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Blogging With Full Time Day Job, Is it Easy?

Blogging is one of the most buzzing words in the present web world. Every second person wants to start their own blog and make fast cash through it. But is it so easy?

I say NO! Blogging is not an easy task as it seems. It takes time to develop a nice blog which can be your income source.

Especially it becomes too tough to manage blog when you are doing a full time day job. Yes! Its not easy to blog better when you are doing a full time job.  You want to make your blog better place for your readers and for that you must devote time for writing useful content, promoting your blog posts etc but at the same time you might be busy with your “regular day job”.

You can’t leave your regular day job’s work because it gives you a fixed income which is necessary for your survival and on the other hand you cannot leave your blog stagnant because you want to make it better and your next source of earning.
blogging with work

People always start so many blogs and think that they can easily manage them all with their day job but its not so easy to handle even a single blog with a full time job.

I will not talk about others, I am taking my example, when I started blogging I had also started working as a junior SEO. That time I was junior and there was not much responsibility on me. I was handling my blog too easily, never thought it too tough. But later as I got experience and promoted to senior position then I came to know how difficult handling 1-2 blogs with office responsibilities. Not at all the time but sometimes its too tough to manage it all. I have been busy in an office project for 1 month and honestly speaking I was not able to write a single post because of the pressure of project’s deadline and all.

One more thing when you do too much of hard work in the day time in your office then at night you feel tired and not able to write something.

But Here are few tips which help you in blogging with your day job:-

1. Have a blogging partner:- Read My previous post about having a blogging partner Here:-

2. Open your blog for guest blogging:- Guest blogging always help your blog to grow and especially its too helpful when you have no time for your own blog.

3. Connect social profiles:- Connect your social profiles so that when you share your blog post at one place then it would be shared at all the social profiles of yours.

4. Keep Thinking for new ideas: If you are doing a full day job then obviously you will not get so much of time to think for a topic then sit to write that. So keep thinking for post ideas when you are returning back from office in metro train or Bus, while walking, while walking. Believe me it can save your time and also you can get more ideas.

At last, I want to say all of you that blogging needs time and if you think that you cannot give more time on your blog later then Don’t start it because once you start blogging you cannot leave it.

Blogging is an addiction!  All you need is to devote time for it But with full time job its tough. Still I say if you follow a proper plan then you can manage it efficiently with your day job.

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  • Blogging is never easy even without a full time day job 😛 Glad you still manage to find the time to write this wonderful article, Atish. I enjoyed reading it very much! Thanks!

      • for example if you link your fb an twitter, and also linked twitter to your blog via dlvr.it or twitterfeed then Once you publish post on your blog. then It will go to twitter automatically and then on fb. Similarly you may add other social profiles. Apart from this, You can use ping.fm to connect all the networking sites .

  • I agree with you Atish. I got 4 blogs and 1 business site. I find weekend the best time to create a post. Sometimes I do late night blogging. And because no one wanted to be a guest poster on my blogs (because it’s a very rare niche), I write extra articles and have it posted by schedule. This system worked for me.

  • Blogging is the biggest addiction of my life, truly speaking. I got this good addiction two years back and it is still with me. I hope the addiction stays all the tie in my life. But in our busy life, we may not be able give proper time. If someone is associated with a job, he will not be able to give his 100 percent to blogging and as a result, he will not get the benefits. Blogging is such a job which demands care, attention and most importantly TIME. And you have mentioned some good points that can help in those who are struggling to give tie to their blog. Thanks for sharing the article with us.

  • Hi Atish,

    You’re totally right, It’s really difficult to manage your blog or any freelancing project while working full time. You generally don’t have enough mental strength to carry on your work at home after your full time job. I think having blogging partner is certainly the best way to maintain your blog.

  • Yes blogging is there on every other person’s schedule. But, one should have the determination and passion to write great blogs with no monetary expectation whats so ever. The blogger gets famous eventually when the trust factor is stronger and the content is of high valuable information. These tips pointed out in the post is easy and logical to follow! Happy blogging guys!

  • Yes – Working Full time and also Blogging (For revenue or just for fun and the experience thereof) is quite hard on your Personal Offline-Social Activities. It makes for late nights writing content and working on your websites – and sometimes you need tips to help you make the process easier. Tools – advice, SEO tips, anything that will be advantageous for your blog is worth trying out.

  • I think guest blogging feature require popular blog with high traffic because of this many interested blogger came to our blog and write for us.
    I really don’t think guest blogging work at the starting of new blog.

  • I agree, with the abundance of blogs, it really is hard to build a site with high traffic, I think you really have to do a lot of work these days just to get yourself out there. Great blog post by the way!

  • Blogging with job is obviously not so easy. Its too tough to manage both simultaneously. Thanks Atish For writing such a nice article to let us understand the difficulties whil blogging with job.

