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Are You Bored From Blogging? What Should You Do?

Humans have a natural tendency to get bored from the jobs they do every day. Same happens with blogging. Though blogging is a very interesting and addictive activity, at times, you may feel bored of usual blogging stuff you do every day.

I have examples where many newbies who started blogging, and after a few months, they found themselves getting bored of writing content and doing other blogging stuff. They found quitting is the best thing, and they did quit.

I would say that whenever you feel getting bored from ‘something,’ indulge yourself in some other activities temporarily rather than leaving that ‘something’ forever.

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I have been blogging for around 6 years now, and I have gone through such situations where I didn’t feel like writing and doing other blogging stuff. But, I never thought of leaving it because getting bored of usual work is normal for human beings as I said early in the article as well. I try to indulge myself in something else for a short period and then make a comeback after the break with more energy and enthusiasm.

Always Remember; Never leave anything permanently for temporary reasons. Getting bored of something you love for a short duration is natural. However, if you really feel that blogging is not for you, and you are not passionate about it anymore, you should leave it.

As I said, I have gone through this phase too where I didn’t feel like blogging and was getting bored of the stuff I do every day. But, that was not an indication to leave blogging rather that alarmed me to take some break from blogging. Yes, we need breaks from our regular work to keep the passion ON and keep ourselves energetic. A simple example of this is the weekend holidays in offices where you work every day. The weekend holidays are planned to keep you fresh and rejuvenated. So, that when you back to work after weekends, all of your tiredness and anxiety left behind, and you start afresh.

I would like to share a few activities that I do when I am bored from blogging and online activities.

[Note: I rarely get bored from blogging.]

1. Watching Movies

I was not a big fan of watching movies, but since last year, I have been watching a lot of movies on my laptop. When I don’t feel like writing and doing other online activities, I used to watch movies specifically the Hollywood movies. It takes away all the boredom instantly. Sometimes one movie is enough, and sometimes I watch multiple movies without getting back to work. Believe me; it does work for me. However, this is a personal choice and liking to watch movies. If you are a fan of cinemas, you must watch movies when you feel bored of blogging activities. Motivational movies may be the great suit for you in such situation.

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List of a few great movies you should check out:

  1. Movies on Identity Theft
  2. 5 Hollywood Movies Based on Hacking
  3. Top 10 Ultimate Movies Based on Technology


2. Watching TV

Watching TV is very different from watching movies. I watch movies mostly on my laptop, and when I say watching TV, it includes reality shows, funny shows, and anything you like. You may watch sports if you want. When Cricket matches are going on, I watch Cricket only on the TV. And, if not, I watch a few serials to keep myself filled with joy.

Why should we wait to get bored then watch TV, why not fix some time to watch TV every day to diversify your schedule of work and enjoyment? This leads to a better life as you don’t stick to doing just one work i.e. blogging rather you enjoy other things as well.

3. Going For Walk

Sometimes when I am bored of working, I simply turn off my laptop, leave my phone at home, and go out for walking. Walking is very important and healthy practice for everyone, but it also takes out boredom of working. Specifically, when you walk with one of your friends or with any of your family members, you talk to them while walking which is even better.

This idea works for me quite well. Try to make a schedule of going for a walk for at least 30 minutes every day, and you will see that you will start feeling fresh and energetic the whole day. And, when you do this on a regular basis, you will find that you are not getting bored at all anymore.

4. Spending Time with Family

Being a blogger, I have to do a lot of things such as writing articles, proofread them, dealing with clients, blog commenting, checking blogs for issues, and many different things. In such situation, getting bored is certain because I don’t find much time even to spend with my family.

When I feel something missing and boring, I book a ticket to my hometown, and visit there along with my wife to spend time with my full family which refreshes me to the core, and this is one of my biggest stress busters as well as it fills me with a lot of joy and happiness.

So, if you are in such situation and feeling bored, go spend some time with your family. There is no group of people better than Family.

5. Playing games

Playing games is fun, and when I am bored, I play a few games. I love to play games on my phone and laptop.

If you can play outdoor games, there is nothing better than that because that can be very useful for the health as well. There are video games available which you can play to forget the boredom.

Wrapping up

Many people may have something else that they do when they are bored. I have shared the 5 things that I do when I am bored. And, I am sure a few might be common for all.

