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Ultimate List of 25 Best Social Media Blogs

Every marketing expert uses the line “Content is King” repeatedly. Yes, I do accept the importance of quality content but I would say “right together with it, social media is of equal prominence”.

Social media is the most innovative technological advancements in today’s life. So, keeping updated with the latest improvements in social networks is an essential stuff for all the business owners to build a brand and to connect with customers effectively.

Are you doing any business? Do you want people to read, share and talk about your content? Do you need to get new ideas for your business? Then do social marketing commendably like content marketing to get involved with your clients through some best social media blogs.    

Social media blogs

I am an ardent blogger and I use social media the most to promote my content in the form of blog posts. I used to follow some best social media blogs to acquire the latest social updates. I’ve added the importance of social media in the beginning of this post and here is a list of 25 best social media blogs that you must check out to develop your business productively. 

1. Social Media Examiner   

It is world’s largest social media magazine which helps the businesses to use social media in a better way. Their editorial team works innovatively to bring comprehensive articles, interviews of experts, case studies etc. which would improve the social media marketing of a business. This blog has more than 230,000 mail subscribers and it has been awarded as “Top social media blog” and best business blog. Its current PageRank is 5 with Alexa Rank is 1,987.

2. Social Fresh

Social fresh is a good social media education company which inspiring people to create better businesses through social media. It also builds advanced social media training resources for social marketers. You could get quality social media content here from a community of bloggers. It has been mentioned as one of the best social media blogs in various blogs.  Its PageRank is 4 and 29,253 is its Alexa Rank.

 3. Viral blog

It is a leading global blog started in the year 2007. An editorial team along with some guest bloggers works to give viral ideas related to social media and social marketing trends. It is designed to inspire the global marketing community and engages more than 800,000 unique readers per year. The PageRank of this active blog is 6 and its Alexa rank is 61, 611.

4. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a top global influencer, consultant and social media marketing strategist. With the help of this blog, he has aided numerous brands and individuals to become visible through the power of various social networks. You could get the latest social media updates with some striking inforgraphic stats here. Its PageRank is 4 with the prominent Alexa Rank 6,308.

5. 60 Second Marketer

Jamie Turner is the CEO and founder of this blog and it provides tips, tools, tutorials for the global marketers related to social media. It develops social marketing campaigns for all sized organisations around the world. The owner of this blog has been profiled in the world’s best-selling marketing textbook and he is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on social marketing subject. This blog has PR4 and reached 80,270 Alexa rank.

6. Danny Brown

Danny Brown is the founder of this blog and he is an award-winning marketer with 20 years of experience. He helps companies to improve their social web presence and activities by educating them through social media, marketing, loyalty and customer service. With these, you could understand the particulars of today’s business world. Its PageRank is 4 with 50,655 as Alexa Rank.


Two awesome passionate Indian bloggers Prasant and Vinaya are founders of this blog. They had heard that India is lagging in social media and so they started this exceptional blog to capture all the social media stuff happening here. They bring you the complete details of social media news, case studies, social app reviews and so on from Indian social media industry. This adoring blog has Pagerank 4 and 42,339 as Alexa Rank.

8. Razor Social

It is one of the world leading providers in giving the independent advice related to social media tool and social media technology. It helps the company to become more efficient by working with some leading brands and agencies. Within six months of launching, this outstanding blog won an award through Social Media Examiner as one of the top 10 social media blogs 2013 globally. Its PageRank is 4 and Alexa Rank is 18, 167.

9. The Social Media hat

This blog is first and foremost resource for small business and organization as it provides the latest information on social media, internet marketing and technology to grow the business. You could find the modern evidences of all major social networks here. 4 is the PageRank of this blog with 32, 567 is its Alexa Rank.

10. Social media Today

It is an independent online community for professionals in marketing, advertising etc. with through understanding of social media. This blog provides various insights and host lively debate of tools, platforms, companies and personalities for its readers daily. You could get several webinars and infographics connected to social media here. Its PageRank is 6 with splendid Alexa Rank 1,585.

11. Social Mouths

This blog is about social media, web traffic, content and email marketing which let you to learn the imperative stuffs to get successful in any online business. Francisco Rosales is the founder of this blog and it got many rewards and has been mentioned in popular social media blogs. Wanna turn your online presence into profit powerhouse? Do follow this blog for recent social media updates. 5 is its PR with 25,553 Alexa rank.

12. Social Media Explorer 

It is a strategic service agency and an information products company focussing on social media and digital marketing. It is a leading publishing platform for opinion, insights and education around the world of social media marketing, advertising and public relation. This blog contains wide range of social media categories to engage its visitors. Its PageRank is 5 and 37,714 is the Alexa Rank.