  • It definitely is not easy. To become a full-time blogger, is a hard task. It requires great skill, proper attitude and great mindset. Thanks for your post. 🙂

  • Blogging is indeed an awesome task but it’s not easy though ! The major obstacle while running a nice and successful blog is the creation of interesting and user engaging contents and most of the all the content should be useful for the readers because that’s the reason readers make time to read our blogs and we should respect their time and giveback them matching their expectation!
    Atish I am glad that still you are making time to manage your blogs and that shows your responsibilities towards your readers!!

  • I don’t know Atish how people can do blogging for full time because i cannot sit infront of my computer all day long. Its just too boring and can badly effect your health too.

    • Full time blogging doesn’t mean to sit continuously infront of pc or laptop. Full time blogging means your main Job is Blogging.

      Thanks Zeeshan For your Comment.

  • Your helpful tips seem to be very important for me, I’m a newbie to the blogger scene and honestly I’ve just started my blog about my studies (I’ve gone back to school 10 years after my bachelor graduation, to get a master degree in architecture), but I have made some resolutions: I want to be recognized as an architecture blogger. These tips could help me reaching my goals as soon as possible, thanks for sharing this useful information! I really like your point on having a blogger partner, there is so much to learn for me about the world of blogging online marketing…

  • I’m having serious difficulties balancing my work and other commitments.
    I certainly appreciate your tips, however I feel I need some more help.
    Could you recommend me a book or any read on this topic? I would really appreciate it.


  • Although I’ve just started my blog, I’ve recognized that blogging is truly one of the hardest ways to make a living. Especially, if you want to do it on your own. Having a blogger partner could help one with the blog, because there are a lot of things to do… it isn’t only about the content, you have to manage and optimize your site, and it isn’t as easy as it sounds to be.

  • I totally agree with you. Blogging is not easy. 🙂 Although there are a lot of tools that help us in blogging today, I’m still having a hard time tying to figure things out. I usually rely on social media especially Pinterest 🙂 . You’re article is really helpful and thanks for sharing.

  • Great post Atish & i totally agree, blogging is a lot harder than most people first believe however getting traffic to your blog will usually prove to be even harder. The key concept is to write quality and unique content that can be easily shared. By doing so your readers will actually be building links and increasing your traffic for you. As the very popular saying goes “content is king”

  • Yes, I totally do agree with your views. Blogging is never easy with a full time job, it needs some significant time and efforts. Being a student, I also find it difficult to handle all of my blogs but I have now hired some writers to help me out of this critical condition 🙂 !

  • Most definately NOT. I spend 11 hours a day at work and then seem to spend 2-3 hours every night doing blog related. Have tried to reduce it a little by writing only 2-3 posts a week and adding a few guest posts but its still not easy and especially when there is not much return for all the hard work!

  • Blogging for full day is not easy work for writing just one topic needed harder and smarter work. I am also thanks Atish for posting this nice topic.

  • Blogging has never been a full time job for me personally, but now a days when i am free i like to write posts which currently trending. At the same time i would like to say blogging can be a full time job if taken professionally and if you want a career in blogging and other online activities. It depends on the personal choice of the blogger!

  • It is very hard to blog when you work full time as well. That is why it is important to set aside time each day for blogging. When you do it here and there you allow for too many distractions to dictate your writing. By setting up time to write, you will be able to write more effectively.

  • It can be done. I have a full time offline business and I still manage to run a blog and few small niche sites. However, it takes lots of dedication and commitment though.

    But, if you really do enjoy what you do, it wont be that much of a problem. I so much enjoy my offline business that even after I started making more money from my blog that my offline business, I still kept at it. I enjoy doing both.

  • Blogging with Full time Job has never been easy. I think we should take blogging as our career. Its much better than working for other.

  • Hey there ,
    Got accross you article and found a pretty nice stuff here for my site …
    even liked you advice on opening your blog to accept the guest post .. ill try it in my Blog too


  • Blogging is never an easy task specially working all day long unless you have some partner , It’s really hard for me to manage and spend time for my blog. I still wonder how some people does manage to spend so much of time.

  • Really good info Atish. It can be quite hard to have a full time job and manage to post on a blog regularly, but some do it successfully. The problem comes when you have too many ideas and you want to start a blog for each one:) I say just focus on the current blog and try to develop it as much as possible.

  • I completely agree with you Atish.
    Blogging is not an easy task and managing it with a full-time job is the toughest thing.

    This is the first time I visited your blog and I just love your writing style. Great work bro. Keep Rocking 🙂

  • Blogging is definitely hard – I used to struggle to find topics, but with a bit of practice you get better and better at it. Don’t write for the sake of updating your blog, it needs to be interesting for the reader otherwise it’s just a waste of time in my opinion.

