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Benefits of Having A Blogging Partner

Hello Guys! After a busy month I am back to blogging.  I am going to write the importance of having a blogging partner especially when you are a part time blogger. For full time blogger it’s not too necessary to have a partner but if you are a part time blogger then It’s necessary to have a one.

Why So?

Because If you are a part time blogger it means may be you are a student or doing job somewhere. At times you might get too much busy in study or in your office work or somewhere else.

If you are managing your blog alone then if you get busy then your blog will not get updated for long but if you are having a partner then He will be blogging while you are busy in other stuffs. This way blog will not be stagnant. Similarly when your partner would be busy then you can handle the blog then.

I am taking example of TechTricksWorld, Me (Atish) and Zainil are managing it since long and we have faced such kind of situation so many times. Sometimes He keeps himself busy in his CA studies then Its my duty to do all the required stuffs such as writing posts, moderating comments, blog commenting, social media sharing etc. Similary When I become busy with my office issues then Zainil takes care of all these stuffs.

Recently Zainil was having his exams then I was doing all the tasks alone But unexpectedly I too became busy with office projects then it turns very difficult for us to manage. But in that situation I have continuously kept posting the guest posts from guest bloggers which helps the blog going on and after 1 week zainil became free from his exams and from then he has been managing the site in a great way. It’s been a month I haven’t wrote a single post. Today I am writing after 29 days.

“Blog owners can be busy in other stuff but blog must go on regularly to keep it alive.”

So what you should do is to have a honest blogging partner and allow guest blogging which lets your site never be stagnant. Competition in blogging is at its peak, if you don’t post on your blog for long time then you will notice a big traffic drop.

Also when you have a partner in blogging, it means the blog is having  2 voices on it which is very beneficial because you can reach out to more audience of different- different types, such as I write about blogging and SEO stuffs and Zainil writes about technology Which can help us to reach out to both kind of audience.

Thanks To Zainil and Guest bloggers who helped TechTricksWorld.Com to keep moving.

Comment from Zainil which he has insisted to add in the post:-

It’s indeed very lucky for me to have an honest n a trust worthy partner like Atish. But I would rather say that we aren’t partners we are like real brothers. I still remember the days when me n Atish met on techphernalia.com. It’s from then that we have been in touch n then in 2010 we launched this blog (Tech Tricks World) on blogspot. In those days, blogging was just a hobby for us, which was filled with lot of fun, & now gradually this hobby has turned out to be our profession.

Presently, looking at the performance on TTW, I would say that it’s mandatory for at least 1 person to stay active n perform the work on this blog else it could cause trouble to the blog’s performance n would lead to degrade the previous efforts which were put on it. So now partnership becomes of a great boon to us! :-)

I would request all the blogger (part time n full time) who want to make their blog a better place to soon find for a good partner. You never know when uncertainties would come because of which you won’t be able to perform work on the blog. You may get busy with some other work, go out for a vacation, get sick etc… In these cases a partner is really very very essential. Of course there are many issues to work as a partner too, but understanding each other is the key! :-) :-) I am sure that, whatever business it may be, it can be performed in a better way when more than 1 person is involved in its working! :-)

Finally I would like to say thanks to Atish who has made Tech Tricks World a super awesome blog. Due to my studies, I am very irregular on TTW. It is he who manages everything on TTW! :-) Always be such a wonderful business partner to me Atish! :-) Love! <3


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  • a proper and genuine plog partner is must if you are not able to find out such,open your blog for guest.

      • You just planted a seed in my mind. I have one blog with great potential and think if I’m going to make it even more influential, I need to get a partner. And influential partner. But if I have three regular guest blogger, doesn’t that constitute the same thing?

        What do you suggest. The plan is to make money at the end of the day.

        • guest bloggers are fine but they cannot match with a partner. Partner can also help you in thinking new ideas, he/she can help you in promoting the site. Guest bloggers are just concern with getting links for their site. I will say find a good partner and also allow guest post on your site.

  • I agree having a blogging partner is the best way to ensure that your that your site is always active. For a site to be successful, it is important to have readers and that is only possible if you keep adding fresh content to your site and keep in touch with the readers. It is really important to engage in conversation with the readers and try to understand their point of view.

  • Great to read how well you guys work together – trust and friendship are really important in a successful partnership or it will soon fall apart.

    For those that don’t have/can’t find a reliable partner, saving posts as drafts and/or scheduling them in advance (if they are not too time sensitive) is a good alternative (but a lot of work!). If you can manage to save up a week or two of finished articles all ready to go it can really help substitute for you if you are ill/busy/on holiday or just have writers’ block

  • Glad to see you blogging again Atish! The amazing long distance partnership between you and Zainil is one of the reasons that makes me attracted to TTW. It’s not easy to manage a blog together let alone if both are staying far away from each other. You guys are unique! Keep it up!

  • Hi, I’d never really considered the idea of sharing the blogging. Do many blogs (personal ones, I mean) operate with two or more bloggers? It makes perfect sense, it’s just I tend to view blogs as personal outlets for an individual rather than as collective works.

  • Well Atish you are very lucky that you have a blogging partner. I try to convince my brother and sister to help me and write some articles for me but some how they are not taking any interest.

