5 Most Probable Reasons Why People Fail At Blogging

Have you ever heard the term Failure. Failure is what you get when you fail to succeed doing anything.

                  “ Failures are Stepping Stones to Success

Success introduces us to the world and let others know about it, but when we fail to achieve what we want, then only we can be aware about the true success.

Coming back to the post, you may come across many bloggers who have gained success. So, by taking them as inspiration you would like to create a blog and achieve success with it. But it is not so easy because blogging needs a lot of skills and efforts to be employed. There are lots of reasons behind failure of blogs, you always need to need to know those reasons to make a roadmap to your success. Whether you are existing blogger or newbie or planning to start one; Here are several reasons why blog fails and tips to avoid them:-

1. Hallucination 

Don’t be in a state of hallucination that by starting a blog and you can start your earning. But are reality is quite different. Many bloggers especially newbies be in a state of Hallucination. Hearing from others that by blogging you can earn money, popularity and get famous. But actually Blogging means Sharing the knowledge truly with our friends. your blog plays as as a mediator or transmitter between you and your readers.
It needs a lot patience, skills and hard work to take r blog to next level and earn good amount of money.

2. Lack of Attractive content:

Well in blogging, content is the main prospective and it is said that “Content is King“. A blog post should possess quality and attractiveness which is mandatory thing to attract good traffic to your site.
Many bloggers fail to give attractive content for their readers. Fixing content issues should be given higher priority because they have a direct impact on the blog readers. Publishing content on a regular basis can be reason behind the success or failure blog.

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3. Inconsistency:

Inconsistency in publishing the blog post is the biggest mistake and that’s  the main reason why people fail at blogging. Keeping a perfect schedule in publishing the blog posts can be a solution for this problem. But it’s not enough just to post consistently and keep on topic–you also risk losing readers if you aren’t consistent with your viewpoint. If you produce a content thrice or more in a week do it with a proper schedule. So, maintain frequency in posting our articles is the best solution for it.
reasons why you will fail at blogging

4. Improper selection of Niche :

Niche is called the Heart and Soul of Blogging. Improper selection of niche will show a great impact on our Blogging. Some bloggers don’t select niches properly. They fail to select a Niche due lack of Experience or due to  the false belief that they can post anything on their blogs. They actually don’t know how to do blogging and what to post on blogs. This becomes one of the reasons in blog failure.

5. Lack of patience :

                                          “ Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
                                                                                                     ― Aristotle

Blogging needs patience. If you really want to earn money from your blog then you need to have patience. If you are expecting thousands of dollars in  few days then blogging isn’t for you.

Few bloggers don’t have enough patience and they  think  about the results of their blogs  and comes to a conclusion that he failed in blogging.

These are the  main reasons which every blogger needs to concentrate on. Other than these reasons I have a few more reasons of concern about blogging. We need to keep track of these reasons also:-

  • Poor Design of your blog, Boring headlines, no images in the blog posts also affects your blog.
  • Many Bloggers fail to build quality Backlinks to their blogs. Backlinks plays a vital role for achieving high Google Page rank.
  • Using a keyword research tool to optimize your blog post which helps to perform better in Search Engines.
  • Promoting your blog in all different social media platforms is the the best thing you can do to promote your posts. It gives so much targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Improper interaction with your readers and fellow bloggers also face failures in blogging.

Over to You :

These are the reasons why bloggers fail at blogging. Have you ever felt on leaving blogging .? If so, please do kindly share your reasons via comments.

Happy Blogging!

S. Srikanth Rao Founder of TipsNTricksBlog. I am an Engineering student doing my b.tech 3rd year in Computer Science Engineering. I am a part time blogger from Hyderabad. I am interested in writing articles regarding Blogging,Gadgets and Entertainment.

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  • Happy to see your presence here as a guest blogger Srikath!

    Good post which explains the mistakes of the bloggers which would make them to fail soon.

    I heard that from some newbie bloggers “am working hard, but am not getting success”.

    I am telling that “working hard in the right path would make them to thrive in blogging” n hardworking in wrong direction never yield good results.

    Nice post, keep writing 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Top 5 Online Jobs For Students To Earn At Spare TimeMy Profile

  • Yes, Blogging needs time,patience,hardwork….you have to give atleast 5 to 6 hours in a day….I Saw many failure blogger who says that there is nothing in blogging because they want earn money in very small time…and as you said blogging needs time..you have to keep patience to earn money…:D
    very nice article…hope this will helpful for newbie bloggers…..:D
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 8.0My Profile

    • I totally agree with Rajesh. Bloggers need to have a quiet lot of patience.There are some, who focus on blogging only because to earn money. But in the mean time they gradually forget to provide quality content which can attract a reader or visitors for long term engagement. As a result those bloggers face failures. Thanks Srikant for sharing us these useful tips.

