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10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging is the buzzword in the world of Internet. You can get most out of blogging by using it for various purposes. In the early days, blogging was a way to share thoughts and views with people online, but with the time it has become a tool to make money online, promote businesses, products, and services. It even helps you become a brand in the industry you are in. [Read the benefits of blogging]

Hundreds or thousands of blogs are being created every day either by experienced or beginner bloggers, but I can see many newbie bloggers quit within a very short span of time. I have tried to find out the reason as why they quit, and the most common answer I got is that they left blogging because they had not made any money in the first six months.

Blogging Tips

I have tried letting them know that blogging is different kind of business in which you have to be patient and work more on building an authority blog first. It can take more than a year or more, but once you have an authority blog, you don’t need to worry about money. You can cash out all of the efforts you have putted since beginning.

Therefore, don’t think of the money from the day you start the blog rather focus on building an excellent blog first.

In this post, I am sharing 10 blogging tips for Beginners that are given below:

1. Well written content

Content is the primary building block of a blog. So the content must be magnificent to build a profitable blog.

I have seen that most of the beginner bloggers failed to create useful content. I recommend every beginner bloggers to spend some quality time researching the topic you are going to write.

Even when I was a beginner, I made this mistake again and again. I kept writing without any research, and that is why those articles were not so informative and resulted in getting only a few visitors to those blog posts.

The first thing you should do is to decide a topic, do a little bit of keyword research, research a lot on the topic, and then sit to write a masterpiece.

Research helps you know what others are saying about that particular subject. Their views can help you understand that particular topic even better. Once you understand that deeply, the content will be naturally a great one as you mix up your thoughts and views with the views other people have shared in their articles.

So never compromise on the quality of the content. Every article you write should be a masterpiece as it helps you build credibility for your blog which further results in massive blog traffic.

2. Niche Selection

Don’t be confused over choosing the niche. Most of the newbie bloggers are not clear about their niche. Sometimes they start with a blog that share blogging tips, but when they don’t see good organic traffic, they start sharing the latest news about technology and gadgets in the blog.

I would suggest choosing the niche that you love because when you work on something that you really love, the outcome is great! But at the same time you must consider choosing the niche that is profitable.

3. Content Formatting

Often the beginner guys make mistakes by not formatting their content properly. They use multiple colours in the same post, and even they use the different formatting style in individual articles.

The best ways to format the blog posts:

  1. Use no more than two colours in the post.
  2. Use similar formatting in every post.
  3. Don’t overuse bold, italic or underlined Use them only when there are any requirements.

4. Be consistent

I highly advocate being consistent because it did work for me. I have been consistent to blogging since the beginning, and I can say I have got many benefits and profits because of it.

Consistency doesn’t only mean to post every day. You can do promotion, research, build links, and many other tasks. Don’t just open your blog once in a week, and post one article. That is not good!

Even if you want to work for few hours, do it every day rather than working 10 hours at once in a month.

As I have said in the second paragraph of this article that every day there is a huge number of blogs are getting created, and so are the blog posts. That clearly means there is fierce competition in blogging thus you have to be proactive and maintain consistency to stand in the competition.

5. Be Helpful and Generous to everyone

You are a newbie that doesn’t mean that you cannot be a help to someone. Always stand first when it comes to helping a needy. You will find many who need help in different things; you can assist them in the area of your expertise.

Always be generous to everyone because the world needs love, and not hate. If you are good to the people around you, their behaviour will be good with your too.

6. Build Relationships

Blogging is great when you have healthy relationships with your readers, fellow bloggers, and the advertisers. I suggest you read my blog post on how to build relationships with readers and fellow bloggers, by clicking here.

7. Don’t neglect SEO

If you are aware of SEO terms and strategies, that’s good! But if you don’t know then I would suggest you learn the basics of On-page SEO first so that you can optimize every blog post of yours. Later learn how to build backlinks.

You must not neglect this because this is the only strategy that can help you build organic traffic for your blog.

8. Make use of Social Media

When I was a newbie, I have ignored social media for a year, and that have done bad to my blog. I had been getting very low traffic from social media which was not a good sign. Luckily I understood this and started working on social media marketing that helped me a lot to reach even more audience.

Social signals are equally important, so make use of social sites to publish your content on them. Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are the best sites to get started.

9. Do read few articles every day and post comments on them

As a newbie blogger, you should explore your niche, and that you can do easily by reading a few articles every day, and write comments on them. Reading will help you learn and writing comments will help you build a relationship with those bloggers. While reading a blog post if you get some confusions, you can always ask that in the comments.

10. Choose WordPress platform

It is not necessary to choose WordPress only but if you want to make it big and want to get most out of your blogging efforts, choosing this platform is recommended.


Choosing WordPress is my personal opinion, if you wish to select some other platform, then you can choose Blogger, Joomla or any other.

If you choose WordPress then take reference of my guide to set up a WordPress blog.

Final Words

Blogging is not as easy as it seems to be; therefore it is important for the newbie bloggers to know few of the things in the very beginning.

