Moto 360 – A sensational Android Wear
On September 5th 2014, Motorola released the official announcement of its first generation Smartwatch, Moto 360 for $249. This highly anticipated Android wear links the online world to your wrist and you may speak to this tech gadget to get the information you need. Not only these, you can create notes, respond calls, set reminders… (1 comment)

Wondering What the Heck is Android Wear? Read This!
Could you ever imagine that one day you could wear technology on your wrist? With Google, we bet you might have imagined. Google, being the innovation giant, can make almost everything happen in today’s technological era. That’s why; the Mountain View based organization has presented us the most advanced vision, which is Google’s Android Wear-… (7 comments)

Features of the Best Android Tablets on the Market Today
In the beginning of 2010, Apple brought out the first iPad and started a true revolution. Suddenly, everybody wanted a tablet and Apple was the only one offering this. Unsurprisingly, an Android alternative had to be created very quickly. Whatever would be released, it should be lightweight, highly portable and affordable, while still having excellent… (7 comments)