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Best PC Games You Can Download in 2020

The PC (or now laptop) has been one of the much-preferred options for the gaming industry for long. Of course, there are several consoles released each year, but the concept of PC gaming has never been able to fade away.

We do not expect the situation to change in 2020 either. With just a couple of months ahead for the new year, we thought we would check out a few Best PC games in 2020. In addition, we will also cover a couple of Best PS4 games.

Best Games to play in 2020 – a representative list

With 2020 coming to a close, there are several new-age games made available for PC. The genre appears to be switching to free running, the woods, and of course, the supervillain games. There are a few exciting games that will be releasing in 2020. You should find them from several sources, including a few digital video games store options. Some of them can also offer special gift cards or other benefits.
With that background information, let us check out some of the best PC games in 2020.

  1. Age of Empires 4

The game is designed and developed by Relic Entertainment and can be one of the right options for the best strategy games. Of course, there is not much information available about the game, but it would be an exciting option for the Age of Empires series.

From what can be seen from the trailer above, it does not seem to belong to one particular era or age. It appears to be making use of several armies. Some of the armies featured in the game may include a host of them spread across Native Americans, British Redcoats, Roman legionnaires, and Japanese samurai. It isn’t yet certain as to whether these armies form a single unit, or there will be separate factions within the game.
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  1. Evil Genius 2

Evil Genius 2 is ideally yet another exciting option if you are looking at the games to play in 2020. The first version of the game made us go mad with the best in the class strategy management game. Developed and published by Rebellion, the game is expected to be a success as well, replicating what it achieved with Evil Genius original.

The new game will definitely be retaining the excitement created by the original version and ad up to more value. If you are fond of the supervillain simulator games, the Evil Genius 2 is indeed one of the excellent options you would want to go with. How about a game that works effectively as a perfect combination of James Bond and Dungeon Keeper. The better strategy elements incorporated into the game would make it one of the exciting choices.

  1. WiLD

This is one of the best PS4 games you can enjoy in 2020. Developed by Wild Sheep Studio for the publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game is specifically designed for PS4. It may be noticed that the game was originally announced in 2014 and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. We would hope to find the game being released soon, but it may be a while until the game sees the light of the day. You can get PlayStation gift card online that helps you make a purchase without using credit card.

The game revolves around the age of the Neolithic era. You are the king of the wild and would be able to control the animal in your attempt to fight with the other tribes in the region. There are not many updates available about the game, as the developers haven’t been coming up with any sort of new updates. We are expecting a few multiplayer additions, but if you really want to get any exact details, you may need to ait until the game is released, and we hope it would be released soon.

  1. Chivalry 2

Designed and developed by the Torn Banner Studios, Chivalry was one of the most surprising additions to the best games ever released in the previous decade. The medieval combat game offers you a multiplayer functionality and has been one of the much-favoured games ever, In fact, a host of games attempted reaching this level, but could not reach the expected levels.

The multiplayer first-person slasher game, Chivalry 2, lets you move into everything that medieval fights had in the past. Cavalry charges, arrow play, and castle sieges – you wouldn’t have asked for anything lesser than that. The game offers you access to 64 player battlefields. The game features a wonderful faster and fluid combat system ever.

  1. Humankind

The 4X strategy game has been one of the favoured gaming genre ever, and the Humankind is a perfect game in more ways than one of the best PC games in 2020. The upcoming PC game in the Civilisation genre is developed by Amplitude Studios and is published by Sega.

The game offers you an exciting range of 4X strategy providing a true culmination for the connoisseurs of the gaming genre. Want to rewrite the history of mankind over the millennium? Humankind is a perfect game that would let you do that. You can create your civilisation and arrive at your own preferred game to beat the opponents.

The Passing Remarks

Well, those are just a few games that would form a formidable list of the best games to play in 2020. Of course, like we made it clear in the first place, this is just a representative list of the best games you can expect to play in 2020. Whether the PS4 games or PC games, the year 2020 offers you a brighter option to achieve the best results in terms of the best games to play in 2020.

Check out those games and get ready to experience the best possible performance in terms of your favoured share of excellent games ever.

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  • Wew! I think AoE 4 will be interesting! I played the previous one (Age of Empires 3) and it hooked me to play an hours. I hope this game will be good as the previous! Or be better please 🙂

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