Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung as a brand has risen up and has become one of the best consumer electronics company in the world. They make almost every consumer electronics and appliances including TV, washing machines, microwaves etc. They are also one of the best Android smartphone manufacturers and they have their own line-up of smartphones running Android. This… (5 comments)

All you need to know about the HTC One M9
HTC announced the HTC One M9 which is their new flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress 2015. This phone is a direct competitor to phones from other brands like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Whenever we see a new successor to a current lineup of phones, we expect some new and useful enhancements which overcome… (2 comments)

Must have Smartphones in 2015 (Mid-Range)
2014 is all over and we have already moved on in 2015. 2014 was a great year in terms of smartphones. We saw some amazing phones like OnePlus One, iPhone 6, Moto X, Xiaomi Mi3 and many more. When it comes to smartphones, time seems to never ever stop for even a second. Many tech… (11 comments)

Xiaomi Mi Pad vs iPad mini 2
It is very important to create a positive impression nowadays. And different gadgets are helping us to create it right. For example, one of this things is worldwide knowing tablets. There are two huge platforms for it: Android and Apple. Apple is much more popular, but there are a lot of reasons for you to… (5 comments)