Happy 44th Birthday, Email!
Email!!! This has entirely changed the way we communicate. We no longer write personal letters in paper or post greetings for festivals and holidays. Hence I’d say that the Email invention permanently changed our formal communication methods. Sometimes, you might puzzle with the questions “When was the Email invented?” and “Who invented Email?” and so… (10 comments)

Technologies which were Killed by iPhone [Infographic]
Despite having lost its irreplaceable pillar — the one and only Steve Jobs — Apple Inc is still considered an innovative figure when it comes to the world of Technology. From old times itself, Apple has been successful in finding scope in once-dead industries and letting them resurrect — just as they did in the… (2 comments)

6 Ways to Get your Logo [infographic]
When you are starting to create your own company, logo is the first thing that comes to your mind. There are a lot of options to get this important element of the company brand. Logaster offers you a few ways to create a logo. Evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each method will allow you… (7 comments)