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10 Best Games like H1Z1

H1Z1 is a horror-survival and an action video game that is set in an open world on the rural side of the US. As a player, you will be left in the middle of an area infested with Zombies, and your survival becomes your primary goal.

For survival, you have to hunt for everything you need such as water, food, shelter, weapons, medicines, and other necessities. The game allows you to be a lone ranger or team with your friends as you try to survive despite the threat of the zombies.

This game is not the only one that offers such an exciting adventure amidst the threat of death from the zombies. There are many similar games which we call it H1Z1 alternatives.

10 Best Games like H1Z1

  1. Rust

Rust is an action-adventure video game for multiple players created by Facepunch Videos. The game combines adventure with horror to make it exciting for the players.

best games like h1z1

Rust is set in an open world where you can fight for survival in a very unfriendly environment. You must craft a variety of items, unleash your adventure skills, and do related stuff for survival. Rust is obviously one of the best games like H1Z1 and is fun to play.

  1. Neo Scavenger

Neo Scavenger is a worthy member of this list. It is a great survival and action video and one of the best games like H1Z1 king of the kill. With Neo Scavenger, you will have to fight for survival in the middle of a Wasteland, a hostile environment. Finding out your essence on the Wasteland is crucial to your survival.

games like h1z1

On each turn you take in the game, you must fashion how to scavenge for your daily supplies and learn how to deal with the different challenges you have to contend with. As time passes, dehydration and hunger will take their toll on you. This is one of the games like H1Z1 that will teach you basic survival skills.

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  1. Dying Light

Will you like to be an undercover agent in a video game? You can have this opportunity if you play Dying Light, one of the games like H1Z1 for PS4. This is a horror-survival video game where you have to deal with life as an undercover agent in a Zombie-infested city.

games like H1Z1 for PS4

While you can play the game as a single player, it is more fun playing it with friends. As multiple players, you can fashion out the best way to overcome these zombies and survive their attacks.

  1. Infestation: Survivor Stories

This is another virtual game that will raise your adrenaline. Developed by OP Productions, Survivor Stories is another horror-survival video game in a virtual world where Zombies reign supreme.

free games like H1Z1

Your daily struggle involves finding a way to evade death from the hands of these ruthless Zombies that are hell-bent on getting rid of you. Trust your instinct and skills to take you out of danger zone when playing one of the free games like H1Z1.

  1. Age of Survival

Age of Survival is another exciting horror-survival and action-adventure movie. In this game, you have to find your way out after being stranded in a not-familiar location in the Coast of Africa.

games like H1Z1

The hostility of the environment makes it a great challenge to survive. You must come up victorious in an area infested with carnivorous animals like lions, crocs, boars, and some other wild animals such as elephants, hippos, rhinos, and the likes. Your survival skills will be tested to the full here by this member of the best games like H1Z1.

  1. FarSky

FarSky is another game like H1Z1 with a unique experience. The game will take you to the seas where you will have an amazing adventure. Your survival skills will be tested here too as you find yourself lost some feet under water after your submarine is accidentally wrecked.

game like H1Z1

It will be a great battle against the aquatic animals as you try to gather the pieces of your shattered submarine and make your way back. Your survival depends on your ability to make the best use of your environment.

  1. The Forest

In this adventurous video game, you must fight for dear life on a strange island. The adventure will pitch you against cannibals after suffering a plane crash. Take your chances at survival without much ammunition except a survival book, a small axe, and the knowledge of where you must find water, food, and build shelters for yourself.

games like H1Z1 for PS4

In the meantime, you have the responsibility of finding the other passengers while a cannibalistic tribe is always stalking you. You must have great survival skills and instinct to make it out alive from beneath the sea in one of the games like H1Z1 for PS4.

  1. Savage Lands

When you are shipwrecked on a mysterious island, the struggle for survival becomes real. Developed by Signal Studios and Smart Ghost, the game puts you in a situation where you must find a way to survive at all costs.

free games like H1Z1

You must scavenge for the basic resources you need for survival and craft weapons for hunting. You also have the threat of Kur Dragons and Forest Giants to deal with. Arm yourself always as you face these murderous monsters in one of the free games like H1Z1.

  1. Sir, you are being hunted

You are really being hunted in this game. This is a super thriller where you are pitched against robots that are determined to rid the world of humans. You will find yourself on an island where you have to deal with British robots that have left everyone for dead.

free games like H1Z1

In this game, you have to be at your best to survive the scheme of the robots. You have your options: use stealth and trickery to fight the robots or go for violence. Whatever decision you make, you will get your hands full and be at your wits end when playing another one of the free games like H1Z1.

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  1. The Long Dark

In this game like H1Z1, the world suddenly experiences a geomagnetic anomaly that eventually plunges the whole world into darkness, and all technology becomes useless. Eventually, your plane is thrown into the frozen wilds of Canada. What do you do? Try to survive the plane crash. That’s what you do in this game.

games like H1Z1

You are faced with the task of surviving the hostile environment you find yourself everywhere you turn to; you are faced with wreckage and flames while you are freezing to death and badly injured. You need to be at your very best to survive the accident on this deadly expanse.
These are the top 10 games like H1Z1. They all promise to offer you excitement and memorable gaming experience. You can check them out at your convenience and have a wonderful gaming time.

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  • Hello Atish,

    Good one over here 🙂

    Indeed H1Z1 was something very interesting game to gave on our side, good graphics, strategy and finding ways to remain
    alive in the world of zombies was something every body loves to play these days. Good to know that there are more several list
    of games which would be as fun as the H1Z1.

    Pretty awesome list of games over here, action and arcade with some horror story line mixed with it.

    I have been playing Dying light, such an amazing one, to be an under cover agent and to strike in the world of dead.
    Good graphics and awesome story line.

    Looking forward to grab some of these from the list.

    Thanks for the share.


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