Evolution of Cell Phones
Who could have thought in late 70’s about the modern picture of communication. No one ever imagined it as easy and friendly as it is these days. The real revolution came with the advent of cell phones in 1983. Now in 2014, in smart phones arena, cell phones appear so ancient and 20th century thing.… (3 comments)

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung is undoubtedly the most successful smart phone company today. What adds more enthusiasm to the sale of Samsung smart phones is the Android operating system that it comes with. Android platform brings a wide array of apps as well as games with it. Apart from this, Samsung is one smart phone manufacturing company that… (4 comments)

Cell Phone Specials: Can You Hear Me Now?
More and more cell phone companies are stopping at nothing to get you to be one of their customers; this is especially true when it comes to offering numerous different cell phone specials. Each company wants to give you something they believe is better and beats out all the other competitors. However, not all cell… (13 comments)

Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Concept Phone
Samsung Galaxy SV [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV is already there in the market and doing well. But the success of Galaxy SIV is not what the Samsung expected before launching. People have started thinking about the design of the Galaxy smartphones seriously and as Galaxy SIV were not good at design and build quality… (28 comments)