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12 Best Hacking Movies For Geeks to Watch

If you are a movie lover and fascinated about the computer, you can combine your passion by watching hacking-related movies. Since the first hacking movie was made some years ago, many movie lovers have satisfied their desire for hacking movies that can be quite entertaining. If you have a soft spot for hacking movies, I have compiled a list of 10 of the top hacking movies you can watch.

List of 12 Best hacking Movies for Geeks to Watch

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  1. Enemy of the State

Starring Gene Hackman and Will Smith, Enemy of the State is a movie that depicts the struggles of a successful lawyer who is the target of an unscrupulous NSA official who is determined to sniff out his life after the lawyer received proof of a politically-motivated murder.

The only hope of survival he has is a former government agent who now works as a surveillance expert.

  1. Hackers

This is one of the movies that launched Angelina Jolie’s career and threw her into the limelight. In this movie, Angelina Jolie plays the role of a hacker with a bunch of other teens whose hobby is hacking. When a veteran hacker engaged in a corporate conspiracy, the accidentally got caught up in it.

  1. Firewall

This movie is one of the best hacking movies around. The family of the head of a bank’s security is taken, hostage. The kidnapper gives him a condition: he should steal from the bank if he entertains any hope of getting his family back safely.

He is now saddled with the responsibility of derailing the kidnapper’s scheme but finds himself with an embezzlement accusation.

  1. The Score

The Score is a Canadian-American movie that pitches an ageing thief who specializes in safecracking and contemplating retirement (Nick) with a young thief who pressurizes him to pull the last heist (Max). Tempted by the $4 million payoffs, Nick decides to join Max to steal the French national treasure from the Montreal Customs House.

The Score is another movie where the power of hacking is used extensively for carrying out a nefarious activity.  There is a reason it makes it to the elite group of the 10 best movies in that genre.

  1. The Matrix

A computer programmer, who doubles as a hacker at night, accidentally discovered that through an underground hacker that humans have been living a simulated life created by machines that is perceived as reality. He joins forces with a rebellious group to break free from the simulation and live a real life. Starring Keanu Reeves and other notable actors, this hacking movie should find its way to your hacking movie bucket list.

Matrix combines the power of hacking with technology to offer you a thriller that you can never get tired of.

  1. Antitrust

Antitrust focuses on the struggles of a young Stanford graduate who works as a private programmer after graduation. When a tragedy strikes in the company, the real identity of the company is exposed and his dream job turns nightmarish.

Surprised by the new identity and development, the young programmer embarks on the journey of investigating the company by hacking into their server to uncover more secrets about the company. He later finds himself face to face with tons of hidden cybercrime scandals.

  1. The Italian Job

The Italian job is another movie where hacking is used to the fullest. The movie is based on hacking and robbery. In the movie, the hacker hacks into every system possible: cable TV, traffic systems, banks, and what have you.

It casts the professed founder of Napster as the main hacker using his skills to hack everywhere to ensure the successful robbery of the bank. You simply won’t be bored while watching this awesome hacking movie.

  1. Swordfish

This movie was released in 2001. In the movie, a counter-terrorist unit working covertly as Black Cell needs money to finance an operation: war against terrorism. They only way they can raise the money is to go for a money they previously left during a dummy operation that is safely kept in a hard-to-break encrypted safe.

Without he needed the experience to breach the security of the safe, the unit has to hire the services of a convicted hacker due to his renowned hacking skills. The hacker disguises as a clean man in order to infiltrate government mainframes and have access to the fund.

This movie has a list of A-list Hollywood actors such as Don Cheadle, John Travolta, Hale Berry, Vinnie Jones, and Hugh Jackman, among others.

  1. Office Space

This 1999 movie is an American comedy that satirizes the daily struggles of software companies and employees some decades ago. Peter Gibbons works for a computer company in Houston as a computer programmer. Unfortunately, he and his friend are always humiliated by their bossy boss.

After a series of events, including going to work at his convenience, Peter decides to exact revenge on his boss for maltreating him, based on an idea he gets from Superman III. Together with his friends, he hacks the company’s computers.
Office space is a thriller with a comedic undertone. This movie will keep you seated until you are through with it.

  1. Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol

This is an interesting continuation of the Mission: Impossible franchise. After the shutting down of the franchise, Ethan Hunt and his team decide to go rough. Armed with the latest technology, they embark on different missions that are mostly carried out through hacking.

If you are a huge fan of hacking movies or the Mission: Impossible series, this movie won’t let you done. It is an absolutely entertaining movie.


  1. Die Hard 4

Die Hard 4 is not a complete hacking movie but a great combination of hacking and action. Where hackers create problems everywhere with their hacking talent, Bruce Willis fights back with his action and with the hacking talent of Justin Long who has played a nice role of Matt Farrell – A hacker. If you love hacking and action, do watch this movie, this is an amazing movie.

The movie is based on the revenge of Thomas Gabriel who was a great hacker and was insulted by his team when he was working as a senior security officer in the government sector. Later, to revenge, he did create a firecell, and tried to hack into the USA economy by hacking everything that runs using computers such as Gas lines, electricity, traffic, banking, etc. But, the heroes of the movie John Maclean and Matt Farrell tackled everything well and finally saved the USA economy.

  1. Mickey Virus

Mickey Virus is a Bollywood movie in which you can enjoy both comedy and hacking with thrill. Manish Paul has debuted with this movie, and he played a role of hacker which is trapped by one of the cops to steal money from the bank without him knowing the fact that the cop is actually the villain, and also his own few friends and professor are behind the money he stole, and also they killed his girlfriend. But, later he figured it out, and get out of the problems.


Final Words

Most of the new generation guys love to watch movies on hacking and action. These 12 movies are the best ones to watch. If you don’t find your favourite hacking movie on the list, do share in the comments please so that readers will get few more recommendations.

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  • Amazing Write Atish! I have already watched Micky Virus, Mission Impossible, The Matrix, Italian Job and Office Space. All the movies are very nice. Now, I am going to watch the other mentioned movie.
    Keep posting such informative posts. Keep Going.

  • Amazing Write Atish! I actually have already watched Micky Virus, charge, The Matrix, Italian Job and workplace house. All the films ar terribly nice. Now, i’m aiming to watch the opposite mentioned moving picture.
    Keep posting such informative posts. Keep Going.

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