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5 Best Indian Dating Apps for Finding Love and Relationship

Dating is still a bit new culture in India, and most of us are not using it at all. But, the new generation is going forward with this culture. Dating is a very popular trend in the western countries but in India, it is being used by a comparatively low number of people, but the trend is rising because no one wants to stay alone. When they are not able to find someone offline, they go to a dating site or app to find out someone who suits to their personality.

Let’s talk more about Dating first, and then we will talk about the best Indian dating apps. Then later we will talk about tips for chatting and tips for dating as well.

What is Dating?

Dating is something in which two individuals meet through an online site or app, possibly as a friend and aim to have some strong relationship, or an intimate relationship or even lifelong relationship.

Many people are there who has a perspective that dating means finding someone for sex, but that isn’t true. Dating can find you your life partner as well. It depends on two individuals who meet on a dating platform as how they would like to go further in the relationship. They can be good friends, fuck buddies or even soul mates.

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In short, I would say Dating apps are not just for casual hookups and one night stands; there might be a possibility that the person you meet is looking for love and not sex. Moreover, the reverse is true as well as the person you meet may be looking for one night stand only and not love at all.

There are tons of online sites and apps for dating which you can use to find out a partner of your choice. In this blog post, I am going to list 5 best Indian Dating apps to find out someone with whom you can spend some great time or even lifetime.

With no further ado, below is the list of those best Indian dating apps.

5 Best Indian Dating Apps

  1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps across the world. And, now it has entered the Indian market as well. Using this app, you are just a few steps away from getting your perfect match.

With more than 20 billion matches till date, it is the hottest dating app around the world. Now, there are 26 million matches per day is happening.

It works on simple logic, Swipe, Match, Chat, Date. Once you are signed up and log into the app, you can Swipe right to like someone, and Swipe left to pass. If the person you liked likes you back, there is a Match. Moreover, there is double opt-in according to which the match happens only when both individuals have mutual interest.


If you travel a lot, Tinder can make your life more fun, as you can meet locals while traveling. Just swipe and find the most matched partner nearby you.

Tinder for Android | Tinder for iOS

Alert => If you are one of those individuals who is facing issues like Tinder login failed or Facebook login failed while accessing Tinder, please check out this link to find the solutions.

  1. Woo

Woo comes second on our list of best Indian dating apps. It requires you to login using Facebook as it takes profile data from there to fill your account information. You don’t need to reject people in this app rather you can just like them by heart icon or swipe right to move to another profile.

It makes a match on the basis of interest. For example, if a user puts a tag “Britney Spears” in his/her like section, then you can click on it to get the full list of the users who have “Britney Spears” in their like section. And, check out the people with same interest.


One of the best features of it is that you can record 7-second voice message and display on your profile. It is a great feature because, for many, voice can be a major factor for liking someone.

Woo has some inbuilt questions already which you can select to send to the user while talking. However, you can type your questions as well.

Woo is a free Indian dating app without payment that you can use. Moreover, they have paid plans as well which obviously offers more features.

Woo on Android | Woo on iOS

  1. TrulyMadly

India’s own dating app which works almost same as Tinder. It is one of the best Indian dating apps and also the best alternative of Tinder.

To use it, you need to install its app on your phone and create an account on it. You will be asked to fill in your basic details (height, age, gender, city, etc.) and hobbies as well.

It has a verification score system according to which you cannot start dating unless you have at least 30% verification score. They have various login ways and for that different scores are given such as if you create using an email id, you will get score 10 but if you log in using Facebook; you will get 30% verification score.


TrulyMadly ensures you have more fun while chatting, and for that, they offer games such as Hocus Pocus, Foodie Funda, and much more.

Once you are logged in using Facebook, the app will provide a list of people based on vicinity and the number of mutual friends on Facebook. Further, you can read their hobbies, view photos, check out basic details. You can choose Tick or Cross to accept or reject.

There is a Trust Score system in this app which lets the users rate the people they talked. It makes things better as to keep the trust score good people behave nicely with each other. So that they get good scores from the one they talked.

TrulyMadly on Android | TrulyMadly on iOS

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  1. Aisle

Aisle connects eligible Indians worldwide. It is a great combination of a matrimonial site and a dating site. This Indian dating app is for urban and Independent Indians. You can join for free using Facebook login, but the account is verified by its team to make sure that only serious people are in the community. No more fake profiles. You can check out various profiles but to connect, you need to pay them. Payment is set because when things are free, everyone starts sending messages even if they are not serious. But, when it comes to paying for what you are doing, you do only when you are really serious.


