7 Best Slow Motion Apps For Android
Once upon a time, the slow motion feature was limited to high-end cameras only. The camera owners were like the exclusive right holders of such a remarkable feature. Doing such a thing with a mobile phone was something impossible in those days. But now, things have changed a lot in recent years – for the… (7 comments)

Android M is for Android Marshmallow – Features & More!
Alright, this is now official. The next version of Android i.e. Android 6.0 [Android M] is named as Android Marshmallow, and this was announced today by Google OFFICIALLY by laying out the Android Marshmallow sculpture in the Android lawn at Google HQ. Let us all take a look at the brief history of Android and… (13 comments)

Tools to import contacts from Excel to Android
Android is one of the best mobile operating systems and it has a large user base globally and continues to overtake iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and many other mobile operating systems. Many people get an Android as their first smartphone and, on the other hand, many people switch from outdated systems like Symbian to… (3 comments)

Best 10 Torch apps for Android
Android is a great mobile OS to code for. If you have a plethora of users at your disposal then your app can go viral within just a few cycles of clocks, and you will be a renowned app developer. A fair example of this happening is the Flappy Bird app. But we are not… (13 comments)

Top 5 features of Android M
Finally, the much awaited Android M is here. Well, not literally but, the developers preview of Android M is now available for Nexus devices. There is no news on what it would be called and when exactly would it be available for more devices. Google recently announced the features of Android M at its I/O… (17 comments)