  • Having a blogging partner is important on the other hand. It helps to give an insight and
    point of view regarding the business. And its always nice to have a second opinion for business.

  • An interesting article, and I totally agree with you. There’s a point, from which a blog cannot be managed by only one person. At the beginning, it could work, but after a while, there are a lot of things to do. I mean, search engine optimization, commenting, list building, content writing, and managing the site… and if you want to increase your traffic, it is a very effective way for it, actually the guest-posting. These things need more people to get done, and if you want to keep your blog up2date and well-working, the things must be separated.

  • Its great to see you coming back to blogging once again 🙂 . Zainil have been updating this blog regularly since your absense, he is really a great guy. TechTricksWorld really rocks 🙂 . BTW, I have a little question…. Have you ever met Zainil physically 😛 ?

  • It’a not easy to manage a blog together let alone and if both are staying far away from each other. Thanks that you’ve shared.

  • The most important point I see is that the blog admin can involve in other stuff including SEO and social networks. Having a blogging partner gives more free time to the admin to engage with other stuff.

    That’s why I also accepting guest posts in my blog. But we should keep an eye on that partner, not to post any low quality stuff.

  • A partner is always needed in life whether life partner, business partner or other partners. Especially blogging needs a partner for sure because you can not be free all the time if you are doing part time blogging.

  • Yes there are a lot advantages to having a blogging partner – like not having to spend too much time to produce quality content for your website or marketing campaign. But there is a couple of disadvantages of having a partner – one of the main reasons are the fact that you have to share website revenue.

  • I agree with you. It will be very convenient to have someone man the blog while you are out busy with something. The additional viewpoint will also ass more spice to the blog.

  • Hi,
    I’m always good at working alone, but indeed a partner would suffice my journey of blogging. Nevertheless, its never too late to search for a blogging partner for expanding blogging networks.

  • I would definitely go for a partner if the person is trusted and dedicated. I had some people who would quite because they want results right away.

  • From your personal experience I came to know that a blogger should have partner. But in many cases its not possible to get a partner, who is friendly and understandable, tough situation.

  • Having a partner in any field helps a lot whether it is for blogging of completing any other task. They are always helpful and act as guide if we perform badly. VERY NICE POST.

  • Great article. It requires a lot of effort finding someone who will compliment you but once found it can have fantastic results. Note that when I say “compliment” I don’t mean necessarily someone who when they post something it’s hard to tell if it’s you or the other – the more different you are the better because you can attract different audiences, views, and support.

  • Having a blogging partner is really important in the present day. It helps a lot in the advancement of the blog. Even i run my blog with my partner. One of the main benefit is that you get to learn so many new things that you did not knew. Working together leads to faster results. The workload also gets reduced. If still time is there you can manage more number of blogs. This is what i learnt from my experience.
    It was a good experience reading the article and sharing my thoughts with you.

  • Working alone on a blogging site is very hard and tiring. It is really a full time job. You need to have a backup ready for the times you cannot really monitor your site. There will be days when you will be really busy and have to depend on someone else so it is better you have one ready beforehand because cannot go in search for a partner in the last moment.

  • Nice to read this Atish and glad you two get along as partners. It is indeed a good idea to have a backup author or a partner for your blog as you have mentioned.

    Thankfully, I do have some guest authors who keep posting for my blog, and it keeps it alive even though I get stuck with some other work. With working for some one else and blogging at the same time, it is really difficult to keep up for sure.

    Good article and all the very best for both of you.

  • I am part time blogger. I do blogging as a hobby. I really wish I could spend more time on it but with the kind of job I have it is really not possible for me. My site was doing great but I was not able to manage it and the numbers of readers started dropping. That’s when I asked one of my close friend to help me out. Now we are partners and it has been great for us and our site.

  • From the day I started blogging I had a partner. I knew I couldn’t handle it alone. I had my best friend as my blogging partner. It was very helpful. We shared the work and learnt so much from each other. We didn’t usually agree on things but we did what was good for our site. To be partners is the best decision we ever made.

  • I asked several friends if they would like to be my blogging partner but the problem is most of them are either to lazy or not interested in blogging. Having a blogging partner can simply speed up creating new content for the own blog.

  • Having a good blogging partner always pays, Agree with you Atish… No one knows when it will come a busy time and you are having lack of time to anage your blog.
    In such situation if one has its partner in blogging.. they will never face problems of not updating the blog.

  • Good post Atish 🙂

    You’ve well revealed the benefits of having a blogging partner.

    I would say that you’re lucky to have Zainil as partner and I know that young guy very well.

    Having good supporting and reliable person as a blogging partner would let you to reach a remarkable height and aids you to learn new stuffs.

    Am not having any such person as partner for my blog. Am the only person handling it with care and I love my blog very much.

    But am having a very good blogging friend “Ankit singla” he is like my real bro and a good talented person. He is asking me from long to do blogging together. So we’ll both create a new tech blog in the near future and hope I would have the same benefits like you.

    Thanks for sharing this old post Atish, it created a lot ideas in my mind and letting me to think about blogging in a better way. Keep sharing these kind of stuffs as I would always like to read your real experiences.

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