15 Blogs That Teach You to Make Money Online

This post is a list of online money making blogs which would allow you to make online income based your skills and knowledge.

I would say that, making money from Internet is highly possible since it has many legitimate earning opportunities for the people. Moreover, the internet users show keen interest to find the genuine online jobs to make some bucks at spare time. There are some high paying online jobs existing related to the field of marketing, education, medical, finance and information technology. If you have good knowledge in these areas, you could make a high profitable online income by offering your service or running part-time business.

You might be familiar with benefits of online money making like flexibility, comfort of home, no boss – no pressure, no travel difficulties and so on. Even it has benefits, you need to have passion, patience and persistence to get succeed in earning money online. I’ve presented some worthy online money making ways through my blog posts, but I found some active blogs which are constantly displaying some online earning options. I just wanna share those blogs so that you could be benefited with it.

Blogs which share tips on online money making:-

1. Incomediary.com

Income diary provides the best content for its visitors to earn some online dough and it has few professionals to generate quality blog posts. Michael Dunlop is the founder of this blog who has presented some worthy tips to make money online. The PageRank of this active performing blog is 4.

2. Hongkiat.com

This is a Malaysian based blog which has a team of creative co-workers to contribute the constructive blog posts for its readers. This is a high traffic blog where you could find some efficient money making tips. The PR of this exceptional blog is 6.

3. Becomeablogger.com

Do you wanna make profitable income with Adsense? Then, I would recommend this famous blog  to grasp some practicable tips and secrets on make money with Adsense Dashboard. Leslie Samuel is the owner of this blog and he is working with a group of active writers to generate the useful data for its readers. 4 is the PageRank of this prominent blog.

4. Onlineincometeacher.com

This blog has been created by Matt Smith to share his real money making experience for the people. He describes that setting up and making money with a blog is really easy through his blog posts. So you could find some feasible money making preferences for your blog here. The PageRank of this praiseworthy blog is 3.

5. Problogger.net

This tremendous blog visualizes some of the ways for the bloggers to earn money with their blog. Darren Rowse is the man behind this energetic blog and he offered some valuable posts related to “How to make money blogging from Advertising, affiliate marketing and so on” for his readers. He also revealed his income ways and so you could find workable earning choices through this PR 6 blog. 

6. Blogsuccessjournal.com

It is one of the best blog that would serve as a guide for you to start a blog and to make money with it. This blog would help you to become successful with your own online business and you could turn an expert in your field. Here you can find the articles related to making money with affiliate marketing, e-books and direct advertising. I am sure that you could expand your earning skills with this PR5 blog.

7. Blogstash.com

You can acquire different work at home opportunities through this informative blog. This was started by Satrap to share his real online money making experience for the people as he struggled a lot in his profession at earlier days. Blog posts related to freelancing, GPT, affiliate marketing, blogging, surveys etc. has been covered in this blog. So, get some good online income generation ideas through this PR 4 blog.  

8. Shoutmeloud.com

I hope that you’re aware with this blog as it is one of the India’s largest blog which is empowering people to make money from blogging, online marketing and helping small business with handy SEO tips. Harsh Agarwal is the possessor of this awesome blog where he mostly writes about making money with Adsense, Affiliate marketing and other advertising networks. I assured that you’ll make a decent online income by receiving tips from his blog. The PageRank of this lively blog is 3.

9. Dollarshower.com

To help you in making money both by online and offline, useful and proven ways and some money making products are listed here. If you are beginner, you could check their oldest posts and keep tracking the blog for new updates to make online income at home. Ajith Edassery is the creator of this blog and he is a software engineer by profession. As it is dynamic blog, it holds the PageRank 4.

10. Income.com

If you hunger to start an online home business, you could make use of the information provided in this blog. Its main mission is to encourage and educate the aspiring entrepreneurs and convert them into successful business owners. You could also get small business ideas, advice and news through this enthusiastic blog and its PageRank is 3.  

11. Thepennyhoarder.com

Are you looking for the ways to make money other than blogging, Affiliate marketing etc? Here is good blog for you to catch variety of online income generating routes. Yes, Kyle Taylor has been providing you the resources to earn extra money. If you are interested in knowing these extra earning options, do check this PR 3 blog. 

12. Jobs8home.com

Details of various part-time jobs, work at home jobs, online jobs are listed here. You could also get the news related to MLM, business, Google Adsense etc. through this blog. With the provided data, you could try some ways of online money making to make income at spare time. Also, it offers some trusted and simple online jobs for the people to earn real cash and its PageRank is 2.