Therefore, the payment system is there which ensures that only genuine connections you get. Though it is not much popular like Tinder or OkCupid, it is still one of the best Indian dating apps.

Aisle on Android | Aisle on iOS

  1. OkCupid

OkCupid is another popular dating app for all across the world including India. This app asks you whether you are a gay, straight, bisexual or others because they have a huge audience from all sexuality.


I haven’t personally used it, but I have heard some complains like anyone can send a message to anyone which means you get a lot of messages from people who are not serious but just want in talking non-sense or sexting. There is no privacy policy that could help you get contact only from serious people.


There are good things as well; they use math to find you dates. They have currently 53 employees working. They say their app is being installed 1M+ per week. 7.3M messages are sent per day.

Though many users say negative things about it, it’s the best to experience it yourself because a few things can be bad for someone, but can be great to other. It has both free and paid version. A nice thing about OkCupid is that you don’t need to like or reject every time you view profiles, you can simply view and move to next. This feature is similar to Woo.

OkCupid on Android | OkCupid on iOS

These are the apps you can use to find love and relationship online. Let’s talk about some of the tips for chatting.

Best Tips Chatting

When you meet someone on any of the mentioned dating app, the first thing is you both need to chat to know more about each other. That is why it is important to know the tips for chatting because the girl you want to date will figure out what type of man you are just by talking. So, if you talk well, the impression will be good. So, let’s talk about those tips for chatting:

  1. Go through her profile: When you start talking, make sure you have gone through her profile so that you will have more things to talk about. For example, if she mentioned that her favourite actor is Tom Cruise, you can discuss about that actor or something related to that. This will help you get started with the talk.
  2. Ask for a Date: Your ultimate goal is not only chatting on the dating apps but to date each other in the real world. That is why maker her smile, chat, flirt with her, and try convincing her to meet for a date.
  3. Don’t talk Sex in the first place: Your needs might be different such as you might be looking for someone for just intimate relationships or you might be searching for your life partner. Even, if you are looking for sex, don’t talk about it in the first place because it is a big turn off for ladies. You must befriend her, make her smile, make her feel special. When you both are good friends and be close to each other, then you can talk further.
  4. Keep the conversation lovely: While chatting, do try using some really happy and lovely emoticons rather than just typing plain text. Do send some roses, and flowers to make her feel special.
  5. Prefer Video Chat if the app offers: If the dating app you are using offers video chat, prefer video chatting since you can be sure that you are talking to a genuine girl because nowadays, there many fake users lurking on the apps just to have some sexy chat.

Best Tips for Dating

After chatting, when you meet, you must take care of a few things so that your partner feels special. That is why tips for dating is the must for you. Though I am listing a few good tips, try getting help from a female friend because a girl can give better tips for dating as she knows what a girl likes.

  1. Turn Off your Phone or just don’t take calls: When you are meeting your date for the first time, make sure either your phone is turned off or just don’t take any calls. This makes her feel that she is special to you. If you are thinking of a long-term relationship, you must take care of this tip on your first date.
  2. Don’t talk about Ex: The date should completely about you two. You must not talk about each other’s ex.
  3. Offer to Pay: On the date, if you order some food or coffee, offer to pay the bill. This makes her feel good. Even if she insists to pay the bill, ask her to pay on the next date. This will give her an indication that you are a gentleman and looking for long-term relationship.
  4. Keep the conversation a bit fun: Don’t be serious. Try making her smile with your funny talks, and then admire her smile. Keep the conversation and light and enjoyable. Don’t do boring talks.
  5. Dress Well: This point should be mentioned at the top actually. When you go for a date, dress well as the first impression matters. And, be confident when you meet her.
  6. Don’t talk about sex on the first date: Even you must be looking for sex with your date, don’t ask for it in the first meeting. It is turn off for a girl when you ask about it on the very first date.

So these are tips for chatting and tips for dating. Hope these help you.


Dating culture is booming in India because nowadays everyone has less time to find out their mates offline and one more reason is there are many people who are not confident approaching to someone offline but when it comes to online, they meet like-minded people, and then they talk to them and build friendship which makes them confident about each other. Then they meet.

Moreover, Dating is not just for sex or a one-night stand, it is more of a relationship building, but yes, you can use it the way you want; it is just the matter of finding someone who is also using it for the same purpose.

Casual hookups, one night stands, and even lifelong relationships; everything you can do using these Indian dating apps.

Dating apps are surely better than the Matrimonial sites because you can use it for multiple purposes. In fact, in India, Dating apps and sites are emerging as the hottest tool for matchmaking.
I am sure you would find these best Indian dating apps useful.

Did you ever use any dating app? Share your experience in the comments.

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