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10 Best Stores Like Lulus {For Smart Shoppers}

The modern age has given an open platform for various fashion boutiques and stores to flourish due to the internet. Online shopping has been a modern approach for people of all ages recently, and the pandemic has given higher rise to this platform. The youngsters have found online shopping platforms to be more convenient to their needs than going to a store because of more variety of designs, options, and comfort. 

Lulus is one of the modern fashion online stores famous for having various options and categories of accessories and clothing for women. The headquarters of Lulus is situated in California, currently and they sell their products to customers all over the world. 

The store was designed explicitly for vintage clothing; however, after their establishment flourished, they expanded their range of apparel and added accessories to the store in a comprehensive manner. The online store includes every type of product that will make you shine bright in front of your friends and family. 

Although, Lulus is not the only store providing such varieties of clothing and ornamental accessories on the internet. Various other reputed sites provide you with quality products that you can explore to find the most suitable and elegant style of your preference. 

Before we get into the alternative stores, it is necessary to answer your doubts about why you need alternative sites? Scroll down to know more!

Lulus is a renowned brand that is US-based. But you can also try out some alternatives. Some of them are:

  • Zaful
  • ASOS
  • Forever 21
  • Shein
  • Sabo Skirt
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Modcloth
  • Shopbop
  • NewChic
  • Aeropostale

Why Do We Need Alternative Sites?

Exploration of anything at all provides you with silver linings that you might not have considered before. So, why not explore more options for the best apparel and accessories to suit your needs? 

Here we look at the reasons for the need for alternative sites:

  • It provides the customer (you) with a broader range of products, including unique designs and elegance if different sites are explored. 
  • The price range varies from one site to another in an online platform most of the time. It is suggestive to look for the best products that meet the cost-effectiveness and range you want to spend for any apparel. 
  • This helps you have a better knowledge about the right product you want to purchase and the satisfaction of maximum utilization of the product you want. 

Now that we have answered your doubts about the need for alternatives, here are the 10 best alternatives to Lulus. Scroll down right now!

10 Best Stores Like Lulus {Best Alternatives}

We have already covered the need of alternatives as well as a bit of information about Lulus along with it. So, without further ado, here are the shops that you should definitely look out for! 


If your interests lie in trendy, fashionable apparel and outfits that go well with the famous fashion style during that period, Zaful is the perfect site for you. One of the most prominent and fancy stores like Lulus, which provides you with gorgeous products to suit your desires and satisfaction. 

Zaful made a name for itself because of its variety of options in women’s clothing. They provide you with contemporary clothing with an affordable price range added to it. The categories range from options in formal wear to nightwear; in simple terms, they have everything from an elegant formal shirt to lingerie. They have a variety of party outfits and athletic wear as well. 

The extensive range of accessories to suit the outfits is perfectly balanced at Zaful. They have an astonishing collection of sunglasses, jewelry, bags, footwear, hats that can go well with the trending outfits for you. Do not forget to check them out!


Asos is a pretty popular online boutique store and the closest competition to Lulus, so you can understand that their products are just as impressive as Lulus. They have a large amount of stock of fashionable clothing and designers from the best brands in the market. 

As mentioned before, the products that are found in this store are similar to Lulus as well. Some of them compliment the products that can be found on the online store. Asos has a wide range of sizes that comes along with trendy and fashionable outfits, which is a treat for any fashionista. 

Along with that, Asos has partners, and one of them is an LGBTQ+ organization. This partnership has made their product range even more significant than it was already before. They have launched gender-neutral fashion apparel and a variety of collections to go along with it. Also, Asos is greatly appreciated for always promoting body positivity and standing against any form of body shaming. 

Asos provides you with a wide range of apparel options and accessories, including fashion wear, clothing, personal hygiene care, footwear, beauty products, and many more. They sell their products to customers worldwide and an additional facility of free shipping if the order value exceeds $ 40. You should check this site as it is mentioned that it is similar to Lulus!


Forever 21 is probably one of the most known sites for its brand of clothing and the variety of options that they provide throughout the world. A rather old establishment as they have been in the market since 1984. In the modern age, they offer you with large amount choices in premium clothing merchandise. 

They have a great collection of women’s apparel, including unique skirts, nightwear, dresses, jumpsuits, etc. However, they have a good variety of accessories present for both men and women. Forever 21 has designated options for choosing the perfect outfit regarding your needs like work clothing, party outfits, holiday or vacation wear, casuals in detailed lists. The additional benefit is that they provide affordable clothing from the top brands in the world. Check them out!