P.S. The 5 things I have listed in the post as the things I do when I am bored but why not include all of these 5 things in our day to day life so that we won’t be blogging all the time, and spend time with these different things. This way getting bored will be a rare situation I think.

What do you do when you are bored of blogging? I would love to hear your opinion in comments.

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  • Hello Atish
    True Article Some Time it Like, Packed in a Room, Than i Usually Spends Time with My Family & Friends. Some Time going for Ride with Friends. I Think Every Work Needs a Break Than Why not Blogging 🙂

  • Nice share buddy….

    When I get bored blogging, I try to engage myself in workouts while listening to music and like you I do watch TV to get some relaxation.

  • Thanks brother,
    Nice tips. Really I feel it more times. But still manage to never give up. Any how your tips are awesome. I personally love John Cena’s caption “Never Give Up” That makes me to put back into work. That for this relaxed post.

  • Hi Atish,

    Oh yes…I think we ALL get bored of blogging sometime or the other, especially if we are blogging all the time.

    Not to mention, that part of blogging is also commenting, visiting other blogs, sharing each others content, taking care of social media and the like….it’s all surely not easy at all – yet we keep at it and go on, one post after the other, isn’t it?

    Yes, we need a break at times, and that’s exactly what I intend doing for a few days now, and also because my Dad’s with me for a few days. I think we need to rejuvenate ourselves sometimes so that we are back afresh to take it all up again, rather than burning ourselves out due to exhaustion, isn’t it?

    I love to walk too, though not when I need a break from blogging, or else I’d hardly be walking..lol…I walk early morning and it does keep you fit, more so because bloggers tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle otherwise. And watching TV is a pleasure, though I rarely get much of time – need to change that. Life is but a few moments we get to enjoy, and if we cannot do that, I wonder what life worthwhile it would really be, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena for your awesome comment as always. I agree walking daily keeps you fit but yes even if you don’t walk daily you can always go to walk by taking breaks from blogging schedule.

      Keep coming 🙂

  • Hiii Atish,

    Thanks bro for sharing such a very interesting and needed article for all the bloggers. yehh all these above mentioned points are great. i have also felt many time that Blogging is Boring or Non-interesting work but i was wrong. now i am enjoying my blogging time.

    Also Check Out – How to Maintain Your Passion and Interest For Blogging: How to maintain your passion for blogging

    • Okay sure Will read. I never felt that blogging is boring it just matter of fact when you work on same thing for longer you feel to take break from that work. Thanks for coming.

  • We humans tend to get bored of things that we do each and everyday. To bloggers, blogging is a daily activity and it’s pretty common to feel lacking of interest at some point of the time. It happens to me and I think it got me now as I’m feeling kind of “holiday mood” especially at the end of the year with so many holidays approaching, making me not wanting to blog that much anymore. Not that I would quit or some sort, I just wanted to take the time off, less time spending on blogging and try to focus on things that I might have been neglected for the past few months. Fair enough? 🙂

  • if we do anything all the time then it is obvious we will get bored and we need breaks.
    hangout with friends and listening music can refresh us and we can concentrate on our work with fresh mind.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article Bro 🙂

  • Every work requires a break. if you will continue on a single task, you will fed up with it. It better to make you move towards some offline works as you have described.

    Hangout with friends, travelling, Spending time with family will keep away from being bored of Blogging / Writing.

    Well nice write up. Honestly saying. I wanted to read such article now a days.

    Good Luck Atish !!!

  • Boredom happens at all times and with all professions – not just with blogging. If we work at home, yes boredom can often occur because we don’t meet more people face to face like others who are at a 9-5 job!

    I play with my son and/or take up a brief chat with my hubby. If I get a lot burned out and bored I go for shopping and/or take a mini vacation 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your ways Atish.

  • Hi Atish,
    As you said walking will keep your mind calm, stress free and best for one’s health. Try Music and Books, they are my best friends, music will cleanse your mind and books will pull you into a different world (depends on the book :-)).

  • Nice & interesting topics Atish to ask Bloggers. Well Blogging has become a unique & strong technique to build high quality back links & as much I know. So I have been doing Guest Post since last 2 years so in these 2 years experience yes many Webmasters & Bloggers has Bored but It’s nice way to do entertainment.

