Best 10 Tech Inventions of 2014

2014 was full of ups and down. It was like a roller coaster ride which went high and low, but kept on moving. While we saw the good side of Apple iPhone 6, we also saw the bad side of iOS 8.0.1. On one hand, we saw the emergence of OnePlus one and on the other hand, we saw the downfall of Uber. Well, as it is said that we should always look for the bright side (However, we have published about the other side too, read the post we published few days ago about the biggest tech flops of 2014), so here we are with the best 10 tech inventions of 2014. Although, there were many amazing inventions took place this year, but after doing a complete research and looking into the viability factor, we have come up with this list.

1. Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

If 2013 was the year of selfie, 2014 was all about selfie stick. It is simply a stick which can hold your phone at quite a good distance so that you can take better selfies. It works perfect for a groupie or say a selfie for a group. You can either set the phone camera on timer or some selfie sticks comes with a remote control to click the pic. A simple yet a helpful invention. It is selling like hot cakes and is easily available on all major e-commerce websites at much affordable range. Selfie sticks are available in variety of colors which makes it more interesting.

2. Smart Watches (Apple Watch and Pebble Steel)

apple watch

Many smart watches were launched in 2014 but only two of them were able to leave their impact. One of them is the much awaited Apple Watch which finally launched in 2014. Unlike other smart watches, it had a better interface and design. A user can send message, give directions, track fitness and can even do wireless payment by using Apple Watch.

Another smart watch which rocked 2014 is the Pebble Steel, the next generation of already established Pebble watch. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. It got it funding from the crow funding source platform Kickstarter. The success of the watch can be understood from the fact that over 40 thousands units have been sold in just 1 year. The most amazing feature of this watch is that the developers have announced that soon they will roll out an update which will allow you to type text on the watch. Seems like pebble watch will also be there in the list of best tech inventions of 2015.

3. Apple Pay

Apple finally brought the concept of digital payment by introducing Apple Pay. By using this feature, you can pay on many major platforms. The most important thing about the Apple Pay is that it does not need any Apple-specific contact-less payment terminals and works perfectly fine with third party payment terminals like Visa and MasterCard. As a matter of fact, Apple Pay is the largest mobile payment system in the world right now.

4. Facebook Drones

The founder of the biggest social networking website and the youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will create and launch jumbo jet size drones which will fly 17 miles above the earth. The objective behind this is to provide wireless internet to the large number of people who are currently unable to go online or access internet. However, the project is only announced but there is no news on when it will start, how many drones it will launch, where they will test it or which part of the world it will cover. But, still it seems like something futuristic which will happen soon.

5. Mangalyaan


A space craft from India reached on Mars in its first try and only at a budget of $74 million which is less than the budget of movie Gravity. This space craft is Mangalyaan which is equipped with only five onboard instruments for its working. Not only in Tech but it was also one of the best invention in the field of science in 2014. Not to forget that Mangalyaan is the only space craft which reached on Mars in its first attempt.

6. Blackphone


Sharing private information on phone in not considered safe now. You can never be sure on whether your mobile company is actually using your personal data or not. Xiaomi was also in news due to same reasons as they were using the user’s data. However, this problem is solved by Blackphone which is a phone focused on privacy. The principle behind this is that the phone is equipped with a software which encrypts texts, calls and history at much better level then average smartphones.

7. Power Up 3.0

Just imagine a device which could turn your paper plane in a real flying plane. No, we are not talking about movies or some black magic. We are talking about Power up 3.0 which is one of the best tech inventions of 2014. It is an electronic gadget which when fitted with a paper plane can actually make plane fly in the air.

8. Oculus Rift

It is the best gift of the year for all the gamers. It is basically a virtual reality head mounted display which will create virtual reality of the game to enhance gaming experience. It got its initial funding from Kickstarter and it will be made available to the consumers in 2015. Check out the Sexiest gaming super women – Stevie Case

9. Flying Skateboard

Flying Skateboard

Flying Skateboard or hover board is no more limited to movies only. Hendo Company has come up with an awesome futuristic technology which defies all the laws of gravity. The hover board can actually remain in air for a maximum of 20 minutes. Although only 10-15 hover board of this kind has been made but it is surely going to be the next big thing.

10. Hover Bike

hover bike

Flying has been always a dream for human kind. This dream led to the invention of airplanes. But, something was still missing. That freedom of flying in the air just for entertainment and whenever you want was missing. Paramotor fulfilled this gap but as it is said that a human being can never be satisfied. This curiosity lead to the invention of something which was never expected. By combining the concept of Drones and science, 2014 saw Hover bike. A vehicle/gadget/invention, there is not an exact word to define it, by using which you can fly whenever and wherever you want. Although only prototype has been developed till yet and R&D is still going on but it is surely the best tech invention of 2014.

2014 was an amazing year with so amazing tech inventions. We can only hope that 2015 turns out to be even better. Happy New Year.

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