13. Smartearningmethods.com

This blog offers a wide range of online money making ideas and ways through which you could make attempts to earn online cash. I got stumbled with the variety of earning choices listed in this blog and so I’ve decided to add this in the list. Students, unemployed and housewives could get benefited with this blog to make some online dough. A young entrepreneur, Mohammed is the founder of this outstanding blog and its PR is 3.  

14. Enterpreneurboost.com

If you want to learn about making money with websites, I would suggest you to check this blog. Chris Guthrie is the founder of this blog and he is offering his free 10 day course by showing real life examples here. Also, if you wanna become a serious Amazon Affiliate, then this is right blog to extract some expedient data related to it. He used to publicize his income report every month and it could be a beneficial stuff for you. The PR of this well-intentioned blog is 3.  

15. Iblogzone.com

This vigorous blog has put forward the information related to business, affiliate networks and blog monetization methods. The primary objective of this blog is to help the internet users to found a profitable online business by providing various resources in internet marketing, blogging, SEO and so on. Francisco Perez is the creator of this blog and its PageRank is 3.

Apart from these great blogs, TTW has its money making online tips category as well. One of my friend Nirmala’s Blog also shares Some cool fundas for money making.


Now a days, online jobs are gaining popularity as it let us to earn real money with better productivity. Based on your skills and interest, you could choose any job to make regular online income. As I told early, good effort with quality time should be invested to earn regular online revenue.

I believe that the listed blogs would educate you in online money making field and I need your suggestion about this post. Do you aware of the blogs already? If you know any online money making blog, let me know through your valuable comment.

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  • Great post Atish 🙂

    TTW is rocking with variety of posts, specifically with list posts.

    I do agree with that the people are looking for the honest money earning opportunities through internet.

    As you told, they should possess some skills to make money with any of the online job.

    Thanks for this great list, i know Dollarshower, Shoutmeloud, enterpreneurboost, onlineincometeacher and iblogone. Will check the other blogs to get the various earning ways.

    I am sure that your readers will find this post useful.

    Thanks for letting us to know some valuable resource Atish, expecting more materials from you.

    Also I am pleased that my blog has been mentioned by you related to this post. It is inspiring me to write more genuine money making ways 😛
    Nirmala recently posted…Happy Birthday MyMagicFundas (MMF Completed 1 Year Today)My Profile

  • Hi Bhai,

    Great List !!

    If we follow these list this will surely going to help one in making money..

    Well, from this List I so read posts from ShoutMeLoud and Problogger.net and they are awesome and give the whole steps and Idea how one can earn handsome money..

    As far as My point of View , If One follow Your Suggestions then no one can stop him/her for making not even money but also good reputation with your Help and dedication for one,.,

    Well, I have bookmarked it! 😀

    Thanks for the List !!

    Sugandha !!
    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…Top 5 Free Antivirus for 2014 That Protects from Virus AttacksMy Profile

  • Hi Atish brother,
    Simply awesome post again. Thanks for enlarging our money making ideas. We surely respect the above listed blogs. These are simply awesome collection for money making. Thanks for sharing brother..Keep going..such awesome stuff. Thanks.
    Tharun recently posted…Free sites to Convert Speech to text online (Apps/Software)My Profile

  • Hi Atish,
    Again a well researched post by you, You have compiled a nice list of blogs that teaches how to make money online.
    I would like to add two more blogs in this list. moneybies . com and smartearningsecrets . com(my own blog) 😀
    Thanks for sharing this list I didn’t know about jobs8home. com and entrepreneurboost . com, will check these two blogs 🙂
    Tarun Jaitely recently posted…5 New Ideas to start a Business at HomeMy Profile

  • Hiiii Bro,
    It seems like you provided some address of comprehensive secrete places of money making. Few days ago you shared a mind – blowing post named “Emerging Social Bookmarking Sites Specifically for Bloggers” and today you again shared a much useful list of Blogs That Teach to Make Money Online.

    Thank you so so much Atish for sharing this precious post with us. 🙂
    Amit Kumar recently posted…Easiest Tips and Tricks to Promote Your Facebook PageMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    I am a regular reader of TTW. Again you have shared an useful content. I follow Shoutmeloud.com and Problogger.net on regular basis. Their online money making guidance is really useful. Hope to get more informative article from TTW. Best of Luck.

