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Best MS Word Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

MS Office is a software package offered by Microsoft that consists of different software programs for carrying out day to day office tasks. It is named “Office” because in every office this package is the most basic requirement to carry out small to bigger tasks.

Though there is a long list of programs in the Office package, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the most used software programs from the list.

MS Word is generally used for creating documents. Moreover, it has so many features to carry out a lot of tasks, but mainly we use for creating documents. For example, I am writing this blog post in a Word file.

MS PowerPoint is used for creating presentations that usually we create to show some project ideas in the form of slides that include charts, texts, audios, etc.

MS Excel is generally used for calculation. You can create sheets for different calculations. All the Maths that you have to do for maintaining your basic income, expense, etc. are easily done and automated using Excel as you can set formulas which do the calculations automatically.

All of these three are the most basic yet powerful software programs. Most of the computer users are well versed with these due to working regularly on these. But, not all users know the hidden potentials of these. Yes, there are so many hidden tips and tricks that can make your life easier and also make the working with these programs fun for you. In this blog post, I am going to share the best MS Word Tips and Tricks, and in a later blog post, I will share Excel Tips and Tricks as well since MS Excel is one of the most used tools as well. But for now, let’s talk about MS Word tips, tricks, and hacks.

10 Best MS Word Tricks

  1. Move Text Without Using Cut Paste (Ctrl+x, ctrl+v)

Generally, we use Ctrl+X to cut and then Ctrl+V to paste any text in MS Word, and this way we are able to move the text from one place to other. Moreover, there is an option in MS Word that enables us to move the text to any part of the document without using Cut & Paste. Yes, it is possible, and to do that, select the text you want to move, and then Press F2 on your Keyboard. Now, place the cursor anywhere in the document, and hit enter. You will see that the selected text has been moved to the new place.

Notes: (i) When you place the cursor anywhere in the document after selecting and press F2, you will see that the cursor will show in dotted lines.

(ii) If you don’t see the dotted cursor, you can try pressing F2 along with Fn button. On many laptops, there is a Fn button, so if simply pressing F2 is not working, do press it with Fn button, and it will work like a charm.

  1. Select Text Freely

When we select text in the word document, the selection moves horizontally even you are dragging it down. That means you can select uniformly.

But the trick I am going to tell you will enable you to select the texts freely. This is quite simple, you just need to press and hold Alt button while selecting the text, and you will be able to select the texts the way you want. For example, I selected the text vertically without selecting each line horizontally.

It is very useful when you have serial numbers of a list in the Word Document, and you want to apply the same formatting to every number. You can easily use this option to format all at once.

  1. Extract Images from a Word Document Easily

We as bloggers write a lot of articles in Word Document, and we put screenshots to support our content as well. But, when we have to publish the content on our blog, we copy and paste the content there. When it comes to images, we save them as images on our desktop and then upload on the blog. But, saving images one by one takes a lot of time.

There is a trick that you probably don’t know which extracts all the images at once from the Word document.

To do this, you just need to change the extension of your Word file from.Docx to .rar. Once the extension is changed, you will see a compressed file, now extract that file, and you will see a folder with the same name of that doc file. Now, open the folder, and reach to Word => Media. There you will see all the images extracted.

Please Watch the video below to understand the whole process:

  1. Write Anywhere in the Document

Most of the people don’t know that they can write anywhere in the Word Document. Even when I was new to MS Word, I used space or Tabs to move the cursor to a particular place to write there. But, later I found that we can use it just like a board, and write anywhere we want.

You don’t have to do anything tough. Just Double-click at the place where you want to write, and you will see the cursor there. Start Typing.

  1. Remove All Formatting

When you copy something from a webpage or from anywhere, the formatting remains same. When you paste that in the Word document, the formatting displays just the way it looked on the web page from where you copied.

To remove the formatting, most of the users paste the copied text into Notepad, and then in the Word because Notepad strips all the formatting since it doesn’t support those formatting.

But, we have another way as well in which you can remove the formatting within Word document itself. No need of Notepad!

Let’s understand it with an example.

