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#5 Best Budget SmartWatch Below INR 5000 in India – Ranked As Best Selling

SmartWatches – they were seen as a luxury just the same way as the smartphones were during the initial days of their launch. The situation has changed of late and we find the smartwatches to be the complete companions for the smartphones and an essential accessory. That should be truer if you are someone associated with the fitness regime and care for your fitness activities to a higher degree. We will check out the best smartwatches that money can buy in today’s post.

Ultimate Buying Guide for a Budget SmartWatch in India

As with any product, you need to look for a few important factors before you can actually lay your hands on your favourite smartwatch. The following tips or factors should be helpful enough in letting you make the right choice and let you make a learned choice with respect to the smartwatch purchase.


Those of you who look at the features more than the looks, buying a smartwatch for the appearance may be something quite strange and impractical. However, you should remember that a smartwatch is what would go with your personality and style. An aesthetically pleasing watch is what you should look for. Make sure it goes well with your dress and other fashion statements that mark your personality as a whole. You can also find more information on the appearance and touch screen compatibility as well.


Each of the smartwatches comes with different display options. Some of them are available with a full touchscreen option and a brilliant colour, while some of them may also come with a black and white display as well. The method of notifications used for the display also varies from model to model. You will also need to make a choice between the OLED, AMOLED or the mere LCD screens. Yet another feature worth the consideration with respect to the display is the always-on functionality or the motion activated display options. Water resistance properties are yet another important element that may need attention.


The best features that a smartwatch can provide would be to sync with your smartphone and display the notifications on your watch. While the sync happens in real time, the wireless range is one of the important factors that would make it work efficiently. Check out the wireless range for a better notification system. Focus on the type of notifications you would want to check out. Some of the notifications and alerts can include alarm, email, social media, calendar, text message, weather and a host of them. A few smartwatches can handle only a few types of notifications alone. Be focussed on the notifications alerts that are important for you and choose the smartwatch based exactly on those features.

Battery Life

This should be another important feature that would essentially need close attention. In fact, some of the smartwatches are capable of lasting more than a week. However, a few of them may offer you less than half a day’s battery backup. However, this is exactly what would be one of the essential options for you in case you do not want to hang up your watch to charge. Most of the times, the battery backup would be what is dependent upon the capacity of the internal battery and the features being utilised. If you want to use the resource hungry features like location and GPS, you would need to go with a smartwatch that has enough of battery power.

Service Efficiency

The smartwatch should be capable of being fixable? Wasn’t the word fixable quite strange enough? Well, yes. However, what we mean by that term is how efficient the watch can be in case it experiences a service disruption. In fact, it is a machine and bound to have problems. The best smartwatch would be the one that can be fixed simply and easily. This will help you enhance the durability of the device for a long enough time.

Top 5 Affordable Smartwatches in India

Having understood that much about the smartwatches and how to choose them, here are our top suggestions for the best smartwatches you can go with.

Amazfit Huami Pace Bip Smartwatch – Best Budget SmartWatch in India

Belonging to the same brand as the smartwatch featured above, Amazfit Bip is the first option to arrive from the Xiaomi sub-brand Huami. The strength of the smartwatch lies in its excellently mammoth battery backup. Yes, the smartwatch can run for over 45 days on a single charge, and that should be something you would find really impressive. The always on display is yet another option that makes it a formidable choice.

best budget smartwatch in india

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The design language may be something you may not be happy with, but still, you will find the features offered by the smartwatch efficient enough. The water resistance with an IP68 rating can be an added advantage. You have swappable faces through the Mi app and offers support for almost every sort of notifications that include prominent social media profiles and instant messengers.

Pros and Cons of Amazfit Huami Pace Bip Smartwatch


  • Extra features like heart rate monitor, GPS and water resistance.
  • Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.
  • A great companion app.


  • Little expensive, but totally worth the price.

Mi Band 3 – Cheap and Best Smartwatch in India

The new Mi band 3 offers you an affordable option for timekeeping and requirements you may be looking for in your smartwatch. The water resistance properties will be helpful in letting you swim and surf while you are still wearing the band. The band comes with a water resistance of 50 m. The real-time activity tracking is yet another added advantage.

cheap and best smartwatch in india

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The Mi band 3 also comes with features like sleep tracking, weather forecasts, and other alerts like WhatsApp messages and calls. You also have access to a high capacity Li-ion battery that provides you over 20 days of whopping battery backup. If you enable the high-end features like heart rate monitor, you will end up with a battery backup of around 5 to 9 days.

Pros and Cons of MI Band 3


  • The smartwatch is quite affordable and is available for less than Rs. 2000.
  • A great battery backup functionality.
  • An excellent build quality.


