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16 Best Web 2.0 Sites to Create Free Blog for Link Building

Backlinks are still the most important factors to make a website rank better in search. SEOs have been trying multiple ways to optimize websites by doing on page and off page techniques. On page SEO is what done on the website such as Meta tags, content optimization, URL optimization, keyword research, Image optimization using Alt text etc. And in Off page which is done outside the website, link building is the main part [Read link building mistakes you must not commit]. Article submissions, directory submissions, Press release submissions and many more ways were done over the time to build quality links and they worked in the past but in the current Google search context older techniques aren’t working any more. Only the relevant and natural links work well.

web 2.0 sites
Therefore there is need of blogs which are monitored and moderated in a better way than the article directories.  Links from these well managed blogs work like charm if  the links are added in natural and clever way. I have mentioned in my previous post about Private Blog Network however Google is now targeting these kinds of networks. But as long as you don’t leave any traces you are safe and links from the PBNs work great.

Link diversification is important in order to make your links look natural hence along with having links from self hosted blog; you should have few links from different- different sources.

In this post, I am sharing 16 web 2.0 websites on which you can create free blogs. You can use these blogs to get link back to your main site. If you don’t have budget to set up high quality self hosted blog network then these free blogging sites can help you.

So, without wasting your precious time, here goes the list of 16 best web 2.0 websites along with their Page Rank and domain authority:

S. No.Sites

I have seen this kind of list on many websites but those lists has so many sites which are not even working anymore. So rather than listing a lot of useless websites I have listed only those web 2.0 sites which I have personally used and also got some good results for my clients.

Let me know if you find any difficulty while creating blogs over these websites. So stop waiting and create good blogs over these and always post good and unique content to get most out of these.

Short URL: http://ttw.tips/2bsuDvI

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • Atish,

    Another awesome post for the bloggers and website owners to build links. Few days back, I’ve heard about the link building method using Web 2.0 sites. Moreover, one of my blogging friend told that his traffic has improved a lot with this link building way and suggested me to do the same. I haven’t tried this strategy as I have limited time to blog.

    Anyway, will try to create blog with any of these Web 2.0 sites to build links for my blog. Thanks for sharing these helpful details, keep doing your great work 🙂

    • Thanks for liking the post Nirmala. Yes, its a good way to build links but whenever you start link building, you have to be smart enough to stay safe from Google.

  • Hello Atish bro,
    It’s an awesome post that describes efficient ways of link building. You are right i had read so many posts like this but most of them contains a link that are irrelevant now. So thank you very much for giving us a skimmed list of working links.

    • Thanks for coming by Swadhin. Yes, I have used these all for my office work and so I thought to share a list of working sites. Keep visiting.

  • Really informative article, Atish. As a beginning blogger, I was not aware of many of these sites. And I really like how they are all updated and still in use today, unlike many other articles outlining this same topic.

  • Backlinks play very important role in blogging. I never used this link building method with web 2.0 sites but it seems helpful. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Sudipto,

      Web 2.0 sites are indeed helpful but you need to build some links for these web 2.0 sites as well. Try tiered link building and it works.

  • Hello Atish,

    I have been working on WordPress and the experience so far is excellent. Though, Google is now targeting the PBN sites but Personally I think that if one do everything right then nothing is going to hurt You. Doing things following guidelines will surely help. Some websites are really new to me. Thanks for sharing something new.

    • PBNs are working and it will work till the backlinks are the ranking factor. You just need to stay safe. I have posted and article about PBNs. Do read that to know in detail.

  • Atish no doubt I had used some of the websites that you mentioned for creating quick links for targeted landing pages and they seem to be working if we spend some time promoting these microsites.

    In the past, I also used to create pages on Squidoo and Hubpages etc websites for traffic building and backlinking purpose to my main business website. But in the recent updates from Google, these two websites have lost their credibility to some extent and thus I stopped using them.

    • You are right but if we create blogs on these web 2.0 sites and take some time to promote them then links from these will have more weight. right?

      The whole idea is to create a blog and run them like a regular blog and they will be good. Thanks for coming by Anil.

  • Hey atish, I create every day a new web 2.0 site to give backlink to my main site. It has improved the rankings but I am worried about future. Will next google update harm my website in any ways ?

    • Google can do anything! Don’t do so much and always keep these things in mind:

      1. Always make link on different anchor text.
      2. Always publish original content over them.
      3. Don’t always link your home page.
      4. Share the posts on social media sites as well so that they looks normal blogs rather looking like a link house.

      I hope these will help.