For example, I copied some text from one of my blog posts and pasted in the Word. It looks like this:

Now, to remove the formatting, all we need to do is to select the text, and press Click on the Clear Formatting option given in the Word toolbar.

As long as you select the text, and click on the above-shown option, all the formatting will be removed, and you will see the text like this:

Isn’t it a simple trick?

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  1. Insert ASCII and Unicode Character Quickly in your Document

You might know the ASCII and Unicode characters that you can put in your Word document when needed. Rather than going to specific option, you can quickly type them in your doc if you just know their code. You only need to do is to press and hold Alt and type the character’s code. For example, Alt 159 will type ƒ. Alt 2 will type ☻. Alt 203 will type ╦. Alt 0153 will type ™.

Check this link for the list of codes.

  1. Change Cases Quickly

Many times, you accidentally type everything in caps, and you later want that in small letters, then you may have to type that all again. But, we have a shortcut that makes this work easier. Just press Shift F3, and it will be changed to small letters. Moreover, if you keep pressing Shift F3 multiple times, you will see different formats, you can keep the format you need.

For example:

Apple Is A One Of The Biggest Companies In The World

If you select the above and then press Shift F3, it will turn into


So, don’t worry if you have typed the sentence wrongly, use Shift F3 to manage the cases.

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  1. Make Table using Keyboard

Tables are very important to display data. If you are using MS Word for a long time, you must know how to make tables, and how to use them. But, today, I have an awesome trick to make a table just by typing. Yes, it’s possible.

Just type Plus (+) sign as many times you want as per the number of columns you want. Separate those with spaces, and hit Enter button, and you will see a table is created.

Type like this and hit enter

+ + + +
This will make table shown below:

And, if you want more width in each column, then type like this:

and then hit Enter button on your Keyboard.

This will make table shown below:

You can put as many dashes between Plus signs to add more width to the columns.

This trick is only for creating Basic Table in MS Word. For a full-fledged Table, you will still go to the regular option which is by going to Insert Menu and then choose Table.

Watch the Video below if you have any confusion

  1. Quick Screenshot

Go to Insert => Screenshot

You will see two things there; Available windows that are open on your desktop, and second Screen Clipping which allows you to take screenshots.

Click on any Available Windows, and that’s screenshot will be pasted in your document.

When you click on Screen Clipping, you can capture the screen.

For example, I clicked on Screen Clipping and clipped TTW. It somehow works like the Snipping Tool available in Windows, but it has no marking feature. You can only clip the screen.

This trick is not being used by many as everyone uses different image capturing tool but sometimes when you are working in Word, and you need to capture a screen, you can use this feature quickly.

Watch the video below to see this trick in action

  1. Start MS Word in Safe Mode

This is a trick that you might not frequently need because there are very few chances when you encounter some stability issues with MS Word. If you get such issues, you can try starting MS Word in the Safe Mode just like we do for Windows.

For starting MS Word in safe mode, just press & hold Ctrl and double-click on Word icon on your desktop.

When you do it, you are prompted that you are holding Ctrl Key, so you want to open Word in Safe Mode. Click Yes while holding Ctrl, and MS Word will be opened in Safe Mode.

Alternatively, you can just go to Run, type Winword /safe and hit enter to open Word in safe mode.


MS Word is a software program that every computer user uses almost every day because it has many uses as I talked earlier in this blog post. And, when you need a software every day, you must know some tips, tricks, and hacks to make most out of it so that you can work quickly with that software.

I am sure that MS Word Tips, Tricks, and Hacks I have mentioned in this post will be very helpful for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Selecting the content is what we all need.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Thanks for the comment Ravi.

      MS Word is one of the first tools that I used when I started learning and using computers.

      It is still great, and I am sure I will be using it almost forever.

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  • Hey there @ Atish

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    Microsoft Word has yet lot of tricks and you’ve shared most of them here.

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    • Hello Prosper,

      I just shared a few. There are lots more. Thanks for contributing.

      Good Day.

  • Hello Atish,

    I have landed on this page of yours while searching for the extracting and saving images from a word document in a single step. The tips and tricks in this post have given me more than a single problem solved in WordPress and many of them are unknown 🙂

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