  • I have never got bored from blogging. In fact I feel energized when I blog. I am always eager to see on daily basis, how much traffic my site recieved and how many comments etc..

    I agree that there are people who leave blogging just because they feel its boring.

  • It’s not about Boring.. For me the biggest prob is time management and lack new ideas.. And because of that only I don’t do Blogging..

    BTW, you can spend time with your family or friends I guess this is the best time you can ever have in your life for a change.

    Nicely written up Bhai.. Always like to read your views..


    • There is nothing like a problem with time management. If you have passion for blogging then you can take out 1 hour out of your 24 hours. its not that tough.

      thanks for reading Sis.

  • Hi Atish, I rarely get bored from it but I have over 4 blogs so if one bores me I move on. I have various types too to keep me busy all the time thought I like to go for walks and get away. Some of my best ideas come from those walks too. I’ve yet to play online games, guess I’m afraid to get into it and not stop. Have a great week Atish!

  • From one bored blogger to another 🙂

    Dude that was bad joke from me lolz 🙂

    I never get bored from blogging… In fact, I love it.

    I mean: For someone who reads over 20 blogs like yours during my leisure, how is it even possible to get bored?

    People blog for various reasons and usually people get bored when their business is not profitable. If blogging means ‘only’ business to you and you are not making it, then why blogging?

    Atish please tell them they need to try other lucrative business. To be a pro blogger, requires patience, hardwork and the determination to keep the fire (passion) burning.

    • I agree Ebenzer that to be a blogger requires so much of patience, consistency and hardwork. I always write in my posts that consistency is very important.

      by the way I am not bored blogger but at times I need short breaks.

  • you are exactly right i am really really and really feeling to leave blogging because i had no guidance in start so i am working from long time but never made any money. Money was my basic aim after blogging but now if you don’t earn any thing instead of working from long time so getting bored is quite natural.

    • Money is the need of everyone. There is nothing bad but blogging is something different you should not be looking at money only. Work hard to build a good blog then money will be flowing in your account naturally.

  • Hi Atish,

    I do agree that we are human and we do get bore doing same thing every day. But I have my way of handling it.

    Generally the moment when I do start feeling bore, I tune on online FM and to save wasting time I just keep browsing Pinterest for interesting images.

    Sometimes I do watch TV and we should agree that TV is not only an entertainment media but if you keep your brain open, you can get new ideas for your work too.

    And going for walk, or watching movie online or offline are another favourite time pass for me.

  • Nice post for the bloggers Atish 🙂

    Yeah, I used to feel sometimes bored with blogging and writing.

    So, I watch TV, try new food to cook, play with my daughter and so on. But I never give up as I like “blogging” very much.

    I too suggest the bloggers to take a break while doing blogging, coz continuous activities would not let you to think creatively and freshly and so it would be better if you take breaks to do an enhanced blogging.

    Thanks for sharing your blogging experience with us Atish, keep doing it 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    What a great post! I was immediately drawn in by the title because, I have to admit, I AM sometimes bored by it. The commenting, blog-hopping, social media whirl is very time-consuming and not always intellectually stimulating (like when you come across the zillionth post this month about the same-old, same-old!) And if your internet connection’s slow, or your browser keeps crashing when you’re in the middle of leaving comments, it can be soul-destroying. It’s not so much the blogging itself that gets me down – it’s all the peripheral stuff, particularly social media, which drives me round the bend.

    I’m not posting so regularly at the moment because I’m focusing more on developing my creative writing, and that’s taking up a lot of my time and providing a good break from the blog. But I also engage in all the other non-blogging activities you mention, apart from online games – I can’t stand them! I also do a lot of offline reading (mainly fiction). And I’ve recently been to the movies for the first time in years, and to the theatre to see a play, which I really enjoyed – going to start doing a lot more of that.

    Thanks for a great post, Atish – it’s good to remind us we need to do other things – otherwise, what are we going to blog about?!

    • Yes we should always do other stuffs in fact sometimes I get post ideas from offline life experiences. Good to know how you get bored sometimes and good to know that you read offline too. I don’t get time to read offline but I do read blogs like writeclever.com on regular basis.

      Thanks for your feedback Sue. Keep coming.

