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Cardberry: The New Way of Shopping

Just check your wallet and you will find at-least 5 loyalty card[Know more about Loyalty cards] in it. Loyalty card are the cards which are offered by a shop or a brand so that a buyer can get some discount or deal. With so much competition among brands, loyalty card has become a common thing now and even small shops offer loyalty card. These cards turn out as a beautiful thing while shopping. However the problem arises when the number of these cards starts increasing. You try a new brand and you will end up with yet another card. This will not only take space in your wallet but will also confuse you on which one to choose. Now, imagine a card which can act like a loyalty card for all brands and shops and you will have to carry just that card. Well, that thing is Cardberry.


What exactly is Cardberry?

Cardberry is basically a rewritable technology which allows a user to store all his loyalty cards details within a Smartphone app. After that this app can be used in simple way and all cards can be accessed from a single device.  It looks just like your another loyalty card but it can carry many loyalty cards within itself.

It works like just another electronic card and has thin layered microelectronics inside, a Li-ion storage battery, dynamic magnetic strip, resistors, and printed circuit board. It is only 0.5 mm thick and comes with microcontroller and Bluetooth module.

How does it work and how to use it?

cardberry (2)

You will get a compact card reader along with Cardberry card which connects with the mobile devices either via a jack socket or Bluetooth. To use this facility, you need to download the free Cardberry app which is compatible with both iOS and Android. After that you will have to add your loyalty cards details into the application by using the card reader for magnetic cards or by using the QR code or bar code. Each and every card you add, will be displayed on the screen.

Now when you wish to use a particular card. Open that card in your app and press on send, the data from the card will get transferred to the Cardberry card and you can offer that Cardberry card to the cashier to get discount.

One of the most amazing feature if this card is that it can be exchanged with friends and family members. The only thing needed is that you both have the Cardberry card. It is very much simple to use. Now for example, you went for shopping and chose something good, but you don’t have the loyalty card for that brand. Then you just need to open Cardberry app and see who of your friends has it. It is all possible due to synchronization between Cardberry app and contact list.

Now if your friend has the card, you just need to send a request to share the card and when it will be approved, you can use the card. Just record it to Cardberry and enjoy the shopping. After 24 hours, the card will automatically return to the owner, so that you don’t have to worry about returning it in time.

Will my store accept it?

The Cardberry team is working hard so that it will be accepted by most of the stores and the company has already started a special campaign to inform stores and brands about this card. Moscow will be the first to test this card and after that it will be available in Russia and US. It will be available in March 2015 but only for those who pre-ordered it. There are very high chances that this card will be made available to Europe and China at the end of the year.

How to get this card?

You can pre-order the card at just $100 from company’s website before the official launch and you can also save 25% by using a secret word TTWdiscount.

Although, we have not used the card by ourselves but looking at the concept of the card and the way it works, it can be concluded that it is a good piece of technology and can improve the shopping experience.

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  • This is pretty interesting, I like the concept of holding one card instead of 10 different cards for different stores. Similarly there was another concept card where you could have one Card instead of many debit/Credit cards. I dont think that these cards will be launched in India any time soon.

  • Feature of the card seems very interesting and useful.

    Amaze to know that one can exchange their card with family and friends. This is first time I heard such features.

    Hope this will get availble in Asia too very soon.

    Thanks for sharing such upcoming technology. 🙂

    >SK Lohar

  • Hi Aitsh bro,
    It had been a long no-post time on TTW.
    I was almost waiting for 5 days to see a post and you have come up with an extremely useful review today,
    Cardberry will surely help to keep thins sane in this digital world.

    Another thing, though I knew the concept I did not know those cards are called loyalty cards. lol

  • Hello Atish bro,

    This is the real story of all of us 😛

    I’m also having 4-5 Loyalty cards and it’s very hard to carry all of them together.

    Cardberry can be really helpful in that case.

    Thanks for this wonderful review.

  • Thanks Atish bro for making me know about Cardberry. This App can definitely be the best App for all those who love to do shopping regularly. Cardberry will make things easier for them. It is good to know that Cardberry App is available for Android as well as iOS. This review of yours provided me all the information about Cardberry.

  • Thanks for this information . This is beautiful interesting, I like the concept of holding one card instead of 10 different cards for different stores .I don’t think that these cards will be launched in India any time soon . This review of yours provided me all the information about Cadbury .

  • Expresses gratitude toward Atish bro for making me think about Cardberry. This Application can doubtlessly be the best Application for every one of the individuals who adoration to do shopping regularly.This is excellent fascinating, I like the idea of holding one card rather than 10 separate cards for diverse stores .

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