    • Thanks Moumita. good to know that you already following few blogs from the list. I would suggest you to get a gravatar because comment with commenter’s image doesn’t look professional.

  • Certainly guest blog posts at these sites can bring decent amount of traffic that can turn into revenue. Approval time at some is very fast and will easy reach high quality readers.

  • Hey Atish,
    Thanks for featuring D$ alongside some of those amazing blogs out there – I feel privileged.

    I keep reading your blog from time to time though I am not all that socially active owing to my full time job pressure. Anyhow, I am hoping to get into full time blogging and inbound marketing pretty soon and will find more time to catch up with you all.

    Ajith Edassery recently posted…List of Countries where Forex Trading is BannedMy Profile

  • Wow! amazing list of blogs. All are wonderful blog. Thanks for the information.

  • Nice list of blogs though that teaches making money. I frequently visit matthewwoodward. co .uk and smartpassiveincome.com

    Naveen recently posted…Google Penguin Update 8th and 9th January 2014 –YouTube Videos Ranking High SpotsMy Profile

  • Wow Atish,

    I am seeing a ton of new blogs on my make money online radar here!

    Since this is my niche – cash gifting, ghostwriting, and using other prospering techniques, that’s what I cover – I will be meeting many of these awesome bloggers soon through the comments field.

    Thanks for sharing Atish!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Increase Alzheimer’s ResearchMy Profile

  • Hello Atish,
    Great list i ever read on your TTW .The all blog list are new for me and they all are awesome collection of money making blog . Thanks for sharing such a money making post.

  • Hello brother

    Great share. Yes true everybody is running very fast to grab the oppotunity to make money online. That is the reason many blog is yeilding money making tips often. Hats off to all enlisted blog and the blog not in list is providing good service to the audience. Your knowldge is our lesson so keep updating with your considerable ideas

  • Atish bro you are really rocking. Thanks for this. Being a newbie blogger i am very much happy to check out these sites. Why haven’t you added dailyblogtips. It is one of my favourites and its awesome too . Thanks for this wonderful list 🙂
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…Top Antivirus Apps For Iphone In 2014My Profile

  • Great post atish sir problogger. net and shoutmeloud are my favorite blogs.They are inspiration for all bloggers.Apart from this quicksprout, digitalinspiration are some of the best blogs to follow

  • Thanks Atish for providing nice list of popular blogs. I am going to bookmark your page.
    sanjay choubey recently posted…Add Stlylish Custom Scroll Bar for Your Blogger In Any ColorMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    Great list, I am already aware of view of them but not all. I am checking them now one by one. Thanks for taking the time to share this list.

  • Hi Atish,

    Wonderful list of blogs that educate us on making money online 🙂

    I think I would surely add Enstin’e blog to the list because he also has some great ways to teach us, which of course a few secrets I think all of us have hidden, isn’t it? Honestly speaking, I still need to find the ways and means to earn a huge amount from my blog, but I am glad I have added a new ‘money making’ category to my blog now, so perhaps it would all make a difference to my way of thinking as well – after all, no harm in earning from your blog, if you are spending so much of time on it, It’s almost like you leave your other tasks and turn to a full-time blogger from being a part-time one, just like you and me.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…My Killer Way to Make Money Blogging OnlineMy Profile

    • Glad to know that. The next version of same list will be coming soon and in that list I will be adding more blogs which are left. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

  • One can earn loads of money from internet. It is easy..yes it is. You just need to find out the right talent in you. I know people who used to cry for making money online, and the same people make more then $1000 a month. Its all about finding the right thing and put it in right shoes
    Anchit Shethia recently posted…10 Things Unknown Women InventedMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,
    That’s an interesting list. I do visit some of these blogs. There are some I’m just discovering too. Thanks for sharing the list

    PS: Aha-now.com just got to the money making niche this year 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…January $150 Paypal Cash Giveaway!My Profile

  • Hello Atish,

    I hardly go throw with 3 or 4 site which you mention here i am go throw with rest of them also nice collection of money earning site blog.

  • Nice list of blogs. m sure this article of yours is gonna help me in making online money.

