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How to Build an Active Community for Your Blog

“Community” This word is getting popular in blogosphere now days as it has some remarkable blogging benefits. Even, the question “How do I create a community for my blog?” comes up through my email constantly and so here I took an opportunity to show some useful ideas to form an active community for a blog.

Are you a blogger and do you want to construct a dynamic community for your blog? I hope this post would help you to do so with which you could reach a good level of blogging success. Before getting into the discussion of building a lively communal for you blog, I want you to understand the difference between visitors and community. Yes, visitors are one way! They might not interact and not sure that they would share your content. They just read your blog posts and don’t participate. But a community is a two-way path to discuss and exchange. They are extremely interactive, social and share your quality content on their network.

Community for blog

Now you say! Do you need visitors or community for your blog? I am sure that your option gonna be “Community”.  Am I Factual? Then, do read the remaining post to form an active community for a blog.

8 ways to build community for blog:- 

1. Offer fresh quality content consistently

Forming community for a blog starts with a great content. Having fresh quality content in your blog posts would impress your visitors and they could realize that they are receiving some beneficial content from your blog. How quality your content is? Are they trendy? How often are you updating your blog? Based on the answers for these questions, it is possible to build a community for a blog.

2. Find and reach your audience

Even if you’re excellent in generating high-quality content, you need to find and reach your audience through practicable ways. So you could make use of Google trends, Facebook & twitter insights, Google Keyword planner and Forums. Also find the timing when they’ll be active on social media sites to schedule to share your posts according to that.

3.  Impress them to write comments and respond back

Your visitors are more prone to engage with your impressive content. Yes, instead of writing the posts like documents, speak and ask questions related to the written content. Politely invite your audience to contribute to the discussion through comments. Getting systematic blog comments from your visitors is a great way to start creating community for your blog.

Do respond to every comment and notify them that you’ve replied to their comments by using a relevant WP plugin.

 4. Offer giveaways

This is my familiar method of building a successful community around my blogs. We do offer some regular software giveaways for TechTricksWorld’s readers and we have turned their attention well through it. Moreover, we don’t assign strict/difficult job to take part in the giveaway. This is significantly aiding me in raising a dynamic community for my blogs. 

5. Network with other bloggers

To have community around your blog, you need to read and comment on related niche blogs. You’ll get return for these activities in the form of comments & share and I would say that it is a law of reciprocity or give & take policy. So spending time to network with bloggers is an upright way from which to start community building from. You could make use of social media platforms and blogging communities to connect with other bloggers.

6. Stay human and keep up your distinctiveness

People would love to connect with humans. So share your mistakes/failures, problems faced and success stories for your visitors. If they started to read your real experiences, then they would enthusiastically visit your blog repeatedly. Add your behaviours (don’t over talk about yourself) to your blog posts and try to keep up your distinctiveness. Sustaining uniqueness and being personal would develop a closer bond between you and your readers which in turn mildly push them to join in your blog community.  

7. Send emails

Collect the email of your audience and keep in touch with them by sending regular mails. Other than sending latest post through subscription, speak with them to improve your blog. Ask suggestions and wish them to share their desired topic on which they are looking for detailed information. They would recognize that you’re caring for them than customizing your blog. So they never hesitate to take part in your blog community.

 8. Add relevant links from other blogs

Mentioning other bloggers and adding their relevant links to your blog posts would let you to build a vigorous community for your blog. Not only to build a community, even search engines would expect you to include some outbound links in your blog posts. So add the links of readers with exact anchor text.  


Blogging is not suitable for people who want to stay isolated from outside world. Even though it takes time to build an active community for a blog, I assured that the blogging success depends on the community around it. Make your readers to listen you and keep on working to construct a good supporting community for your blog. Keep it in mind that the well engaged readers would be loyal readers and you could make a respectable blog community with them.    

I understand the power of community blogging and this made me to write this post for you. Yes, I get weary responding to blog comments even around 12 AM and I’ve wondered, Am I on the right path? But I feel that this is real community and am happy to help and connect with my readers.

Do you have community for your blog? Did I miss any imperative ways about how this could be done?  Share your best ways to build an active community for a blog through comments.

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  • Hey Brother,

    You generated very nice points.
    I completely support your thought about building community.
    I like the line as you said that through email exchange we should discuss our post flaws and good stuff as well.
    So that we can reform our skill. Thanks fir sharing your awesome catchlines.

  • Thanks Bro,

    All the ways are appreciable you discuss to make strong Community for Blog. As you said create outbound links in your blog post i do the same in my each post even it is essential as per new SEO rules.

    Organise giveaway is also a great way to attract people and yes obviously consistency is must.

    keep sharing such a nice articles for us.

      • You are right Aatish I agree with you. If you are write the content for your readers need than engagement ratio is going high than what we think. And as a blogger engagement of readers is more important than other tactics.

  • Hello Atish !!!
    You have complied all the things that are required in creating a community around the blog. I know you giveaway series. Its a great way to attract new audience and please the existing readers by offering something valuables that they can’ afford easily and willing to have it.

    Another great thing you shared is Networking with other blogger. I have just written about it on my blog and this is the prime thing that a blogger must do.

    I was not doing it in effective way and my previous blog failed with lack of networking. And when I realized it, I am on the way. I have noted down the thing that I am going to implement form this post.

    thanks for this awesome sharing.