13. Pushing Social

This outstanding blog provides tips on social media and content marketing to small and medium-sized businesses. Stan is the founder of this blog and his goal is to equip and empower their clients to create social business strategies with which to create a sustainable competitive advantage. This blog’s PageRank is 4 with 98,637 Alexa Rank. 

14. Convenience and convert

This blog would help you to get better at social media and content marketing through advices, strategic planning and audits. The creators are working with some leading companies and they provide the consulting service for the required businesses by improving the social media strategy. You could find some interesting stats and facts of social networks which would help you to stay efficient with up-to-date social trends. This blog’s PageRank is 5 with 12,697 Alexa Rank.

15. Social Media B2B

The impacts of social media on B2b companies are discussed in this blog to help them to drive social media adoption within B2B companies. Editors, regulars and guest bloggers give social media advice for its readers. You could involve well with the interesting slide share presentation and useful modernized posts with this blog. It has the PageRank of 5 and it is Alexa Rank is 129646.

16. Techipedia

It is a digital marketing specialist and social media consultant blog. Tamar Weinberg is the founder of this blog and she is a social media enthusiastic person who has dabbled in social online interactions for more than 20 years. Even though it is a technology blog, she contributed worthy social media blog posts for her readers. She also underwritten many online publications on prevalent blogs and made notable achievements and speaking engagements. This is 5 PR blog with 210,021 Alexa rank.

17. Amyporterfield

Entrepreneurs across industries could establish strategies to maximize the power of social media through this blog. Amy Porter is the founder of this blog and she is a social media strategist. She updates this blog with exciting webinars and podcast to increase the success of online marketing efforts of the businesspersons. You could advance your social media knowledge here with the regular informs. Its PageRank is 5 with a remarkable Alexa rank 14, 910.

18. Soshable

A social media strategist named Christian is the creator of this blog who like networking with other businesses. You could get access to more than just social media news and announcements here. With this fun blog, you would learn on how to use social media for business. Its pageRank is 2 and Alexa Rank is 62, 394.

19. Social Wayne

Wayne is a digital media thought leader and regular speaker of this blog. He insists the power of social media to raise creativity and to build brand. He also helps the businesses and individuals on how to communicate on social web with many strategies. This blog holds PageRank 4 with 553,197 Alexa rank.

20. Social Brite

This blog helps non-profits and organizations with all faces of social media. It has campaigns under various social categories and provide thousands of free articles, tutorial and resources to  social communities. A team of members are working over here to maintain this blog with recent social media summary. Its PageRank is 5 and Alexa Rank is 91,798.

21. Social

A group of members are working as a team to help you grow your online business presence through social media and search engine marketing strategies. They are doing consulting since 2005 to integrate social into your culture. Several experts are working with hundreds of clients to drive sales and run successful campaigns. Simply saying, they’ll help you to succeed with social media. The Pagerank of this blog is 4 and Alexa Rank is 74,132.

22. Heidi Cohen

This blog provides insights about digital and direct marketing through social media. Heidi Cohen is the owner of this blog and she included practical tips based on her experience so that the readers could apply those to their marketing. So you could get some useful social media information over here frequently. 5 is its PageRank with 33,673 Alexa rank.

23. The Future Buzz

It is a popular blog run by Adam Singer to reveal the facts linked to digital marketing. This blog ranked among the ‘Best search marketing blog on the net” and got a place in the list of top 10 social blogs by Social Examiner. This blog’s PageRank is 4 and Alexa rank is 109,667.

24. Social Marketing Writing

All types of businesses and freelancers could get information and marketing tips related to social media, writing and marketing with this blog. Mitt Ray is the founder of this blog and he writes awesome social media blog posts for his readers. I hope, you would engage with interesting stats and infographic social media posts here. 3 is its PR and Alexa Rank is 91,653.

25. Mashable

Last but not least! I Hope that introduction is not needed for this blog and you might be aware of the active performance of this blog. This blog holds a place in almost all  list of “top social media blogs” by considering various factors like Alexa Rank, Google PR, compete rank, unique monthly visitors, Google indexed pages etc. Its PageRank is 8 with an exceptional Alexa Rank 202. 

So here ends the list of 25 best social media blogs!

Final Words

In an online world, social reach is a significant factor for every business. Social media helps to gain fans & followers and to connect with influential of same field. Moreover, search engines are taking social signals when they’re ranking your content. So, it would be good to reach genuine social cues and get to share your content through various social networks. To do so, I am recommending you to follow the best social media blogs which I’ve listed above to learn the imperative social stuffs with which you could run your business fruitfully.    

What do you say about the efficiency of social media? Are the listed best social media blogs helpful to you? Do share your views with me through comments as I am readily waiting to talk over to you.

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