Google For Kids Is On The Way
Reports say that Google is planning to start its web services exclusively for kids under 13 years old to use them in a safe way.  It is believed that this rumored Google for kids version will welcome by parents as they would have ultimate control over their kids while using these new Google features. Let’s… (18 comments)

Google’s New Service For Businesses, Google My Business
Are you a business owner who wants to update your corporate information on the services of Google and interact your customers as well? No matter hereafter! Yes, Google is giving its hand to empower your business to get succeed in the digital landscape through its new service “Google My Business” which is going to be… (6 comments)

Enjoy Better & Real Connectivity On The Go With Google Glass
It is interesting to notice that how the futuristic technology and gadgets that we see in sci-fi movies gradually become a part of reality and we become so accustomed to those technologies and devices in due course. As could be said about head-mounted wearable computer displays, Google Glass, one of the most recent and talked… (14 comments)