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Why Should Newbie Bloggers keep On Reading

You must be reading everywhere about writing, how to write well, how to write engaging content, how to structure your post etc.

But did you ever think that apart from writing, reading is also important for bloggers, Especially for newbie bloggers. Yes never ignore reading because continuous reading can benefit you in many ways.

Let’s discuss why should bloggers keep on reading:-

1. Enhance Writing Skills:- The most beneficial thing you get from continuous reading is improvement in writing skills. Yes you read it right, Reading surely improves writing.

When you read other blogger’s blog then you can notice that everyone has their own style of writing, by reading them you can get flexibility in your writing. It also improves your vocabulary which is beneficial for good writing.

If you miss out the reading part then you will not come to know about different styles if writing. Initially I amazed to see how people write 1000 word articles. And whenever I sit to write then I ended up myself within 100-200 words but as I started reading blogs like writetodone, youngprepro, daily writing tips, dailyblogtips etc then I learnt how to write well and how to write longer and engaging posts.

You can see that now I always write posts not less than 700 words. I don’t mean that writing longer post is everything but yes if you will write a good post then it will surely cross 600-700 words.

In short, I want to say even if you don’t write daily but keep on reading on daily basis, you will feel improvement in yourself for sure.

2. Reduce Stress: There are times in every blogger’s life when they can feel stressed because of traffic, running out of blog post ideas and other issues. Then I just suggest either you turn off your laptop and go for a walk for friends or just sit and start reading blogs in your niche without taking any stress. You will feel relieved and also may get an idea for your next post.

Believe me when you keep on brainstorming for ideas and if you are not getting any idea then you feel like quitting but this is the time you have to control yourself.

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In this situation just forget about writing and just start reading and don’t write for 2-3 days. Just keep on reading and after 2-3 days you will feel a new energy in yourself and you will feel motivated which inspire you towards blogging.

3. Ideas for new blog posts: I already wrote above that you can get ideas for your new post while reading. Yes reading always gives you new ideas about writing posts for your own blog.

For this you should be reading the best blogs in your niche. Like If you are having technology blog then you must read mashable, techcrunch, lifehacker, gizmodo etc. Reading these kind of blogs will get you hell lot of ideas which you can use to write your next post.

4. Increase Concentration level: Remember the days when you were studying in class 10th or lower classes, you would have been always struggling with concentrating on studies(as this is very childish age and you always want not to study) but as you start reading something then you used to concentrate on the topic to understand that.

It means for reading you need concentration and as you read more you concentrate more. So start reading and concentrating. Gradually You will feel that your concentration level has been increased.

5. Enhance Knowledge: There is no need to write more on this point because its simple as the headline “Enahance Knowledge”, its obvious if you read so many blog posts, news etc then your knowledge must be enhanced.

These are the few benefits of reading. These are must for newbie bloggers because a newbie should have good knowledge, should have good concentration level, should be good in writing, should get new ideas and should be stress free.

So I think by continuous reading all the newbies should develop these skills and keep blogging like a star.

That’s all from me. What are your views on reading? Share with us via comments. And if you like the posts then please use these sharing buttons to share the story.

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  • Hi Atish…..

    Very well said bro……reading a lot is must have activity by newbies and experienced both…..
    By reading others article we came to know about latest rends and topics.
    We can learn how other write…their approach to attract readers.

  • Really very Informative as Usual no Doubt!
    And Atish bro you had mention here some Sites which you had already suggest me to read and seriously they all really helps me to enhance my writing skill as well as my English and I really want to say one thing as m face book addict 😀 and spending lots of my precious time in doing chat or just time pass on it 😛 but from now onwards I will take blogging seriously and keep reading other sites!
    Thank You again for this really Informative post And learnt a lot 🙂 🙂

  • I know I am making a shorter comment but this is exactly very true a newbie blogger should spend lots of time reading and conversing with bloggers over the internet to stay updated with the current scenario and learn new and new things..
    The more you read more you learn and use it in your blogging..