  • Awesome tips…I think success in blogging is only possible when one builds good active community for his blog…Getting in touch with other bloggers and offering the latest information can be very helpful in building active community for the blog…You have built awesome audience for your blog mainly because of your networking skills……

  • All make perfect sense, but takes a lot of time and I doubt that there are any shortcuts. Probably I would add that a good idea is to go an extra mile with some innovation and add more functionality to blog to turn it to real community.

  • Its often a hard call for most bloggers to decipher how to build an active community. However, its not that complicated if the simple rules of sharing and I providing values to readers are followed.

    If a blogger actually wants to build an active community then I suppose terms like VALUABLE content, REACHING OUT to community members, and of course CREATING A BLOG WITH HUMAN FACE would help the blogger in achieving his aims!

    The 8 tips discussed here are spot-on as they can give a newbie community builder the foundation to start with!

    In kingged.com – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers, this post was shared, and I have left the above comment.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    • Hey Sunday,

      Valuable content is the soul of a blog, so we cannot compromise in this area specially. Apart from this a good about us page, your personal image etc. are good way to let your readers know you, it helps form relationships.

      Replying to comments on your blog is one of the best way to stay in touch! Keep coming.

  • Hi Atish,

    Awesome post. In the beginning I don’t had the knowledge about building our own circle. But after getting better circle, I am witnessing the progress of my blog.

    Thanks for the informative article.


  • Hi Atish,
    Your article about community blog is very interesting. The tips given are very helpful.
    The amazing part it is the ‘stay human’. Its true that we get so used to dealing with machines or systems that we tend to lose our touch with our human side.
    It is important that our personality reflects in our blogs. Great post, thanks for it !!!

  • This is quire resourceful, it is good you have shared a great article like this from your wealth of knowledge, after reading this article i quickly checked up your site ranking and when i discovered you have actually been around for awhile i knew you could’ve only written this type of content from experience.

    Keep build an active community you’ll have to actively engage your audience and fresh and quality content is surely one way to achieve this. Extending your outreach through networking with other bloggers via guest posting or blog commenting or even on social media networks is yet another awesome way to build and active community.

    I stayed glued to the page till the last sentence of the article as you unique way of writing got me glued. You have a great blog here, keep it up.

    I found this article on Kingged.com and also left a comment there.

  • I have tried doing most of the things you said Atish. Being a Tech blog, people say not much comments come on tech blogs. Is that true? If not, where am I lacking?

    • Depends on the target readers Anchit. If you write a windows 8 trick and your readers are not techie then you might see less comments but if the techie guys are the readers you can see a rain of comments.
      But yes usually blogging tips, money making tips, SEO tips article get more comments and engagement as I noticed.

      Try to keep reading and commenting on the blogs in your niche I am sure this can help you grab those blog owners’ attention towards your blog.

    • Dear Anchit, Do not worry about the comments on your technical blog post, if you are able to see audience on these articles it means you are successful in your efforts. You can easily monetize these article through affiliate products and can also make some decent money through it. Another point is people know what the hell you are writing and how much impressive your blog is- this is the main reason these buyers directly connect with us and send us their direct proposal. Am i right Aatish ?

  • Networking, building relationships work the best for online business or blogging. When you have strong relations everywhere you don’t need to rely only on search engines for traffic and loyal readers.

  • Well explained ways to form a community for a blog Atish 🙂

    I am really wondering with your active blogging performance by replying to your reader’s comments at late night even you’ve a day job.

    I do accept your views for forming a community for a blog but for me, the concept slightly differs. Yeah, If am getting encouraged from a person close to me, then it will allow me to do an enhanced blogging. But I should realized that they might busy with other jobs and not to except their inspiration at all the time. I am trying to realizing the facts and hope I’ll avoid doing this wrong method soon.

    Thanks for sharing the executable tips to create a communal for blogs, will try to implement them 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Nirmala. Every one gets motivation and inspiration from someone but this is the fact that no one can be available all the time for anyone because everyone has his own personal commitments, job and other things as well. Other person should understand this.

      Take my example, around an year ago I helped someone so much but when I didn’t have time and I said I can’t help you currently as I am not getting time because of busy schedule then that person started saying that I got attitude.. Thats the reason I sometimes try not to involve too much with any person online.

      Even there are many people who think that I am not giving them proper time when they need my help but they should understand the fact that with blogging I do have a day job, have to devote some time to learning few things which I had started this year, and most importantly I am a married man now and I have to give time to my family as well.

      This is just an example! There are many person online who are like me and face this kind of situation! Sometimes I feel its better to stay Offline! Come online do work and go offline!

      Any way! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment here on the post. Community building is the best method to help your blog with traffic and engagement even you are not getting much traffic from Search engines.

  • I agree all your views Atish!

    Thanks for showing an example and am getting you exactly. I guess that person got greatly inspired with your help and desires to connect with you through some way. So no need to spend too much of time to him/her, but alteast few secs once in a week or even in a month for helping would make him/her happy and it allow to do the work smoothly. It is my thought, sorry if it hurt you.

    Yes, taking care of family and job is more important than anything and don’t worry, if he/she is a true care taker, will understand you and won’t disturb you much.

    Thanks for taking your precious time to reply back to my comment, take care of your health first!

  • I want to say that this post is significant, great written and include important information. Within the blogging community you do not make much money if you wish to earn money you need to do something which people may wish to find out about personal tales will not assist you to there, however it will feel free in anyway.

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