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Build Strong Relationships With Fellow Bloggers and Readers

If you are a blogger then you must heard this many times that relationship building is one of the most important part of Blogging. I too have heard this so many times and I think this is 100% true.

Having healthy relationship with fellow bloggers and your blog readers can be very beneficial for you and your blog.

You must be wondering why it’s so beneficial for us?

Very Simple, If you have good relationship with your fellow bloggers and readers then they will keep coming to your blog regularly, subscribe your email list and whenever you post any article they would love to share it on their social profiles which can boost your traffic as well as brand awareness. Also some times they can refer advertisers to your site.

So now allow me to show you few tips to build a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers and readers.

Always ready to help

In this information age everyone wants to learn new things, ideas and so many things. And to achieve the same they take help from internet and others. Similarly newbie bloggers are also ready to learn new tips and ideas. So what I suggest you to share your ideas, blogging skills with newbies, fellows and help them to perform better.

When you help others then automatically there starts a new relationship which is good for you as well as your blogging business.relationships

I have so many friends online who have helped me in blogging and also there are guys whom I have helped. Believe me the guys whom I helped respect me from core of their heart and I also respect who have helped me. Its natural when someone helps you in needy times then he/she makes a good place in your heart.
Therefore if you want to build good relationships online then you must be ready to help. Especially help those who are in need. 

Blog Commenting

Commenting is the finest way to build relationship with fellow bloggers. You have two ways to do it.

When someone comments on your blog then don’t just approve the comment and forget. Read the comment and write an appropriate reply to them. In this way you can initiate a talk with the commenter and gradually you will feel that the commenter will take more interest and come back to your site again and again.

If you don’t reply to the comments then you will feel that genuine bloggers will not be commenting most often. Always thank and appreciate the commenter’s effort which he/she put in writing the comment for your blog post. If you do it with all of your commenters then you might be able to find few good friends very soon.

Now if you are commenting on other’s blog then don’t just comment to get links. Read the whole post, write a good comment and try to get everyone’s attention. Try to start a discussion with them which helps you know those people and also they do know you.

Believe me this way you can get good knowledge and so many new contacts as well. Keep in touch with those new contacts, appreciate their work, invite them to visit your blog and ask if they don’t like anything in your blog. If you ask 10 people then surely 4-5 guys come to you blog and share their suggestions.

Suggestions are just a way to get in touch and get involved with them. This is the best way to start building relationship with fellow bloggers.

Sometimes you can get negative comments too but that time don’t loose your control and write a polite reply which helps you to maintain your good reputation. This kind of good behaviour can help you get new friends and followers.

Social Media and Social networking

Social media and networking is one of the finest ways to build healthy relationship with like minded people, fellow bloggers and others. Social networking sites like Facebook, linkedIn and Google+ are the best places where you can connect with the like minded people and starting making a healthy relationship with them. They can be a blogger, internet marketer, businessman or your blog reader.

To build healthy relationship with them just keep in touch with them and start posting comments on their status updates, like their statuses if you like them. Similarly you can do on other networking sites too.

If some one helped you in achieving any task then you can mention his/her name in your status updates of FB or G+ or mention in your tweets to say thank you. If you keep mentioning them then they will come forward to help you always.

Building and maintain online relationship is so simple and very beneficial.

These are the basic and simplest ways which really helps you to build great relationship with fellow bloggers and readers. Share your views via comments.

Thanks For Reading

~ Atish Ranjan

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  • For me blogging is all about expanding my circle by interacting and helping more and more fellow blogger and Facebook have played an important role for me in this journey.

    I am very happy that people knows me and consult their issues/queries with me. I am getting more and more Fan following because of relationship only.

    Nice article Atish

    • Yes and also when someone ask their queries from you then your confidence level goes high. So its better to build strong and healthy relationship because it will give only benefits. Thanks Sandeep for stopping by. Really appreciate it to get first comment from a very nice blogger. 🙂

  • Hi Atish

    I agree that it makes a huge difference if you get a reply on your comment. I take the time to write a comment and it may not show up on the site. Nothing wrong with the comment, just obviously the owner of the site is too busy to approve the comment. I quit going back and they could have had me hooked on them. Too bad some forget that magic ingredient of appreciation.
    The more one comments on the right blogs the more they will get comments on their own and thereby enjoy a better connection with others.
    I am finding this has been very beneficial for all who participate.
    Nice post.


  • Yes, this is really helpful to build a good relationship with fellow bloggers and blog readers. I am still struggling how to do that. Thanks for your information. This is really helpful:)

  • Maintaining a good relationship with fellow bloggers and readers is always beneficial for our blogs and the blogging business. We can learn different and innovative things from other bloggers and thereby gain a lot of knowledge that would help us in writing posts. Many times these bloggers suggest our blogs to their readers if we are in good terms with them.

  • Hi Atish.

    Nice article, I think you make a valid point when stressing out the community you can build from your own blogging and commenting activities.

    Is there a specific commenting platform you would recommend? We use Disqus – it’s pretty stable and allows users to comment under the same identity around the web. Great tool!

  • You are right Atish, once relationship is developed readers will visit your blog again and again as it will be in their knowledge that they are being praised. Also allow them to write posts as ‘guest writers’ for your blog and encourage them to ask questions (if any) and do reply them as early as possible.

  • What a wonderful post Atish and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    When you help other people learn they will remember you. They will remember that you didn’t ask for anything in return. Because of this they’ll come back time and time again to acquire new information from you. From that you can start to build a relationship and we all know that friends help friends.