This blog post is an effort to share few good blogging tips and suggestions to those newbie bloggers so that they can go into the right direction to make most out of their blogging efforts.

Do you have some more suggestions then share in comments! I would highly appreciate that.

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • Atish, it is a great news seeing your friend and brother, Zainil leaving a nicely crafted message for the readers of TTW. I pray he’ll come out with flying colours. 🙂

    BTW, Thanks for the great tips you have shared in this article.


  • Thanks for your kind words Amitpal. Fellow bloggers are like my online family So its better to have good realationship with every member of the online family.

  • Once again a nice post Atish! I liked the point where you pointed out that having good relations with fellow bloggers can get more traffic. Actually this gives a feel of a community and helps to blog better.

    For instance if you blog out the bestest content but the content is worthless if people don’t know about it and this is where i believe a blogging community and fellow bloggers come into picture. They read your content, share it (if it is worth sharing) and comment on it. Thus boosting your morale to blog better.

    Super Like your post! 🙂

    • Thanks Ankit for stopping by. Yes if no one knows you then its hard to get loyal readers. traffic from search engine is good but referral traffic and direct traffic is needed too, And for this its good to have better relationship with all the bloggers.

  • Such a great collection of useful advices! I want to add just one more: it is really important to be an expert of your chosen niche, being professional is one of the most important circumstances of building the trust between you and you customers/visitors.

  • Building relationship among your fellow bloggers is the best way to naturally market your blog. I liked you extra tip that Quality Matters more. Nice Share Atish.

  • Hi Atish. Lovely post. I think a blogger can never know enough about the art. A blogger can learn something new everyday, which is a great thing. Learning everyday will help their writing as well as help them understand their target audience better.

  • Great tips Atish, Newbies would be very lucky if they find your post to read even I could be lucky if I found this type of post at the beginning of my career.
    Keep on keepin on.

  • I have had a problem finding guest bloggers that can write posts related to my niche and have them clear, grammatically correct and that contain correct information. I have had a few people try, but they contained a lot of misinformation, etc. These tips will help get my freshman blog hopefully up to sophomore level soon! Thanks.

  • These are awesome tips for the beginners and will be helpful to achieve a good rank. WordPress is just a great thing to go with as its plugins are really helpful.Thanks for the tips.

  • I am new to this field and have almost complete all the necessary steps mention by you. The only thing that remains on my blog is to enable guest postings. I don’t know when should i start guest posting on my blog. Its being over 3 months i started my blog.

    • I think you should start accepting guest posts after some time. If you are yet to apply for adsense then I will suggest to start guest posting on your site after getting adsense approval.

  • I often say it a blog is its alter égo. It is needed to have visitors to make sure to put the delightful contents based on a good presentation of group. Therefore, it is necessary to watch the frequency of these articles and especially to create a middle convivial.

  • I love reading articles like this even though I don’t see myself as a beginner blogger I always gleen simplicity from them. I realize the goal I had when I started and how I can still establish myself in that way.

  • Hey Atish Nice Post,

    I agree with all your tips but to allow guest posting we should wait a little until our blog is better and has traffic otherwise no one will want to guest post on it.

    Thanks Atish. 🙂

  • Hey Atish! Very neatly n clearly explained blogging tips post from you. I learned a lot and really inspired with your words. I’ll continue to read and learn from your posts, please don’t stop writing. Keep sharing the tips for newbie bloggers.

  • Hi Atish,

    I’m new to blogging, After landed to your blog learned many things, will apply those tips in my blog.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Atish!

    Great post on blogging tips for beginners man!

    You are spot on with these. One thing that I may add, is to implement the 80/20 rule online.

    Spend 20% of your time creating very valuable and unique blog posts, and then spend 80% of your time marketing your blog posts.

    At the beginning of your blogging journey, you will have to do a lot more marketing than creating content. Plus, you must take your time to create very epic and valuable blog posts – and these can take a long time to craft.

    I started to see a boost in my blog’s traffic – once I started to implement this simple 80/20 rule. Now I publish about one blog post a week – and I spend the rest of my time promoting my blog posts all over the internet.

    I even got some advice from very successful bloggers to just publish 2 to 3 blog posts a month. So I know that blogging every day is never good advice to take.

    What will make you the money with your blog online is the traffic – not really having a lot of blog posts. Although, sharing very valuable blog posts is very important, they must stand out. And you cannot create such EPIC blog posts in just a few hours.

    It takes time to create something great! 😉

    Very useful tips you shared here my friend. A lot of new bloggers will benefit from this!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Keep up the great work yourself, and have a great week! 😀

    • Thank you Freddy,

      Yes, promotion is necessary and we need to do that. But one thing you have to agree that when you write an awesome content taking a lot of time and putting so much effort, it becomes a great resource that other bloggers would love to link.

      Once you get so many good referral links from bloggers, blog post start getting good ranking SERP as well as good referral and organic traffic.

