organic traffic(traffic from search engines) : Keyword… (132 comments)