  • Hey Atish,
    Wonderful article I agree with all the things mentioned and personally play football with my friends it actually helps you to relieve from stress and blogging can be boring sometimes , thanks for sharing your tips

  • Hello Atish, Its a good topic for Bloggers. Even I am not a blogger I can say when you do same thing continuously then boredom happens. Great ways to relax. I would love to play games rather than watching TV. Walking is always a great idea.

  • In my opinion. I can not get bore but tired from my blog. Sometimes i think i can’t have any new ideas for it, i can’t have time for it. can not take the balance between my real life and my online-life. But my solution is you just need to take time to relax, free your mind and you will feel better.
    It happened to me very usually and that the way i can stand in this competition ( which’s getting harder and harder day by day).
    thanks for your inspired article.


  • great buddy…
    really wants similar like article..
    Because i also got frustrated sometimes from bogging…
    I also suggest people who get bored fro blogging…to do their work of their interest like mine is playing cricket,solving puzzels…etc..
    thanks for sharing it….

  • Hi Atish,

    I also solely believe that life needs variation. You have shared some helpful tips to move the boredom away.

    Here I want to add two more ways, which I use myself for refreshment.

    1. Reading story books/ novels
    2. Going out with friends

    These two activities really helps. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • Hi Atish,
    spending time with family is good idea.And most important is doing some social activity because blogging impact on your social life.Also going on date with girlfriend is also good idea:p

  • Nice article but I think it will not work for me. I started my website with great zeal but now I don’t feel like writing because of lack of time or may be laziness.

  • Hello Atish,

    Very nice post to get refresh for blogging ideas..
    I already doing such things with my blogging journey. As per my rules, We have to note down our to do list everyday on a paper..

    Like we must give more time to our daily activities.We should stop wasting our time on Facebook.. We can use our Facebook time to live in offline world..

  • Nice post Atish, Yes blogging does require regular breaks like any other work. I try playing games and talking to friends on phone.

  • Blogging is the thing I didn’t do yet but I think it might be a great work but yes even the thing is very interesting, if you work on that continuously then boredom happens. TV is nice way to relax and entain.

  • Some times I got Disappointed with my results in blogging by losing SERPs of my site but I got motivated again from my adsense Cheques.

  • yes, it is best to take rest when you getting bored on blogging. If you write on that way then there would be no creativity, Hence mind should be cool for creativity on your writing (Creativity comes from interest).

  • Hi Atish, you are one of those smart people who know how to turn the tables in time of need. I myself do the same things you mentioned in your post to shift my mood from something. It gives me a break and allows me to concentrate even more.

  • Hi Atish,

    I can definitely see where one would get bored with blogging. I don’t blog everyday so I can’t really relate to getting bored.

    You’ve definitely mentioned some great ways to overcome the boredom. Walking is a must for e or any other type of exercise. It helps relieve stress and even helps me release my creativity.

    I’m not a gamer and I don’t like playing online games. So I don’t think that I would use that method.

    I do love reading, I just don’t seem to have the time to start a good book.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I hope you have a great day.

  • Hi Atish,
    This is so true that we all fall ill for blogging at-times.
    And what i do at those times is that ,i personally love to see inspirational videos,and so I find those bored hours to see those videos, and this refreshes out my mind and says me i have a long way to go.

  • Hello Atish,

    I wouldn’t call it bored, but sometimes I dread going into my back office too. Yes, when I find myself feeling that way I do many of the things you mentioned above. I’ll turn on the TV…nothing special, just a diversion.

    Getting out is the best thing for me to do. I just shut down everything…and I mean everything, even my phone. I get out into nature for a little while and come back refreshed.

    I think we all go through this at times. But, it is so important to share with newbies, because we don’t want them to walk away just because they hit this type of feeling.

    Great share!


  • I owned a blog as well and to be honest i got bored at times.But what i have learnt that to not be bored at blogging. you should always write about things that interesting to you and things that you know very good about.Be passionate about what you are doing and you will find your self doing it very easily a.Thanks for the articles it really dive into a some of the fine details!