  • Reading in that case is a good habit for everyone. It helps broaden your horizons of mind and increases knowledge which is very imporatnt before you start blogging or writing posts and articles. A specific research needs to be conducted over the topic we want to write about and books help for that.

  • Indeed reading blogs not only nourish’s your writing skills but also keep you up to date. Without reading one can not write a healthy article neither for blog nor anywhere else.

  • Reading has now become a habit for me, every day I wake up, I start reading some news on the tech blogs and it really makes my mind fresh-ed up. Anyways, thanks for sharing this great post Atish. My writing skills has been improved a lot since I’ve started reading blogs online as well as write articles on my sites.

    • hey Buddy, Nice to see you here reading at TTW. Do visit often. yea reading indeed a great way to enhance our skills.

  • Reading can help newbies to learn new things related to their field. After reading newbies can be able to write their own blog. As we all know practice makes the man perfect. In blogging perfection comes in blogger through reading various blogs.

  • Hi Sandeep,

    You really got something in your writing bro. Whenever I read your posts I don’t feel bored even if they are lengthy one.

    Coming back to post:
    The above tips are not only for a Newbie but also for a PRO. As there is an old saying “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

    I don’t have a habit of reading but I’ll try to implement it soon.

    Thanks for the awesome tips.

  • Definitely true Atish. Reading is almost 2hrs of my every day routine. There is so much more, just wish I had more than 24hrs in a day!!!

  • Really nice post Atish as well the points your have covered through is post. Reading other’s blog is beneficial for newbies bloggers.

  • Newbie bloggers generally face the problem with new ideas for writing articles after they start the blog. So good suggestion is they should keep reading other well established blogs and get updated with the latest available technology.

  • Hey Atish,
    I too have always stressed on reading as the most important prerequisite to writing. By checking out different blogs, we get to know the current trends in writing which are quite crucial before donning the blogger’s hat. Apart from blogs, novels are always the way to go in order to develop decent writing skills. Take the most famous ones for instance; read any Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic followed with a gem by Dan Brown. We’ll notice a striking contrast in the language used by each of the stalwarts. This difference will induce a spark of creative thought within us.

  • It is always better to polish our skills and other writing techniques before we start blogging because we usually plan to continue it for the long run and higher profits. When we go through multiple books, we come across many new facts we never knew and thus it helps us develop our content for new articles working as a good influence and inspiration.

  • Reading is most important part of life
    and for Indian its compulsory
    and for blogger its a way to collect information

    • Anchal – thanks for your comment. But I am curious to know why reading is compulsory for Indians specially as you said in comment?

      I would love to hear from you on this. Please do share your views on the same.

  • Practice is the key for perfection. You cannot become the best in the business in just one day. To become an expert you have to put years and years of hard work and dedication. The best way to learn something is by observing other peoples work and understanding their strengths and weaknesses and applying them in your own work. By following this method, in time, you will eventually become better in what you do.

  • nice article atish …. i agree with all your points specially the knowledge …..reading eventually increases your knowledge 🙂

  • Great post, a lot of good stuff here, in my opinion a newbie blogger should keep on reading to increase his expertise:) not just random stuff but whats important.

  • Hi Atish,

    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    Reading is so very important when developing your writing skills and it is also a great source for creating content for your blog posts.

    It is very common for newbies to get “stuck” not knowing what to write about. I think your suggestion of taking a break and being with friends is a good way to spark new ideas and get the creative energy flowing.

    I look forward to reading more of your post Atish and thank you for stopping by my blog today and sharing your thoughts on making videos…perhaps I will see you on video soon 🙂


    • Hello Janelle,

      First of all I would like to Thank you for your first visit at TechTricksWorld.

      Yes reading is indeed a great way to learn new things, getting ideas for your own blog etc. Getting motivation is the plus point. About the making videos. Let see what happens. Please visit Often.


  • I immediately thought of learning when I read this Atish. Boy have I learned a lot just from reading blog posts. It hasn’t really helped me with writing but it has given me great ideas, I’ve been able to connect with some awesome people and learn a heck of a lot.

    I totally agree with you on this one so even for non newbies, reading is still a must.