    Responding to all blog comments is just being respectful of your readers. They took the time to stop by your place, read your post and respond to it. The least you can do is thank them and answer their comment. People will see that you care about them which will make them want to keep coming back for more.

    Blog commenting to me is the best way to build those connections and then like you mentioned, connect with them on social networking sites as well and continue that relationship. Just reach out to others and it will come back to you.


    • Thanks Adrienne for stopping by. This is right that if you don’t ask for any thing then people love to come to you time by time to acquire more info. Thanks again visit often.

  • Awesome Article as always Atish Bro! And yes by just commenting on other blogs and as a owner by just replying we can make good relationships n yes one thing more as m newbie n all newbie want to learn something from their fellow bloggers or i can say his/her Senior bloggers so that he/she can do well but some of them are awesome and always ready to help like you bro and some are full of attitude and they don’t help newbie to learn as they think that they wasting their precious time to give the answers of their childish questions. So it affects their Image only in the eyes of newbie and he/she will never talk to that guy and never advice others to talk with so I agree with you that in whatever way we can we should help newbie not on only newbie but as a friend also we should ready to help in whatever manner we can and for Social Sites what can I say about this..? This has changed my life completely by this only I got you and by this we can Promote ourselves as well as we can show our talent in front of everyone and I think this is the best way to make friends n to strong our relationships among different people of world!
    And TTW always Rockzz! 🙂

  • I am not a techie blogger or even someone who monetises her blog, but I use all the points you have made here. It is uncanny but only today, I put up a post on this very thing. How I make friends one at a time though my blog, commenting on other’s blogs and connecting with them personally. Do take a look. Who knows we might become friends with this comment? 🙂

  • It is said we should never get into bad terms with our competitors or people working in the work place as us because it does not prove good for us and our work’s progress. We should maintain a good relationship with everyone because we never know who is going to be helpful in the future in the times of need and at the same time we should also help our fellow bloggers.

  • I totally agree with your opinion, as I have learned over the time that it is a lot easier to make a visitor to come back on a regular base, rather than attracting new ones. I value each reader so I try to take into account their feedback and reward them for their loyalty.

  • Thanks Atish for posting such a nice article. being a new blogger, I will try to implement these steps. also it is always beneficial to have friendly relationship with bloggers as it will boost our confidence and make the work all the more interesting and exciting.

  • Blog commenting is hands down, the most effective way to build strong relationships with bloggers. Also attending blogging events organized in or around our area helps us socialize with bloggers nearby big time. We can also visit some of the most renowned blogging events in the world, in order to absorb tips from the best in the business.
    Thanks for detailing the importance of building relationships Atish.

  • Building relationship is kind of a mandatory if we want to success in blogosphere. For me blogging is all about expanding my circle by interacting and helping more and more fellow blogger and Facebook have played an important role for me in this journey. Good relation building post, thanks for sharing.

  • Relationship matters the most in blogosphere, maintaining a good relationship with fellow bloggers and readers is always beneficial for our blogs and the blogging business. We can learn different and innovative things from other bloggers and thereby gain a lot of knowledge that would help us in writing posts, Good post, thanks for sharing.

  • Relationship building is so very important Atish!

    I am so grateful I found your blog and the great value that you share.


  • This is fantastic advice, Atish – I agree with you wholeheartedly. The great thing is, I think building relationships is actually one of the most fun, rewarding things about blogging.

    I notice Bernie mentions Disqus – I actually dislike that system, also Livefyre, because I think it’s making people go through unnecessary hoops to leave a comment by forcing them to sign in – the first few times I came across them, these systems almost discouraged me from leaving comments because of all the hassle.

    I’ve found the commentluv plugin’s been the greatest help to me in forming links with other bloggers – I’ve made some interesting discoveries by following the commentluv links from other people’s blogs, and I think it encourages people to leave a comment when they know they can leave a link to one of their own posts – a good bit of ‘give and take’, which is what it’s all about, as you say.


    • Yes, Thats nice. I used to use commentluv plugin but as I have locked my server because of too much attack on my wp-admin so that commentluv stopped working in that case. I thought security is more important thats why I am continuing without commentluv.

      any way thank you neal for stopping by.

  • That sounds scary, Atish! I can understand that you have to prioritize security over and above anything else – I’m sorry you’ve had such problems – I dread anything like that happening with my site. I hope you’re secure from hackers now.


  • I agree and try to comment daily. I found your article at just retweeter. Thanks for posting. Making friends and building relationships is fun with good comments.

  • Yea Atish I hereby agree with above statements. I dont only comment or build relationship with fellow bloggers for the sake of getting traffic or people would get to know my blog. Infact, I wholeheartedly enjoy all the process of exchanging comments, interaction with people on social media. I think we all are very lucky to be the part of such kind of job…

  • These are the great ways to stay active and be good to everyone in the blogosphere. Relationship works everywhere, not just in blogging. Nice post Atish.

  • I agree with your point of views related to build relationship in blogging Atish 🙂

    I feel good that am doing the same which you’ve listed here and I too believe that the blogging success depends on networking with other bloggers.

    Also, I feel blessed as i am still getting timely help from you to do an enriched blogging. I wanna be like you and so started to help the newbies who seek some stuffs from me.

    Thanks for sharing your old post with us, keep sharing 🙂

  • mutual sharing about the blogging trend is one of the biggest advantage that will get only by building relationship with fellow bloggers,

  • Building relationship with other bloggers is very important factor in blogging and blog commenting, social media sites help in building relationship with them and also helps in promoting our business. This post really gonna help many newbies.

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