  • Hi Atish.
    You Are Absolutely Right… Some Times Even We Feel That We Should Die Now :p
    I Am Newbie Blogger…. And I Am Struggling Very Hard But I am Not Able To Get Traffic On My Blog. And Some Times I Feel That I Am Worthless And Useless Guy… But This Is Just Instantaneous Then I Come Back With New Zeal….
    And I Like Your Habit That You Reply To Every Comment. This Is Really Great 🙂

  • There are times that I get bored, well not necessarily bored, but I run out of good, quality content. So I take a mini-break and resort to spending more time with my family and watching tv. I am a movie-holic, especially horror. I do not a lot of newer bloggers that have quit because they expect things to happen over night. Not everyone will be a BIG blogger. The trick is, imo, to know why you are blogging and be patient in reaching your goal. Great post Atish!

    • Thanks for sharing your view Bren. Yes, at times we all as a blogger run out of ideas for a quality post. Its good to go out for a break and refresh ourselves then. Thanks for stopping by Bren. Keep visiting.

  • That was indeed a cracker of a post, Atish ..:) I have been asked by several newbie bloggers about this issue more frequently since few months and there are a few quit blogging. You have exactly wrote I was thinking and doing when I am a bit bored/tired doing online activities continuously (not only writing/it may be sitting on computer for several things). Yes, I do love watching exactly the things you watch in TV..:) Once again thanks for those beautiful post and now it is easy for me if someone asks me “want to quit blogging because of boring” and I will share this link ..LOL!!

    • Hello Gurunath,

      Exactly! There are times we all feel bored. but as I said in the post that never leave anything permanently for temporary reasons, we should divert our mind and then be back again.

      Glad you liked the post.

  • Hey Atish,
    This is a really great article.
    Getting tired of blogging is something that’s happening to me a lot lately. I guess it’s time for me to take a break for a few days and indulge in some other activities.
    A small vacation would be really nice this time!

    • Hello Arbaz,

      Thanks for reading the post and sharing that you are also going through this phase. Go take a leave, and enjoy.

  • Boredom is a temporary state of mind. Many newbie leave blogging as they do not have the patience to wait for google to rank their site in SERP.

    Yes, as a writer by profession, even I do suffer from the writer’s block syndrome.

    The best way to get out it in my opinion is WRITE….anything that comes to your mind, in that instance. This leads to a different and exciting thought all together, maybe a business plan to pursue, etc.

    Other than that leading a life away from technology is the main focus point in 2016, maybe be a normad!.

    Excellent tips, very useful for new bloggers.

    • David,

      Exactly what I said in the article. Many newbies leave blogging for that temporary state of mind. Thank you so much for putting up your views.

      Keep visiting.

  • Yes indeed sometimes it feels like I’m loosing interest. But you post is really inspirational which will surely put some optimistic courage to hard work.


  • I get bored at times and lack the motivation to write new content in my blog. When I am not interested to write content, I spend time in promotion and building backlinks for my site.

  • Hello Atish Ranjan,

    This true, we often get bored out due to our daily routine follow up.
    It is a human tendency, they get bored of repeating the same routine work plan.
    Never lock yourself in a room because of your work load.
    Everybody wants some break from their daily life schedule. Since not much time has been
    passed, when I entered into the world of blogging. I sometimes feel like this would be my last day
    of this work and thus I am getting a new work job and then what, the same thing would
    happen, we would be getting bored by that too at a certain point.

    I love to play cricket, during my weekends. You know in India, the most refreshing thing for a man
    is cricket. Watch it or play, it always helps to re energize you.
    Thank you for sharing this among us.
    It would help to reconsider many, who wants to quit their job, just because of boredom.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Shantanu sinha

    • Hello Shantanu,

      I am happy that you shared your views. Yes, you can do anything to get out of boredom but just because of it leaving blogging is simply a bad choice.

      Yes, Cricket is indeed a great game that everyone plays in India for refreshment.

      Thanks for coming by. Have a great time ahead.

  • Thanks bro. Sometimes i got too much tired doing all my works. You know always we are seeking for some way to get full charged and start the work again. You have just said some ways to chill. Appreciate your motive. Useful for me. Hope i will get help continuously. Keep your effort. Thank you again.

  • You are right bro, i strongly agree with you, we need some break in any kind of work not only blogging, only one thing every time makes you lazy and fatty :p i prefer outing,

  • Hello Atish,

    It’s true that people get bored of doing the same thing again and again, not only bored some get frustrated too (if they are not getting the desired results) but I liked the sentence you quoted “Never leave anything permanently for temporary reasons”.

