Apps for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is very near and if you want to spend this day with your beloved one, you could use your smartphone as a handy tool to express your love in various ways. Before the technology developments, people were used to give greeting cards and boxes of chocolates to their lover on this special day.… (11 comments)

10 Apps that Help Build Children’s Interest in Science
Now days there are apps for almost everything. Today I am here to present 10 apps that help kids to build more interest in Science Subject. Lets check out them here:- 1. Moon Globe HD One app that plays a central role in familiarizing children with the moon’s surface by offering a holistic view about the… (8 comments)

LINE App:Bid a Good Bye to Communication Gaps!
Introduction to LINE: One of the latest communication apps that is known to have taken a good deal of people by surprise is none other than Line. If we were to go by the facts, we will be stunned to know that this particular app is made use of by round about 180 million users… (9 comments)

Play With PDF Files
PDF – Portable Document Format! The word PDF has become very common in every humans life. Most of the document files available on the system are in the PDF type. Thus now it has become a need to play well with the PDF’s. Already I have posted few articles, wherein I have mentioned few topics. But before narrating the tales of… (37 comments)

Invoicera – Keeping Invoicing Simple and Boredom-free
It is an undying need of any working professional and corporate entity to keep a track of all the time being spent and send invoices to the clients on time, in order to achieve a smooth stress-free work flow. These are the tasks one tremble away from doing but still have to do. The need… (1 comment)