  • Hi Atish,

    Great blog post! I experienced a lot of times where I don’t know what to write about and its really bad because it would delay posting. So now, whenever I have an idea for a new blog post, I quickly write it down and when I have the time I will write out a draft. It came in so handy that I now have so many topics to write about that I wish I could post one up everyday. But I don’t want to do that, I’ll keep it to once a week posting 🙂 I have my trusty notebook in my purse everyday and everywhere I go lol.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Yes there are issues with commentluv. I had enforce a security measure on my blog and from that time Commentluv is not working. I am finding the way out to make it work.

  • Reading is indeed a essential part of writing. It improve your vocabulary and vocabulary provides help to good writing. It also gives the new idea for writing. Your tips and facts are very informative. Thanks for sharing good work.

  • I agree with you, reading is a big part of writing. When you’re reading you might learn something that you think your readers might be interested in and then write an article of you own. It also keeps you up to date with what people are doing in your niche.

  • Hi Atish

    I agree reading is important for bloggers. I love reading other blogs and I also read books. I have often shared what I have learned from books I have read on my blog.

    I learn from blog posts just like Adrienne. It is often where I learn about plugins or other tools we can use.

    Great post thanks.


    • Same Here. Whatever I learn about blogging and SEO is just by reading blog posts, Mattcutt’s webmaster videos etc.

      Nice to know about you. Please keep coming to this blog and share your views.

  • I think that the benefits of reading is the countless. It is not possible one to count them all. Reading is the best thing that we generate more knowledge our self and become an professional writer.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Atish, I’m newbie blogger. Thanks for your advise.

    I always keep reading to enhance my writing skills. I really want to make a quality post content to attract visitor.

  • Reading is a great a way to improve your vocabulary as well as your writing skill. Reading helps you keep up with the latest happening in the world so can write on current hot topics. It helps you get topic for your new articles and inspires you to write better blogs. When you are reading continuously on various topics the ideas just start pouring.

  • Every writer no matter if he is an established one or a newbie, they should read whatever they can lay their hands on, like blogs, newspapers, novels, etc. This practice will not only help them improve their vocabulary and grammar but will also keep them updated about the current news about the world and also about their niche. That will really help them to come up with some informative article.

  • Reading is always a good way to unwind yourself. From childhood I had developed the habit of reading novels before I go to sleep which I still continue. Believe me it is a very good thing. It not only improves your language but also enhances your creativity. It actually helps your write better articles.

  • When you keep reading books you get better at writing articles. It increases your vocabulary like anything. It also helps you in coming up with new ideas for your blog. The only advice that I can give you is that don’t limit yourself to a particular genre. Always try reading books of different genre. And reading newspapers everyday is also a good exercise to improve your language.

  • I love reading. It doesn’t matter what it is, may it be novels, comics, blogs or newspapers as long as I get something to read I am fine and happy. I actually cannot sleep without reading something at night. It is a habit that I developed long time ago and it is something that I am proud of.

  • Reading is a good way to come up with new ideas for your blog. When you read a novel it has the ability to take you to a whole new world where everything is magical. And if you can clearly imagine what the surrounding is like that too in detail it actually becomes easy to describe it in your own words. It really helps in developing your imagination.

  • Thanks for writing this. I’m not exactly a newbie to writing blogs, but I know lots of people who are. These tips are quite important good and I’ve passed them on to some friends.

  • I want to add one more line “Don’t give up”.yes many of new bloggers give up from blogging after 2 or 3 months of blogging.But i want to tell them to not to loose hop.Failure is the key to success.Try to move forward always don’t look behind and reach your goal.

  • Hi Atish, you are absolutely right and i agree with you, it is very useful tip. Thanks for sharing this awesome article…

  • Very well written post. By the way, I’m reading your blog from last 1 hour and this may be my 7th or 8th post. You are great man. You write in an impressive way. Your posts have a flow of continuity.

    About this post, I will like to add one famous quote “Learning is the law of nature”. So, keep reading, keep learning.

  • Reading is good always. It is not just good for newbies but even good for experience writers and bloggers. I enjoy writing even I don’t write and neither I am a blogger nor writer 😛

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