A Closer Look at the New Lexus Enform App
Drivers today have more options at their fingertips than ever, whether they want to share rides, save at the pump, or research automotive models before making a purchase. A number of car manufacturers are also jumping on the bandwagon by producing in-car infotainment apps. To this end, Lexus Australia has just unveiled a new app… (1 comment)

Global Call – an International Calling Application
Global Call, an international calling app, is a new application that can be used for making cheap international calls. This application will go beyond the borders because it is able to connect everyone around the world in a convenient way with low and affordable call rates and without interrupting the call. Global Call works over… (11 comments)

7 Apps for the Nursing Student
If you are pursuing a degree in nursing, then you already know how much work and dedication it takes to become a healthcare professional. Luckily there are a number of apps available that will help make your studies and your new career that much easier. With technological healthcare in mind, here are seven helpful apps… (1 comment)

Apps To Throw Off Your Bad Habits
Smartphones are ready to help you in all aspects and even to throw off your bad habits. Since we are living in the age of smartphones, there is no wonder that the apps would lead you to break terrible habits. Yes, I come with a set of useful smartphone apps to get rid of your… (3 comments)