You probably know about Shein, and why not? It is operating in more or less than 200 countries at this moment. The popularity and uniqueness of this site make it one of the top fashion e-stores out there, making it a little different from other stores. 

Shein has a wide range of women’s clothing, including trendy tops, trousers, t-shirts, etc. The crop tops of Shein are considered to be one of the best in the market. They also provide you with various accessories like sunglasses, hats, stationery items, personal beauty, and hygienic products, aesthetically made home essentials and products.  

The price of the products is affordable and suitable to meet your needs. They add around 500 products to the new arrival section every time, so you can understand the number of options that you get here. You should definitely check them out if you still haven’t. So, what are you waiting for? Open Shein!


Sabo Skirt is definitely a contender to be one of the best alternatives to Lulus, and why not? Their presence in the market and success has provided them with many accolades like features on top fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc. 

They have a quirky and exciting range of items on their website, which includes off-shoulder tops, eyelet dresses, suits, and formal wear. Also, they have an amazing range of jewelry and trending accessories along with intriguing footwear in their collection. They are mostly popular for their fashionable and unique collection of party wear which is worth to be bought by you. 

They have different schemes as well, like discounts added to the site as extra benefits. Another interesting fact for you, their products has quirky names, for example, Sabo Luxe X Matilda (pastel-shaded holiday tops and dresses). Interesting, isn’t it? We wouldn’t spoil the other names because it’s better you check it out yourself to know more about them! It is worthy of your time, and the products will definitely allure you to buy them.


Are you looking for higher discounts and benefits? This is the perfect site to meet your needs. Dorothy Perkins is based in the United Kingdom, which includes an extensive collection of trendy, fashionable apparel for you. Just like Lulus, they provide you free shipping facility on all orders that exceed $ 50. They are known for additional benefits which are added to your product purchases. 

They have a section known as “Sale and Offer, “which is the most famous section. It includes incredible additional benefits and discounts that you can avail of through their offers on clothing apparel. Not only that, their designer collection is worthy of notice and one of the best in the market. Along with that, trendy accessories and footwear are something to be checked out as well. 

This is the perfect e-store for you if you’re looking for fashionable clothing and additional benefits to complement it. Check them out right now!


Another great alternative to Lulus, as they provide you with a great collection of women’s apparel. A boutique store that has its own designs implemented in the clothing section. The prices of the clothing are affordable and reasonable as well.

ModCloth has everything and anything in the women’s apparel collection. They have every sort of clothing wear to match with your needs and satisfy your urge of having unique products which are made of good quality and affordable to go along with it. 

They work on putting forward non-stereotypical clothing apparel which is bold and bright in nature. As you can understand now, they always try to connect with the modern age, encourage positivity, and try to break barriers presented upon women through their clothing collection and fashion.


Shopbop is an excellent alternative to Lulus due to its range of styles in the clothing section. They have clothing apparel for both men and women. They have separate pages for men’s and women’s clothing wear. However, as it is about Lulus, the focus of this article will stay on the women’s section. 

They have an extensive collection of accessories and designer merchandise present in their store. And this includes several types of watches, sunglasses, bags, ornaments, etc. 

Shopbop sale section gives you a good number of products in various discount offers. 

If you’re interested in designer merchandise, this is the perfect site for you as their collection is top-notch, complementing top brands if you add to it at affordable prices.


NewChic is famous for its collection of accessories and apparel. It is a pretty good alternative to Lulus to go along with it. 

They have trendy, exquisite items in their collection of women’s apparel made from the best quality fabrics. A fashionista will fall in love with NewChic for its collection, and if you want to have the outfits to make the crowd go in awe, this is an excellent site for you to check out.


Aeropostale made its rise and became one of the most loveable online fashion stores for fashionistas. This online store is based in the United States; just like Lulus, they provide their products throughout the world as it offers an international shipping facility. 

The collection of clothing wear integrates empowerment. They have a cluster of options in bottom wear, top wear, etc. They are mostly known for the comfort that the products provide the customers through their clothing. Along with that, they have a reasonable price for their premium products which is definitely a huge plus point. About time you stopped waiting, isn’t it? Check them out!

Final Thoughts

The list of Lulus alternatives provided to you is the perfect sites for you to explore and have the most suitable fashionable, trendy outfits for yourself.

Shine like a star and make your clothing amaze the crowd of the places you go by buying products from these sites and, of course, Lulus. 

Let us know about your favorite sites from this list and the clothing you really like in the comment box! We await your opinion and engagement!

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