  • Its not easy..even for students also..i am pursuing engineering and also doing blogging in free time..but one can not take a blog at the heights if he doesn’t take give it a time..
    thanx for such a nice article..:)

  • I love your blogs they are not preachy. You just sate the obvious in a very simple and factual manner. I love that about your writing style. Well I agree with you that it is not easy to have a full time day job and still maintain a blog. You really will have a hard time trying to manage both the things and in the end both your work will suffer. So it is really better that you concentrate only on one thing.

  • Hmmm it is hard I have to agree. So often it feels as though you are getting no where, but its the support of the community that makes it all worth while really. So thanks for making me feel better today! 🙂

  • A blog is extremely easy to start and incredibly difficult to stick with until it becomes successful. Writing a hundred blog posts that pull in no traffic before you start to rank well is a tough mental obstacle to overcome. You have to really have some drive and motivation to make it to the promised land of a profitable blog.

  • This is a very engaging article. I also read your previous article about having a blogging partner. Both are really very interesting. I know it is not easy to have a successful blogging site these days, the competition out there is really tough. So you really have to work hard to make a place for yourself in the blogging field and you cannot do that if your are already exhausted and distracted.

    • Yea, If you are already overloaded with other job work then it becomes too tough to concentrate in blogging But The word “Passion” makes it all possible.

  • It is really very difficult to do blogging with a full time day job in hand. You really get tired after you finish your shift to come back and work on your blog. Even if you manage to sit and work on it, still the quality of work will be very poor than what you can produce when you are not working under pressure. Writing poor content can also jeopardize your sites ranking also.

  • Doing things at the same time is never easy. But if you enjoy what you are doing and
    you love it, doing those things would be light and easy.

  • Hey Atish,

    I absolutely agree that it’s tough to properly run a blog with or without a day job. I think one problem newbies have is they try to do too much at once and lose focus. They start several blogs instead of focusing on just one and then none get the attention that they really need to succeed.

  • Every day i spend at least two hours for blogging and i feel it is necessary to give time for blogging if you really want to make your blog better. if we dont get experience we will not learn. for me the biggest reason of giving time to blogging is, we can give and take information with each other. Thanks Atish for sharing this interesting information. Cheers

  • I also agree, blogging is a full time job. Your suggestions on finding guest bloggers is awesome! I also have found using onlyone to socialize my posts to multiple social networking sites to be helpful.

  • I completely agree with you maintaining a blog with a full time day job is not really easy. I tried but failed miserably. I couldn’t concentrate on both the things and messed up a lot. When my page ranking dipped really low that’s when I realized that it was not working. That’s when I started accepting guest blogs and instead of posting articles everyday I made it a once in a week thing. All this was really helpful in bringing up my sites ranking.

  • No.. A direct no from me. Blogging seems to be an easy job but in reality its a tough job. people think that its easy to earn money via part time blogging but its really tough

  • Nothing is easy if you want to do it full time. Time investing in such a job means you make a living from it, so try your best.

  • well i think blogging is more difficult than a normal 9 to 5 job but the adventure in overcoming the hurdles is awesome

  • I agree with Atish’s comment that blogging can become addicting. I used to think that blogging was boring and time consuming until I found something that I liked to blog about! Now, I find it to be interesting and fun. When you write bogs and read other people’s blogs, it opens up a whole new way to learn about new topics.

  • Very good post. I started blogging a few years ago but sometimes it is really hard to keep the blog going and to find inspiring topics to share with my blog readers…its really hard job, which requires patience and determination…

  • Guest writing is surely a good way to prevent a blogging hiatus. Also, it allows more readership and more conversations as you open your blog to as many people possible. Having a full time day job and blogging is really hard, but if you commit yourself to it, you’d be fine—just don’t make 20 blogs and maintain them all by yourself at the same time. 🙂

  • Running a blog with Regular Job has never been simple. I think we should take blogging as our regular profession to build up a carrier. Its much better than operating for other jobs.

  • I’ve been blogging for a couple of years, and would struggle to keep the content flowing with a full time job. Luckily my job is only part time, so lets me focus on my other activities as well 😀

  • people think that earning money online through blogging is an easy task. but ask me its really very tough task.

  • Running a blog with a job have never been easy and having a popular blog with original articles is far more difficult. But if still someone wants to blog then he should be passionate about it. Passion and using right technique and at right time is a key to success. Though i have to admit that it’s not easy.

  • Blogging really has taken of as a main form for market penetration for any small business. Those were some great tips that you gave. I really like the suggestion of the guest blogger and what that can do for your blog and help spice things up for your followers.

