Top 10 Best Laptops under 30,000 INR
Gone are the days of those heavy desktops. Now, we are living in a world where we need fast, light weight and portable gadgets. Laptops are one of those gadgets. After smartphones, laptops are the gadgets which have taken a special place in every individual’s life. They can be used for work, for entertainment, for… (7 comments)

10 amazing Cool and useful Gadgets under $25 that you can buy
Technology has made some amazing progress in the last two decades. The time especially after the internet was made a public service has been very crucial and many new developments and advancements have been done in the technology after that. Not only new technology but also their prices have come down significantly. Imagine if someone… (20 comments)

Best 10 Gadgets at CES 2015
One of the finest, most awaited and the very first tech show, Consumer Electronics Show is finally here. What started as a small tech show in 1967 at New York is now one of the biggest tech show on planet. Consumer Electronic Show or more popularly known as CES is the place where every tech… (3 comments)

Meet ApplePay and Apple Watch
Applepay When Tim Cook said that ApplePay will forever change the way we buy things, no one was sure what he was talking about. To introduce what ApplePay is Tim Cook said,” Payments is a huge business. Every day between credit and debit, we spend $12 billion, and that’s just in the United States”. By… (8 comments)

Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus: Specs and Previews
After a series of rumors and leaks, Apple has finally launched its much anticipated device, iPhone 6. However, it was not limited to only one gadget as Apple did not fail to surprise and launched iPhone 6 plus. Apart from these two gadgets, Apple launched its own watch by the name Apple Watch. In this… (15 comments)