  • I came across several websites for making money but most of them were junk and offer no value. This list seems nice to get really worthy information to make money online. Although money making is not easy but at least these websites guide you towards the right direction.
    Prince Bhatia recently posted…Top Five Twitter Apps for Android Phones & TabletsMy Profile

  • Great post Atish, I have read most of these blogs but I like Shoutmeloud and problogger the most.
    Prateek recently posted…Galaxy S3 Neo+ goes official in ChinaMy Profile

  • Glad to see so many blogs that teach how to make money. Thanks for the share. I can learn to make some bucks online atleast. 🙂

  • Good List Atish,

    Few blogs are new to me I am regular reader of other few blogs.

    I think you must include johnchow.com in your list.

  • I always though that money making online is a scam. But thanks to these sites that know I have some reliable source which provide the much needed information of making money online.
    Prince Bhatia recently posted…Five Places to See Before You DieMy Profile

  • This is a good list of blogs that teach how to make money online. I am familiar with most of them and I agree that they really do blog a lot about the subject.

    I also like the fact that most of these blog owners actually make money online, not just teach and talk about it, like is the case with some other bloggers. It’s a good idea to blog and teach about what one actually does. It gives credibility.

    But I wonder – Why didn’t you add Pat Flyn’s SmartPassiveIncome blog to the list? He makes a ton of money online and reveals/teaches how he does that on his blog. I am sure you forgot to?

    Anyway, great list again. If people really spend time to learn what these bloggers teach, they stand a great chance of really making money online.

    Thanks to Nirmala of MyMagicFundas blog, for sharing this on Kinged.com. I found it useful and have “kingged” it, 🙂
    Kingsley recently posted…$275 Worth Of Real Food GiveawayMy Profile

    • The list of money making blog is too big. I put those sites in list which I know and read daily. There will be many more lists and will include which were missed here. Thanks for coming by.

  • Some of them are my favorites actually, thinking of adding the rest of the blog to my lists to get more and more tips on how to be a good blogger and eventually make some dough out of it.


  • You have written a nice post covering almost all the good websites teaching how to make money online…I have been shoutmeloud.com many a times.It is really a very nice website…But it is important to understand one thing that it is not that easy to earn money online – you need lot of hard work and lots of patience….

  • Its a very good list and I agree most of them are good recommendations for those who wants to earn money online.

    Just as Kingsley has stated, Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome is missing in the list and so are Spencer Haws’ Nichepursuits and Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneur’s Journey.

    Well, I guess this post is just stopping at 15! 🙂

    In kingged.com – the content syndication and aggregation website for Internet marketing, I have left the above comment where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  • These are great blogs that will surely help you make money online thanks for sharing the list! 🙂
    these blogs can also be used to generate more post Ideas. 🙂
    have a good day ahead 😀
    Anis recently posted…Best Free Iphone Apps you must Install! part 1My Profile

  • Hi atish!
    Yeah i totally agree with yoy.Nowdays people are in search of online money jobs.Students,housewifes,retired persons are looking for such these site not the fake one.By providing these links you have solved their problem to a great extent.Keep on writing such posts 🙂

  • hey atish!
    Great work man!Nowdays every person who is sitting idle is searching for online jobs.And by providing such links you did a good job.Most of the these jobs are fake on internet and by giving these true online jobs you solved their problem 🙂
    Keep this up

  • Hello Atish,
    Great list i ever scan on your TTW .The all blog list are new on behalf of me and that they all are impressive assortment of cash creating blog . Thanks for sharing such a cash making post.

  • Making money from online is a dream for some people. They have great skill on different fields such as writings but most of time they don’t get any job on writings.Because they don’t know where will they write and how will they earn some money from that. Great direction can give them to earn some money from internet. This list of site may a great opportunity for them who are looking for job online. On the other hand most of time these people victim to scam website as a result they lose their inspiration of writing. Atish Ranjan provide a list of earning blog site and that is really possible to earn. That is a great good job of Atish Ranjan .

  • Great list Atish,
    Thanks for sharing. Its definitely useful for us and knew more about money earning site blog.

  • Great list, following these blogs can be very important to any one who is looking at making money on the internet. The infomation they share is usually resourceful, i have personally visited a lot of them and i must say you made your research very well before listing them here.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Tech Gift ideas for Valentine 2014My Profile

  • Hey Atish first time ever i am reading your article and believe me that this list was great and very helpful that from where we can learn about making money online?

  • Hi Atish, Thank you for this amazing informative post. i was looking for this on web and i found it here. Very well written and I am surely going to use your tips for my website. Thanks again 😀

  • Nice list collection. Shoutmeloud is the top Indian blog.


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