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11 Best Sites Like Upwork

No one can deny the fact that the digitalization of certain things has put the world at so much ease. From selling and buying things to finding jobs and offering jobs, people are relying so much on the internet and the internet too is not letting them down on its part. While people were supposed to run from office to office holding their resumes to get just the minimum work, they can now run their search through online platforms. One such platform was Upwork. Let get started with knowing more about it. 

What type of site is Upwork?

Upwork is an online platform where companies and individuals can get connect to hire and get hired in order to conduct a business. Upwork is one of the most popular site with a network of millions of freelancers. As it has strengths, it also has weaknesses which gives its competitor platforms to gain consideration into the field. So let’s know about the platforms which can be a good substitute to Upwork. 

Sites like Upwork

Upwork is an excellent platform to act as a mediator between the freelancing individuals and the hiring companies. But with time, a large number of competitors are emerging in the market which are worth trying. Some of these are

  1. Lemon.io
  2. Fiverr
  3. Credo
  4. Freelancer
  5. Outsourcely
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. Guru
  8. Hubstaff talent
  9. Workhoppers
  10. Textbroker
  11. Freeup


Lemon.io is one more worthy Upwork alternative.  Contrary to Upwork, it’s a marketplace of vetted developers offering pre-tested European IT professionals to the American startups. For all the programmers who pass the CV and portfolio check, English language proficiency check, and soft/hard skills check, Lemon.io offers only credible builders of promising startups. In addition to this, Matching and Recruiting specialists will trim your resume and prepare you for the job interview — and the Customer Success aces will follow your cooperation and make it as fruitful as possible.


Fiverr is a platform of services which is been in the market since the year 2010. Here you can buy and sell your services among millions of companies with some great deals as long as you remain cautious with scams. When you are looking for sites like Upwork, Fiverr is a little changed version of it because it allows amateur freelancers to join in, which makes the rates reduced to a certain level as compared to Upwork. Fiverr is totally secured site which is good for starting up.


Credo is a site similar to Upwork which is specialized in digital marketing, SEO, online ad and media marketing projects. It is a smaller platform than Upwork thus it can provide more focus on every individual in a better way. It also supports a better approach than Upwork in job application process so that they can get to know your core needs and requirements and thus get you filtered matches. In short terms, it facilitates with you more accurate matching process plus the safety.


Freelancer is such a platform that can match the level of Upwork both in terms of range and size. It advantages you with a flexible payment mode i.e., according to hours or fixed which makes it easier to deal with freelancers working for a short term without commitment. If you are working frequently on Freelancer, starting from eight projects per month, you have to invest in it to get the premium membership in order to take advantage of most benefits.


Outsourcely aims at connecting individuals with clients all across the globe. Outsourcely is most suitable for long-term works and would need you to fulfill the great expectations of the client. This is the reason it works on the international level and is very flexible to different currencies. The best advantage of being on this platform is that you can keep 100% of what you earn here. You do not have to pay any fee to get benefitted by outsourcely, instead, the employers are supposed to pay. Isn’t it so good?


PeoplePerhour is one of the best options to go with if you are looking for companies like Upwork. PeoplePerHour is not too large and not too small a platform making it ideal to meet your professional needs. This platform serves all the facilities as Upwork with relation to finding the right place to sell your skill but its specialty is its convenience and its security. Searching and engaging in work on PeoplPerHour is completely secure and it also provides convenience to work even with more than one client.


There is nothing wrong if we say that guru is the mirror of Upwork. Among all of the suggested substitute sites of Upwork, Guru matches it most closely in all terms such as usage credibility, structure, and interface. In order to use the standard features such as linking to an outside site for a portfolio, Guru requires premium membership fees which makes it more convenient for businesses and long-term work and not for skilled freelancers who are willing to work on a short term without commitment.

Hubstuff talent

Hubstuff talent offers you some amazing features to enhance your business and freelancing. Even though it is a smaller platform, it offers you to find work based on your skills from anywhere to everywhere. It also facilitates a filter to find the most appealing deal. It offers a very good service of communicating with the clients and the individuals so that you can talk, negotiate and plan with them. It even supports the live chat feature. Doesn’t it sound so cool? Take up these advantages by simply joining the platform ‘Hubstuff talent’


Workhopper was basically build to find and get work in the same city. It uses a protocol of sorted list of candidates which makes it easier for you to select the potential candidate as per your needs. You can also directly negotiate and communicate with the freelancers which makes the selection and working more convenient. It is the best option for people who believe in working face to face and the most impressive fact about using workhopper is that you don’t need to pay any commission, just a small monthly fee is enough.


Textbroker is a potential alternative to Upwork but it works on things differently. It is basically dedicated to writing work. If you want to get your work done through textbroker, you are going to get it done no matter what. You just need to create your account on it, tell your content requirements such as quality level, word count, and instructions and you immediately get a record of all the available writers as per your needs. Now you are the one to choose the writer and your delivery time and get your work done right at the time. 


The screening test conducted by freeeup is so famous among the applicants for being tough as a high-level exam. This is so because they believe in quality workers and once you get through this test, you are going to get some good work and be paid well. When working with freeeup, a freelancer can decide his rates. While the site takes 15% of commission, the amount is not taken from your rate, but from the employees. An advantage to work on freeeup is that its screening test is already hard enough that you don’t need to worry about any other freelancer cutting you off. You are going to get paid off through your skills.

Final Words

These sites have enough potential to compete for the level of Upwork. If you have used Upwork and are not satisfied with it, or you want to endure the same experience but with some modifications, these sites are the best option to go with. Find new work experiences with these sites and keep growing!

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