      Thanks for the kind words you have said 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    I feel like this post was written for me. It definitely is a keeper as I am a newbie who has learned a lot from you and am grateful.

    Thank you for the awesome post. It’s a guideline for all of us to follow and I understand that it takes time to get the results from blogging.

    I see now how important research and social media is for us. All I need to learn about blogging is in this post.

    You have a wonderful week,


    • Hey Great to see you reading my post and commenting out here. Yes, I crafted this post for newbie bloggers to show them the right path to go on.

      Glad you liked the post. 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Indeed a wonderful insight.This is a very educative post, especially when still new in blogging. No body neglects the role of above mentioned guidelines, infact it is the most significant part in blogging.

    Thanks for nice sharing 🙂

  • Hello Atish,
    Nice post. All the blogging tips mentioned above are worth following. I am also in the first six-month of the blogging journey but have no plan to quit. I will do follow all the tips you have suggested to get some good result.

    Keep writing such informative posts. 🙂

  • Great post as usual! Content is king when it comes to blogging. It’s the only way to convince your visitors that you care about them. You don’t wanna come off as a used car salesman, or something like that. Useful and nicely written content will always do the trick!

  • Hi,
    Thanks for this amazing post.
    I agree with all the points given above.
    Neglecting SEO can be a lot dangerous and I have experienced it. Also posting different articles with consistency is the key to success. Building relationships with other bloggers helps to get some backlinks and also helps to get some extra traffic.
    Thanks for this useful and informing post.

    • Hello Yogesh,

      You got it right! These all are indeed required to get success sooner or later.

  • These are great tips Atish, every word is simple and understandable. I am new to blogging there am glad to have found the article, you spoke about “Niche”could you elaborate more on it with some examples. thanks so much man, keep it up.

    • Frank,

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      What else you want to know about “Niche”. Please clarify a bit more so that I can be exact to answer you.

  • All great tips. Beginners need to understand its essence and mug up more about it. Starting a blog is no longer enough, right? We can discern that in the internet world, there are millions of blogs, but most of them are nowhere because they don’t have a strategy in place.

    Website design/theme, SEO, content quality, relevancy, building relationship, social media, consistency and so much more should be measured. It takes a while to absorb all of these, but practice makes perfect and it is worth it.

    Blogging and practicing each tip and the basics opens doors, helps you grow as a human being, and if you work at it, can help you make a living working from home.

  • Yes, newbies must realize that blogging is not as easy as it seems. Patience is required in expectations.

    Beginner bloggers must be ready to apply the basic rules so they can achieve the needed success.

    These tips are handy and I quite sure that even expert bloggers that are making money today will find the details helpful.

    Creating consistent valuable content, regularly sharing and engaging values with other blogs, optimizing contents and blogs, and using niche to building relationships and solve problems for visitors are the keys to successful blogging for beginners!

    I upvoted this content in kingged.com where this article was shared!

  • Hey Well this is really a great working articles and helpful indeed not only to beginners but to all. If implemented will give sure results no doubt about that.
    Well consistency is something that i tends to miss and it does affect my blog I’m not sure to prevent it having multiple things in mind. How ever for new bloggers one direction should be followed so they have an eye to their goal.



  • Hi Atish,

    A great post for the newbies in blogging!

    Yes, as someone said, i was thinking if
    i would have read this a few years back!

    Good and I am sure not only newbies
    even the pros can pick up some valuable
    lessons here.

    I am here via kingged where I up-voted this
    and posted the comment
    Thanks for sharing
    ~ Phil

  • Very good tips! I think another great tip for beginners that are starting out and trying to build an audience and increase traffic would be to blog about trending topics with their own spin. It not only helps you being found when you know the topic is being searched but also increases the chances of having something go ‘viral’.

  • Hi Atish,

    First and foremost thing in blogging career is being able to wait for money till it comes, first concentrating on building the blog is important for every blogger, I know it takes a lot of time to build a great a blog, it all depends on our ability to make big.

    You have clearly mentioned all the good points to remember till we become successful, thanks for sharing the information, see you soon in another article.

  • Hi Atish
    Great post for me. I am a new blogger and you have found out some great that I have made. Thanks for such a post. Please carry on writing such posts.
    I suggest new blogger to copy this post in his/her computer to read again and again. It must be very helpful for new blogger like me.

  • Really nice post . I am new to blogging and your post has really helped me alot. Thanks for such awesome article and keep posting such cool stuff

  • And last but not least, Keep your blog up to date and post content on it regularly and on daily basis.. the more you write, more will be your following on your blog.

  • Thanks for the valuable information but i have a question, what are the profiles associated with this means what a blogger is designated as in a company?? I heard about the content writer but don’t know other terms, so can you please help me in that.

    • Hello Chandrakant,

      Thanks for reading the post, and leaving your comment.

      Blogger is one who independently runs his own blog. There is no such designation in a company I guess. But, if a company hires someone to blog for them, then he will be called as blogger only.

      Content writer is different designation.

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