  • Heart rate monitor can be inaccurate at times.

Honor Band 4 – Best SmartWatch Below INR 5000

Equipped with an AMOLED full-color display option, the Honor Brand 4 offers you a host of special features that would include effective heart rate monitoring, high-end sleep monitoring, smart assistant functionality and recognition of swim strokes. Huawei TruSleep is designed to provide an effective sleep tracking functionality. The real-time heart rate monitoring is yet another option that you would appreciate.

best smartwatch below 5000

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The 50-metre water resistance capacity should make it an efficient option for your swimming and surfing activities. It can also be used to track your swimming activities by recognising swim strokes, recording your swimming speed, distance and calories burnt. The smartwatch offers you a wide range of workout options. The other smart features would include a host of handy smart features that include number detection, incoming or rejecting calls and other message notifications. If you are checking out the battery backup, you should get 17 days of backup capability on a single charge.

Pros and Cons of Honor Band 4


  • The brighter display that should work in bad lighting conditions.
  • Support for the high range of workout activities.


  • The charger is completely proprietary and does not work with any other charger.
  • Heart rate monitoring & sleep tracking tends to be a little inaccurate.

ZXEGA DZ09 – Best SmartWatch in India Under 10000

Equipped with the MT6261D CPU, the smartwatch is what would provide you access to the best ever performance. While it can sync with your existing smartphone, it can also double up as an excellent independent smartphone as well with the SIM card support.

best smartwatch in india under 10000

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It also comes with support for a TF card so that you can store your favourite music on it and listen to it. The smartwatch can easily connect with your Bluetooth headphone as well. Some of the features worthy of mentioning would be touchscreen functionality, multifunctional TF card support and multiple language support.

Pros and Cons of ZXEGA DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch


  • Available at an extremely affordable price tag under 1000.
  • You can choose between the SIM card and Bluetooth mode.
  • You can use the smartwatch as an independent smartphone as well.
  • Add up more space with a TF card.


  • Adding and removing apps isn’t much smoother.

Amazfit Cor Fitness Band

Offering the best and affordable options for the smartwatch owners with its Amazfit range of smartwatches, the Xiaomi sub-brand now looks to change the scenario with Amazfit Corr. The budget range of fitness tracker offers you several features that you have come to find on the high-end devices. You have access to the durable design with a minimalistic design.

best smartwatch in india

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The smartwatch cum fitness tracker does support a wide range of options that range across daily steps, distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep quality. The large colour display should be efficient enough to offer you a wide range of functionalities. The watch also offers access to a 50 m water and dust resistance as well. You can choose between the manual and automatic heart rate monitoring as well. The battery has been rated to last over 12 days on a single charge.

Pros and Cons of Amazfit Cor Fitness Band


  • The affordable price tag that offers high end functionality
  • A decent and reliable battery backup
  • Efficient heart rate monitoring.


  • There are no fitness activity or exercise modes available.
  • Sleep tracking is a little inaccurate.
Recommended Reading - Smartwatches – A walk through the History

The reign of smartwatches started way back in 1972. The first smartwatch developed was Pulsar, which was the result of the joint venture between  Hamilton Watch Company and Electro/Data Inc. It was the first digital watch. It was the first digital LED prototype.

It was sold at $ 2000 back then and is equivalent to $12500. That should be something you would find really a huge sum. 1983 saw the launch of a watch by Seiko, a Japanese watchmaker and featured a TV receiver. Timex Datalink manufactures a new device in 1994 with Microsoft. It was the first watch that featured an option for downloading the data. In fact, the watch was even capable of wireless connectivity. The next big thing that happened with the smartwatch arena was the launch of the first Linux watch This was the beginning that started off the trend for wearable computing. This happened in 1998 and was developed by Steve Mann.

There have been similar innovations here and there in the realm of smartwatches. However, it was not until 2012 that a true smartwatch was developed.

However, there was one interesting development that wasn’t much publicised, and now not many people are aware of the first ever Android smartwatch was developed by an Indian company. We are referring to Androidly, which is a company that was involved in manufacturing the very first Android smartwatch. The company was headed by Siddhant Vats, and the smartwatch went on to be exported to over 110 countries across the world.

Now, in 2019 – there are a host of companies involved in manufacturing different smartwatch and fitness band options for the world at large. In fact, the arena that was once known for the high-end devices that cost a fortune has now been offering an excellent range of best budget smartwatches for as low as just Rs. 5000.

