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15 Biggest Tech Flops of 2014

So 2014 is over and we have entered 2015. Like every year, 2014 saw some great gadgets and some biggest tech flops. On the one hand Apple lovers finally got the much awaited iPhone 6 and on the other hand many were disappointed by iOS 8.0.1. However, in this post we will discuss about the biggest tech flops of 2014. While OnePlus one, Motorola and Xiaomi ruled the market, Amazon Fire Phone and Facebook Slingshot didn’t survived. Everyone is talking about the good side of the 2014 but we will talk about the other side of the coin.

In this post, we have come up with the biggest tech flops of 2014:

15. Aereo


It seemed like Aereo solved the biggest problem of streaming and recording T.V shows legally. A user only needs to pay few $10 per month and he can stream and record his favorite T.V shows on phone and laptops. The company claimed to use mini-antennas network to catch TV signals. However, it was later found out that Aereo did not paid any fees to broadcasters and was violating the copyright rule. Broadcasters like CBS filed the case and Supreme Court declared Aereo as illegal service. Later, Aereo filed for bankruptcy protection and called off the service.

14. Smart watches

2014 was supposed to be the year of smart watches and it was. Motorola, Samsung, Sony and LG launched their specific smart watches. However, none of them were accepted by the users. The same problem of heavy design, low battery life and weird software remained in each watch. The sale was low and so was the shares of the company. Although, Apple Watch was the odd one out here.

13. Google Barge

Google barge

Everyone was wondering about those mysterious vessels on the Treasure Island of San Francisco Bay. The same vessels made of huge number of shipping containers were seen in Portland. The tech world was confused. What exactly were they? Modern data centers or futuristic floating retail shops?

Later, Google announced that the barges were designed to make new kind of mobile showcases for new and better technology. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, the vessels were dismantled and sent to scrap heap. It was revealed that as per Coast Guard, these barges were prone to fire and safety hazard.  Money lost – 10 million dollars.

12. Swing Copter

Swing copter

Heard of Flappy Birds? The addictive game which frustrated the gamers was the biggest hit of 2014. Everyone was going crazy for the game. Many iPhones were sold just because this game was pre-installed in it. With so much success and popularity, the developers decided to came up with a better game by the name Swing Copter. But, it didn’t attracted that much hype and turned out to be one of the biggest tech flop of 2014.

11. Google Glass

People were expecting that 2014 will be the year that they will see Google Glass in the market and people wearing it. However, nothing happened. The biggest success of the year became the biggest tech flop of the year. Google delayed the launch of Glass to make it better and futuristic. Let’s hope 2015 is the year which will make Google Glass the biggest hit.

10. 21st Century Fox and Time Warner Deal

The complete world was in a pleasant shock when the owner of 21st Century Fox, Rupert Murdoch announced that he is offering $80 billion to buy Time Warner. Everyone was excited to see the combination of these two big daddies of entertainment world. The combined business would have been $62 billion per year. However, Time Warner declined the offer and the deal was off.

9. Twitter Stocks

One of the biggest rival of Facebook and once considered as even better social networking site then Facebook, Twitter’s stock fell about shockingly 85% this year. The website was unable to grow its user base and services like SnapChat worked better then Twitter. The perfect example behind this is when Twitter crashed due to the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie which was re-twitted over 2 million times.

8. Softcard or ISIS

Although ISIS, the mobile payment system was launched in 2013 but changed its name to Softcard as ISIS was the name of the violent Islamic militant group. Apart from this, there is a no reason to talk about it now. The company rebranded itself in July 2014 and even rolled out a new mascot. A user need a special SIM card to pay. Softcard got stiff competition from Apple Pay where you just need to hold the phone on to a terminal and press finger on the sensor. The reason behind Softcard failure was its working. A user needs to open the Softcard app, then enter the pin, then select payment method and finally hold the phone at the terminal. Obviously, Apple pay is much better.

7. Microsoft’s Band

microsoft's band

There are high chances that you may have not heard of it. Microsoft released a fitness tracking gadget but no one was aware of it. Microsoft quietly released the gadget which was very much un-Microsoft on its part. The gadget was not accepted by the user and was counted as the worst gadget of 2014. The design was weird, interface was lagging and the band was uncomfortable.

6. Uber

Uber was always in news this year and all were for bad reasons. Other ride-sharing services like Lyft and Gett made allegation on Uber that Uber booked and then canceled huge number of rides and used a denial of service attack to recruit drivers. Uber got away from these allegations by saying that it was just aggressive tactics nothing more. Uber started its service in the areas where it was considered illegal. Later Uber hired David Plouffe to improve the company’s image but all in vain as an Uber executive leaked the information that Uber is willing to spend $1 million to create an investigative unit to attack critics. One of their executive was caught red handed spying on a journalist. Many Uber derivers were accused of crimes with recent example from New Delhi, India where the driver of Uber raped his passenger. The company was criticized and banned in many countries.