  • Nice inspirational article,i want to ask you one question as i am new blogger i am not consistence to write articles,
    can you give me some tips how can i improve consistency?
    swapnil recently posted…Top 10 Android Phones In India You Can Buy In 2013My Profile

  • Most blogs fail to gain traction because they are unable to provide attractive content that are able to persuade readers to come back again. At the same time, building backlinks and SEO are vital ingredients to ensure the success of a blog.
    Sue Lynn recently posted…Ultimate Logo Quiz AnswersMy Profile

  • Great Points Atish . I think many people because they don’t focus on there goal.. or another reason may be greed to earn

    Thanks for sharing

  • Lack of goal is one of the main reason. When people start blogging for money, they think they would starty making money sooner. But after a while of blogging with little income, they would give up…

    Thanks for sharing

  • Awesome post here I liked the quote ” Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet ”
    thanks for sharing this inspiring article !
    anis recently posted…Blog Engage : The Best Blogging Community To Increase Blog Traffic !My Profile

  • Hey Srikanth

    Great to see you writing here 🙂

    Good post, its unfortunate people don’t have the right application with blogging most of the time – its people that fail, never systems.

    If you follow the right system, your success is almost guaranteed!

    Good points raised here!

    Clair Trebes recently posted…The Benefits Of Writing A NewsletterMy Profile

  • Wel explain the failure…I am always try to do such thing…But some time i forgot about these things…But know i will remember….

  • Lot’s of interesting points..some of which i’m not too sure about. I have just started blogging but have been watching other people for years and can say failure comes down to 2 things really – Mindset and Focus just IMHO.
    Greg recently posted…90 day challenge: my first blog post as I go passiveMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    Brilliant Article about the Mistake at blogging that why People fail at blogging. I am totally agree with you and Your points . i think Due to these points mostly people fail at blogging. In My opinion this Post is greatful and very helpful for those people who mistakes at blogging. Really this Post is very helpful to Improove your mistakes. and Sure i will keep remember. Thanks Dear for sharing with us.

  • You do need passion to be successful at blogging, best to choose a niche you love, patience is definitely needed, successful blogs do not happen over night. There might have been one or two but as you say, many successful bloggers have had restless nights and lots of hard work to get where they are and where they wanted to be. It is very much worth it though…

    Thanks for sharing

  • I think most of the bloggers fail at blogging due to the inconsistency and not putting up their best 🙂
    Dhaval recently posted…Facebook Home Launcher for Android Leaked,Facebook Takes ActionMy Profile

  • People fail because they have no idea what to do yet they are too lazy to google what to do next after picking hosting/domain. WP theme.. right, blogging is about skills and not about inspiration)
    Evan recently posted…Red Hot WordPress HTML5 theme Showcase 2013My Profile

  • Many newbies think that they will earn lots money overnight. After a few months they lost interest and stop writing on their blogs. We need patience, we should never lose hope.
    Plaban Manna recently posted…How to Detect Fake Facebook Account?My Profile

  • I think a person fail to accomplish something because he/she had failed to become a person him/herself in the first place! There are a lot of huge blogs, but the webmasters are arrogant and selfish, these people failed in blogging to me. On the other hand, some tiny blogs might not be so well known at the moment, but the webmasters are friendly, helpful, passionate and humble, these people are successful to me. I know one blogger that has both huge blogs and are friendly, certainly helpful, super passionate and surprisingly humble, that’s Mr. Atish Ranjan! We should be learning from Atish, he’s a good role model for every blogger. Nice piece of writing by the way, Srikanth! I enjoyed every word of it 🙂
    Peter Lee recently posted…4 Reasons Computer Scientists Will Soon Be The Only People With JobsMy Profile

  • Most people, I believe, start blogging because they think that it is easy money and lots of money! 😛 😀
    And they quit when they realize that it is not so!
    Most blogger friends would agree to that! 😀
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…Cheaper/ Budget iPhones Might Soon be a RealityMy Profile

  • Hi
    I have not made much money with blogging, but I am going to stick to it and try out different areas from where I can make money. I pubish articles daily and try my best to keep my blog updated.

  • These are some excellent tips for every beginner. Top reasons for blog failures. Like to try out some points like “Join online communities/forums” in recent future. and Content marketing takes a ton of time and dedication

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Atish,

    Awesome Post about the mistake blogging. and i fully satisfied with you which you have shared probable reason. in the blogging your content should be unique and original for your blog. mostly people think about the make money. they are forget that we have to focus of your blog which is most important.. but i will say thanks atish to remembering about of these mistakes. Thanks for sharing it.

  • I always believe this quote “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”.These are the major reasons why bloggers are fails.If your aim and target is become a good blogger the you never fails and ir you feel it is part time job might be fail.Thanks for these advises share with us.


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