Recommended Reading - SmartWatch Industry - A Look At It

It would be worth to note that the Global Market size for the Smartwatch market has been growing a huge growth. As per GlobeNewsWire, valued at $ 12.45 billion in 2017, the market has been expected to grow by a huge improvement of over 16 per cent between 2018 and 2026.

When it comes to the market size of the smartwatches and their popularity, the world economy has been classified into several regions. These include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and rest of the world. Out of all these areas, North America has been one of the huge markets for the smartwatch industry, given the higher level of lifestyle and the availability of a higher disposable income. Europe has been the second largest market for the genre of smartwatches. Some prominent names that have been able to achieve success in adapting to the wearable technology include France, Germany and Italy.

The Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing economies across the world and is seen as the best option for increasing the adoption of wearable technology. The technological advancements in these regions have been one of the huge contributing factors to the growing power of the smartwatches in these areas. More specific regions that the smartwatches industry has been looking for better growth belong to the Indian subcontinent.

The top players in the area of smartwatches that have been able to achieve success include:

  • Apple (US)
  • Samsung (Korea)
  • Sony (Japan)
  • Motorola / Lenovo (China)
  • Pebble (US)

Apple is the biggest layer in the world smartwatch market and enjoys a huge market share. The latest offering from the company – Apple Smartwatch series 4 was one of the best selling watches in 2018. It is also stated to be the first smartwatch to come with an ECG sensor.

Samsung is the close second and has been able to achieve the best standards in the smartwatch market. The Galaxy Smartwatch is one of the best options both in terms of design and performance. It has been treated to be a great alternative to Apple watch Series 4. Apple Watch & Android Wear have always been closely competing with each other.

Fitbit is yet another player that has been able to considerably grow over the past few years. In fact, the company is involved in manufacturing fitness based smartwatches or fitness trackers and has been able to achieve success with its range of fitness trackers with varying capabilities. Fitbit Versa has been one of the outstanding offerings from the brand.

Types of Smartwatches

Well, this section may get you a little confused. There is no specific classification that works in the smartwatch arena. In fact, rather than terming them as types, we would want to term the differences as categories.

The categories are based on what do the smartwatches do and which specific purposes do they meet. Here a few classifications that may be practical enough.

Based on the Functionality

Here are a few smartwatch types that can be classified based on the functions that they offer you.

Fitness Trackers

This is one of the most popular options if you are looking for a good smartwatch. In fact, a major purpose of using a smartwatch has been in the fitness tracking regime, and the category has been quite popular. It can track all your real-time fitness activities. Most of these watches are equipped with the necessary sensors like gyroscope, heart rate monitor, GPS, pedometer and accelerometer. Most of the high-end smartwatches fall into this category

Standalone SmartWatch

These are the watches that do not need to depend upon the smartphone for their functionality. They work as standalone devices with their own SIM card support. In fact, you should be able to use them as an independent smartphone. Some prominent examples for this category can include Apple Watch series 4, Samsung Galaxy watch and Zetblaze smartwatches. These will come with an additional microphone, antenna and loudspeaker on their own.

Based on the Looks and design

Apart from the functionality, the smartwatches are also classified based on the looks that they are made of. Some classifications can be

Classic SmartWatch

These look like the regular watches that you have traditionally worn. You can wear them both for athletic activities and other casual requirements. In fact, they can be an excellent option for use with the official outing requirements you may have. Samsung Galaxy series of smartwatches and Ticwatches can be a few good examples for this category of smartwatches.

Sports SmartWatch

As the name itself should be indictive of, it comes equipped with specific functions for use with sporting activity and provides you with flashy appearance. These can be an excellent option for use with casual requirements. In fact, these can be the best options to use with athletic activities and sporting requirements you may have. The sports smartwatches tend to be of light constructions and are easy to carry along.

Hybrid SmartWatch

This is a perfect combination of both sports and traditional smartwatch categories. These will offer you both the analogue looks and offer you the smartwatch capabilities in addition. These can be an excellent option for those who are looking for the traditional looks on their watch, yet want to opt for a smartwatch capability. Fossil and Michael Kors can be a few names worth the consideration in this scenario.

Conclusion on Cheap and Best Smartwatch Below 5000 in India

The smartwatch industry has been growing a steady growth over the past few years. In fact, treated to be a luxury just a couple of years ago, the genre has been witnessing really huge popularity and sales figures. There is indeed a bright room for more innovative products. If the ECG feature on the latest Apple Watch series 4 is any indication, you should definitely be in for a huge set of innovations dawning on us.

So, don’t wait for any more. Plunge yourself in the unique technology that has redefined our life for better. You have a smartwatch rightly suited for your personality and lifestyle out there. Go grab it and share your experiences with us.

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