5. Apple iOS 8.0.1 and iPhone 6

apple iphone

2014 was definitely not the best year for Apple. Bending of iPhone 6 and 6 plus was one of the major problem faced by the company. The iOS 8.0.1 which was rolled out to fix errors and buy did opposite of it. While most of the devices got bricked after the update, many devices started showing problems in cellular network and finger print sensor. Although, company claimed that only nine customers complained about the bend iPhones but just search the internet and you will see the real number. Later, the company which provided the sapphire glass for Apple blamed Apple for its bankruptcy.  Flop or success, the news of Tim Cook saying he is Gay was also discussed a lot.

4. King Digital’s IPO

The maker of the famous and addictive Candy Crush must be praying that 2014 do not happen again. The company launched on the stock market at $22.50 and shockingly fell to $19 on the opening day itself. Due to this, many investors lost their money and King Digital is returning the money through share buy-backs. The shares are $17 right now and are expected to do better in 2015.

3. Facebook Slingshot

The app which was once termed as a strong competitor of SnapChat does not exist now. Facebook launched three apps in 2014, Slingshot being one of them. A user could sling his picture to the other person even before he had opened the picture sent to him. Well, they didn’t work as expected and was rolled back soon. For a multi-billion dollar company like Facebook, it was not a high investment but still it comes under one of the biggest tech flops of 2014.

2. iCloud Leak

icloud leak

If bend gate and iOS 8.0.1 was not enough, fappening was something which created lot of issues for Apple. It came as a shock to the entire world when nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton was leaked online from their private iCloud account. Although it was a password hack and one cannot directly blame Apple Systems but still it raised many questions on the security levels provided by the company.

1. Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone is the biggest tech flop of 2014. Everyone was eagerly waiting for this phone and when it was launched it shattered all the hopes. There was nothing new. The phone was heavy and the battery life was just too bad. The worst part was the pricing. It was priced even higher then iPhone and it lead to the downfall of the device. Let’s hope that Amazon Fire Phone 2 would be a better and a cheaper device.

This was all about the biggest tech flops of 2014. Let us know the biggest tech flop according to you.

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  • Now that’s a kind of different articles. We often read list of best things but here you have compiled a list of tech flops.
    Thanks for sharing this list 🙂

  • HI Atish,

    Again a wonderful article by you bro !!

    And i agree with Kuldeep that this is something that is different. We can learn more from mistakes done by others. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Good Morning Ashutosh!

      Happy to know that you liked the idea of this article. Please keep visiting. Hey by the way, if you are yet to subscribe to TTW’s newsletter then do it now and get the posts in your delivered in your mailbox. Here is the link to subscribe >> http://goo.gl/b3h2W3

  • Hi Atish,

    I love the way you have written this post. When the IPhone 6 came out my heart was fluttering. Oh I wanted it so bad, but it is a good thing I didn’t jump on it. I can upgrade in May of this year and was not going to spend all that money just because it was a shiny object. Then came the news that it bend. Hmm…I have 5 months to think about my next phone.

    That Google Barge has me thinking! Gosh, there is so much going on in the Tech world I didn’t know about. Thanks for sharing it in this article.


    • Hello Donna,

      The tech world is changing everyday with a lot of new advancements out of which few succeed and few fail. Yes, iphone 6 issue was so viral that everyone knows that. Moreover, I think Apple products are over priced.

      Thanks for coming by Donna and sharing your thought. Enjoy the week ahead.

  • Unique post for the tech freaks from you Atish 🙂

    As kuldeep specified, most of us would like to write the best things but I know about your brainstroming power. Hope it made you to list this kind of stuff.

    Coming to your post, I know only few of these tech devices! It is really bad to see that the Smartwatches, Slingshot of Facebook and Apple iPhone 6 in the flop list. Not only technology, people’s mind is also changing from time to time and thus it is hard to predict what would be the choice of people!

    Thanks for presenting this awesome information for us, I would always suggest you to write this kind of tech matters. Have a great week ahead.

  • Atish, the article looks good! 🙂 I agree that Amazon Fire phone was an utter flop and Amazon even quoted that. But, you have mentioned Smart watches? It was a massive hit in the Wearables list. Look at CES 2015, only wearables own it. I don’t think Smart watches were a flop. Anyway, Nice post 🙂 Thanks.

  • There are always experiment before a successful project. If people does not experiment then we will never ever see any invention. Though all these projects were initially trying to solve big problems but alas they were not successful. BTW thanks for this wonderful list of flops Atish.

    • Yes you right Rakesh. Experiments must be done then only success or failure can happened. Glad you liked the write up.

  • Not sure I would call Android Wear a fail yet. It does a lot for a first gen product. Once things get into the hands of the masses you will always find funky things like the playback controls. Sure they will be tended too.

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