    Talking about myself, it’s been more than 2 years for me being in this industry and I don’t remember of any day when I felt getting bored of this, as long as my laptop is with me I am not bored.

    BTW you have shared nice alternatives to do to get some refreshment, among all of them I believe spending time with family/friends and cutting yourself from technology/gadgets is the best one as it really does refreshes your mind but for me it’s not possible as I live miles away from my family and all alone but YouTube helps me stay away from boredom (which is quite rare), videos of Kapil Sharma does a great job 😉 as there can be nothing better than laughter to refresh your mind.

    It was really nice reading the post. 🙂

    Best Regards,

    • Hey Karan,

      I am happy that you liked my statement. 🙂

      If you are not getting bored you are lucky. But, most of us feel bored or want some change at times, and thats where we need break from the work rather than quitting the work.

      Good you watch Kapil’s videos. He is awesome!

  • Thank you uncle for such a great article, I had started blogging last year but soon get bored of writing articles and finding good stuff to write about, but never gone that much deep with my thinking about how to manage this boredom.
    The tips you have mentioned in this article will be very helpful.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Shubham,

      I would say write a lot and you will find yourself falling in love with the writing as it is great stuff to do. When you are bored, you may go out play some outdoor games as they will take out your boredom as well as they are good for health.


  • Personally, I take a break and attend to other stuffs outside of blogging. A ten or twenty minutes walk-chat with a friend seems to work perfectly for me.

  • Atish pleasant post , I ‘d like to work in whatever other blogging does not require general breaks . I had a go at playing amusements and chatting on the telephone with her ​​friends .

  • Thank You Very Much for such an Awesome Article.
    I am a regular reader of your blog. And glad to said that this blog helps me a lot to increase my blog traffic and subscribers.i am following all of your tips and getting better results . update your blog on regular base and daily and continue guiding us .
    Thank Again !

  • Hello Atish,

    Exceptionally pleasant post to get revive for blogging thoughts..

    I as of now doing such things with my blogging venture. According to my tenets, We need to note down our schedule ordinary on a paper..

  • well said Atish Ranjan. As a humans we need some break to refresh our minds and body. It will some more energy to do our daily work more efficiently. Thanks.

  • Taking a break is very important in blogging, sometime we got so serious about blogging and forget about our life. So change is as good as a rest,

  • Thanks for the post Atish
    Well have never been bored blogging as a blogger, though have been temporarily bored doing some things else, I believe your advice cuts through other areas, not just blogging alone

  • No matter how much you love what you do, it is nice to have a little break. Your boredom could be a sign that you need to stop for a while and do other things that helps you regenerate your energy. When boredom strikes, I just go out for a walk alone. It helps me refresh my mind and de-stress.

  • 100% Agree with your suggestions! As i have an experience of one year in writing so ! sometime i also have to face same kind of problem. I think the above mentioned measures will surely help me to reduce the level of stress at time when i have to write on new topics. I think that article is the best one for all of those who wants to maintain efficiency during their writing.

  • Hi Atish,

    My opinion is something different, I think If we are tired or bored for blogging, we can improve our analysis power. Traveling or shopping is best option, where you can enhance your thinking ability and also get benefits in terms of mental and health power.
    Jack Smith

  • Hi Atish,
    Happy to be here today, I really missed this post,
    today I am here via your Inbound share, nice that
    I found this interesting post today.
    There is no doubt as you said doing a routine job
    everyday lead us to boredom and the suggestions
    give here to overcome this condition is really worth
    As far as I am concerned, or for me blogging never
    become a boring thing, since every day we deal on a
    different subject and that itself give me a kind of newness
    to go forward with more enthusiasm, many may not agree
    with me but I think I never get bored by doing blogging activities
    instead, that sometimes lead me to fatigue or such kind of problems.

    A good night sleep will surely reduce that part. and gain more vigor
    and can go forward with more enthusiasm,

    Thanks Atish for sharing this wonderful post
    May you have a great weekend
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

    • Hello Philip,

      Thanks for reading the post, and sharing your thoughts via comment. Yes, blogging doesn’t bore much but sometimes we as human being get bored of doing daily stuff.

      Thanks for your views.

  • Hey Artish
    It was a piece of nice information that you have shared but blogging is all about engaging people with your content. but it sometimes also depends on o their interest also. but quality of your blog really matters.

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