  • i personally will never choose blogging my full time job coz its very irritating , and its not reliable too any update of google can hit your site badly so its always better to make it your part time only

  • Handling a blogging site is seriously a very hectic job. Writing and posting blogs which are a great and that attracts readers is a very tedious and time consuming process. Even if you have great ideas and a good command over language, you still have to invest your time and put a lot of brains to develop it into something worth reading.

  • Blogging requires time and patience…I just wanted to know as to how to open our blog for guest posts….As to what will be the minimum rankings before where in other bloggers actually comment on our blogs

  • I must admit , Blogging with studies or with a full time job is the most difficult task. I had almost stopped published anything for atleast 6-8 months because of job and studies. But then i started to invite guest bloggers to publish their posts on my blog and i must admit the lost traffic and ranking are coming back slowly.

    • Exactly Blogging requires time because if you don’t get enough time then you cannot write quality articles. The same problem I am facing. I am not able to write articles for my site just because of time.

  • hiii
    very nice article and after a long time i m visting ur blog and i m fully agree wid u blogging wid full time job it s not easy really

  • If we want to earn a decent amount of money then we should focus in any one thing so that it will be a success.
    Blogging is nowdays a great way to earn money. But at the same time parttime blogging will not be giving you a success. if you are serious you should take blogging as a serious step.

  • Hey, I am new to Web Design and I’ve decided to design my own wordpress bog theme.

    I am also very much new to SEO and similar stuffs, I really thought that I can quit from my day job and be a Professional Blogger, as they say.

    But, I don’t have any idea yet about blogging, specially on how to monetize it.

    I have a little skill and talent in article writing and I am very adept with Computers, Gadget Hacking and Emerging New Tech. My Knowledge in these areas are broad.

    But when it comes to blogging, it’s the reciprocal. After I’ve read your article, somewhat, I was discouraged.

    But also, I though of it as a big challenged. Anyhow, I have not yet completed my site. But Im launching before December ends.

    • Good to know Gary that you are launching your blog very soon. Send me a link when It goes live. Choose the niche in which you are an expert and if you have good writing skills then Its good to go. All the Best!

      • Well, I’m preparing a locally based classifieds ads website with tech blog.

        When I was planning for my website, at first,, I say to my self that if this site will earn well. I can make it my own bread and butter and quit my day job.

        But when I was already searching about blogging, read several articles including this one, I saw that blogging is not easy really.

        But it’s really a challenge though, and I’ve decided to push this one.

        It’s my first time to run a website, a blog, and my first time to code my very first theme.

  • Trying to maintain a blog while working on a full time day job is very hectic and nearly impossible to maintain. You don’t get time to work on anything properly because there are just too many things that need your attention. In such a scenario having a blogging partner to share your workload is a blessing. You can also ask guest bloggers to write some interesting posts.

  • Blogging isn’t an easy task nowadays. The days are gone when blogging and link building was easy. Google throws a new bomb and leaves a new animal in jungle every other day. Even full time bloggers are facing quite a tough challenge.

  • A blogging partner is very essential if u have other task to complete……..!!
    And yup R&D on ur part is next key step to stay ahead of competitors………!!

  • I totally agree. Blogging is not an easy task. even when you are giving sufficient time. It take time to develope a nice blog. and regualr visitor to your blog. It also requires patience. nicely written Atish… 🙂

  • That’s great post from you Atish! Hats off to you!

    You are an exceptional blogger in the blogosphere with awesome blogs, working as a SEO, helping newbies and managing family activities. How it is possible???? Now got the answer from this post. Really great n good job!

    Keep it up forever!!!

  • I can’t agree more! It’s made to sound easy, but trying to work full time (and more) and maintain any kind of website is challenging to say the least. If you are a parent, it’s even more difficult. Just be prepared to stay up late and wake up early. I think you also have to take days (almost) off to maintain your sanity too.

  • Very well-versed and clean post. As you said once you start you cannot give up blogging indeed its true. It keeps you busy not only for its endless work but also because its a addiction. Tell me I often asked you after this post even wanna ask how do you manage all an dwhat keeps you going without fail in any sphere.

  • Atish, it sure is not easy. I’ve often thought of closing comments but it’s one of my favorite parts of blogging and a great way to get to know others. I think staying organized and on top of new topics to write about is key. Taking breaks too because you are working like 24/7 doing both.
    I do have some contributors that post along the way but must be more careful since Matt Cutts came out with his “firestorm” on guest blogging.
    You are right, it can be addictive too!

    • Thanks Lisa for putting up your opinion here. Closing comments is not a solution. you are right about guest blogging after reading the post of Matt. I don’t if Google will leave any way for SEO in near future. Thanks for coming by.

  • It definitely is not easy. To become a full-time blogger, is a hard task. It requires great skill, proper attitude and great mindset. Thanks for your post.

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