8 Best Virtual Boyfriend Apps for Android
Recently I wrote an article about virtual girlfriend apps which you can use to design the girl as per your requirement, and then talk to her or flirt with her as you want. This shows how technology has been growing. As we have virtual girlfriend apps, we have virtual boyfriend apps as well that the… (4 comments)

8 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android
In the world where we started working with people we never met or deal with companies on phone calls only without any actual meeting, you might need to record your calls because at times either you forget what all have discussed on the call or you might need the conversation as proof for resolving some… (6 comments)

5 Must-Have Video Apps for Android Phone 2018
Mobile video has come a long way since smartphones and tablets first became hits. A few years ago, the cameras on smartphones and tabs were only good for shooting low-quality home videos that, even though were funny, couldn’t be used for much else other than capturing family memories. Fast forward to 2018. Smartphone cameras are… (1 comment)