  • Thankyou Atish,

    I really appreciate your blog post, if only I came accross your article a few weeks ago. I discovered the long way that many of the lists I found are not current as you have stated.
    I was hoping you could answer some questions for me. I am brand new to blogging.
    Firstly how unique should a post be. I have written an article for myself in 100% my own wording and run it through a plagarism check to find my own content is not unique, I guess it is a saturated niche. I read elsewhere your content must be 100% unique.
    What bothers me, by trying to get in 100% I feel like it is not me and how I like to express myself.
    Second question, I made a mistake and paid for bad backlinks for a youtube video I made, will google penalise all my work for this error, it is not tied at all to my blog.


    • I didn’t get your first question clearly Tony. What actually is bothering you? Are you not sure about the text you write can also be written by others and your text look similar with them? is it the case?

      See, 100% uniqueness is not possible if you are writing about something which is popular. Just your writing style should be unique because you cannot change the facts about topics and you have to write them as it is.

      Coming to your second question, Google penalizes mostly when you make 100s of links using same anchor text. If you have linked your youtube video then I don’t think your blog will gonna affect so just chill!

      Thanks for your time here. I wish you have a pleasant stay on my blog.

      • Hi Atish,

        I have only just noticed you had replied, and thankyou.

        You have answered my question without understanding me. 🙂

        Yes, I have been improving my rankings on blog without any backlinks (I have been too scared to get any), in fact my question to you and only one other backlink is the extent of my backlinks and I have several pages now in top 10.

        At the time with my Youtube rank dropping I wondered if google penalised the person, rather than the post or video. I can now see with a little experience this is not the case.

        Thankyou again for your time to reply and your website.


        • I am sorry if I wasn’t able to solve your query but I am glad that you came back and made the things clear to me. We need readers like you Tony! 🙂

  • Wonderful list. So basically coping the list will only do your half work. Keep visiting the site and checking out the list after some days will help you to get maximum leverage from my experiences and findings.

  • Thanks for showing in short and precise list of web 2.0 sites.
    It is good to surf a short list rather than others with 100s of sites in which half f them never work..
    Thanks for the list.

  • Hi Amit,

    Do we need to create different articles for each and every blog on these above mentioned web 2.0 websites ? or do we need to create new article for each one of these. Please put some more light on this. Thanks.

    Mohammad Anis.

    • I am not Amit!

      I am Atish.

      As I replied to your comment already that you must write unique content for each of your web 2.0 blogs. Just treat these as your other blogs not just considering a way to get links.


  • Thanks for the informative Aritcle, I wand to ask that do we need to create blog on all of these web 2.0 properties ? What content we should put, same from original blog or new content every time. Pls. put some light on this. Thanks.

    • Hello Anis,

      Thanks for coming by and check out the list of these web 2.0 sites!

      Coming to your question, Its all upto you as on which you would like to create blogs.

      About the content, I suggest unique content which are not less than 400 words(not spun content).

      NO you should not take content from original blog rather you should write new content for each web 2.0 blogs.

    • What do you mean? Do you want to use for link building purpose? Or you want to make event blog on these?

      you can do both!

  • Hi Atish thanks for the tips. I’m currently planning on making pyramid link building to boost my fanpage’s SERP. Do you know which is rank better facebook fanpage or blogspot ? I’m new on online making money 🙂

    • Facebook will be better to rank because whatever you will do is on main domain but when you make a blogspot blog, that is completely a new site built on subdomain thus that might need time to tank well.

      Glad you came here Antony.

  • Thanks for the useful list.
    There are a few more free website worth mention such as
    yola.com , fc2.com , jimdo.com

  • A Great Work Atish!
    This is something really very helpful for me. I never thought about so many sites you listed but I tried WordPress for this and also got benefited. Now after reading your post I am surely going to go for few more to promote my new website osprojectz.com which is a platform / marketplace for freelancers. It would be great and very kind of you if you could suggest me something more for my site and will this work for such type of website.
    Your post is also very helpful for beginners in SEO and Freelancing too. I’ll be waiting for your next such post.

    Thanks a lott

  • Great Blog, I have just one question, if i keep the same name for the web 2.0 properties as my original website eg.

    My webiste is xyz.com and i have created a 2.0 property named xyz.tubmlr.com . Then in due course i keep regular blogging on tumblr are there any chances that the tumblr property will come come above the original webiste in serps… if that happens, business wont like it.

    What do u advice ?
    Same Name as of domain or a theme name of the business

    • Hello Raj,

      In some cases, that tumblr blog may come over your main website. Moreover, this depends on the authority of your main website, if it is a great one, it will be tough for a web 2.0 site to beat it but if its not that great, then yes it may be beaten by free blog.

      If it happens you can just redirect that tumblr blog to your main website so that even if that ranks better, traffic will ultimately come to your main website only.

      Hope the answer helps.

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